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21. City of the Serpent (work in progress)

Note: Make sure you have 92% at the point of no return, if you want to get the Completionist trophy/achievement at the end of your playthrough. You should have 96% before entering into the boss battle. Version: 1st draft Task:
  • Talk to Etzli
Region: The Hidden City, City of the Serpent

Talk to Etzli

You are now at the point of no return. If you want to grab all missing collectibles and finish all challenges, before completing the game, now is the time. Otherwise, if you want to finish the story quickly, speak to Etzli right away to skip them .
The Hidden City
Mission "Hearts and Minds: Retrieve the Champion's Bow": Make your way over to the Skull Cave base camp to find Uchu waiting for you with another mission.
Enter the Wilderness
Head up the stairs to exit the skull cave. Make your way down to the river and run across the wooden bridge. Go straight and up the stairs in front of you. Continue straight, passing the mural on the right and head towards the waterfall. Here you turn left and follow the path up. At the top of the stairs turn right. Run to the top to where you will find the jungle entrance.
Conversation - Point of Interest: To the left of it you can speak to a Paititian. He will point you to the Path of Battle challenge tomb. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Duck through the tunnel to reach the other side.
Investigate the Wilderness
Head up the path to the left and then follow it to the right. On the left side of the path you will find a strange clue, a dead animal that has been killed but not eaten.
Explorer Backpack (4): On the right side, behind the three you can find an Explorer Backpack which will add Survival Caches to your map and reward you with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Continue along the path into the northern corner of the region. On the right you will find a circular area with a floor made from wooden logs. Here you can examine a sacrificial altar.
Relic (26/28): Over on the right side you will find a small box containing the Beast Effigy from the artifact collection "Secrets and Lies" (7/7). You are rewarded with +25 XP and improve your knowledge of Yucatec. This will complete the story Secrets and Lies and reward you with an additional +75 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Continue up the left path, where you can grab a resource container, rewarding you with +15 XP. Climb up onto the next ledge, where you squeeze through a gap. Hop down into the next area.
Find the Champion's Bow
Head into the cave on the left. Here you will find the Champion's Bow. But before Lara can collect it, she is confronted by the Nahual. Shake it off and use the melee button when displayed to free yourself.
Defeat the Nahual
Flee outside and get ready for a fight. Make sure you do a lot of evading, while dealing with the ferocious animal with the bow. Should the beast push you over again, shake it off once more and press the button displayed (often melee) to escape. After a couple of hits the Nahual will retreat to its hideout.
Approach the Nahual
Step inside the cave and approach the Nahual. Lara will take off its mask and the large jaguar will die. Lara picks up the Champion's Bow.
Return the Champion's Bow to Uchu
Before we leave, search the area for hardwood (3), medicine (3), a perception plant and feathers. On the ledge up behind the cave you can also find a resource container with +15 XP on the right. Climb to the top ledge and head to the left end. Step out onto the jutting platform.
Challenge "High Diving" (4/4): Perform a swan dive to complete the "High Diving" challenge and to obtain +100 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Challenge Tomb (3/3) "Path of Battle":
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