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4. The Norse Connection

Task: Find a way into the chamber with Thor's Gauntlet. Use the two pressure plates to get there. Then make your way back. (gaming time approx.: 10-15 minutes) Finds & Enemies: 7/26 Secrets, 1 Relic, 1 Medipack, 2 portable stone blocks

Thor's Gantlet

After the cutscene we will focus on opening the door. In this room you will find two pressure plates, each opening one of the door's latches. Get into the right corner, ignoring the left chamber for now. Here you will find a thin column you can climb upon. At the top jump into the opening in the wall and drop down into the chamber on the other side. Here you will find two small stone blocks and a pressure plate. You have to get the stone blocks into the other room. But the door here will only remain open while you are on the pressure plate. Start by collecting the Medipack on the right. Then pick up the first portable stone block and stand on the pressure plate. The door opens. Look in the direction of the door and press the button you usually use for throwing a grenade, to make Lara throw the stone block through the opened door. Repeat this with the second portable stone block. Now you have to leave the chamber again. Stand on the pressure plate to hold it open, then quickly sprint towards the door and perform a dive roll through it. Now place both of the stone blocks on one of the pressure plates. Stand on the other pressure plate yourself and both latches slide aside. Now turn to use the grapple on the door, without leaving the pressure pad. Pull the rope to open the door. Now you can step off the pressure plate. Step through the opened door to grab Thor's Gauntlet. Watch the cutscene.
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