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Shadow Moves

One of the new features is the Shadow Meter, a kind of energy bar that is displayed besides the Health Meter. The Shadow Meter is white when full and will turn from yellow, to orange, to red, the more it is depleted. "The shadow meter drains when LB or RB is held."

Shadow Climb

One of the moves that will drain the Shadow Meter is Shadow Climb. It allows the Doppelganger to climb craggy walls (called rock veins) and ascend at high speed, but only as long as the Shadow Meter is not depleted. It can also be used to quickly move sideways along a ledge. When traversing several craggy walls and ledges in a row, you can recover your Shadow Meter by not using the Shadow Power while hanging from a proper ledge.
  1. "Hold LB or RB to use Shadow Power. In Shadow Power she moves at incredible speed, slowing down the world around her."
  2. "Hold LB or RB and press A to jump and attach to a rock vein."
  3. "Continue to press LB or RB to keep from falling off crumbling surfaces."
  4. "Hold RB and use L to climb up or slide down a rock vein."
  5. "Make sure you have enough Shadow Power in reserve when traversing several rock veins in a row."
  6. "Hold LB or RB and use L to move quickly on a ledge."

Shadow Combat

  1. "Press X to punch and Y to kick."
  2. "Hold LT to execute a focused attack on a single target."
  3. "String punches together to execute combos; finish combos with a powerful kick."
  4. "When the shadow meter is white, hold RB and press X to exeture a Shadow Strike."
  5. "Hold RB and press RT to execute Shadow Fire."
  6. "While the shadow meter is white, hold RB and press Y to execute a Shadow Blast."
  7. "Press Y near a downed enemy to kill it before it regenerates."
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