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Prologue: No Illusions

Find a way from the secret passage, through the ruined bedroom, into the lower part of the main hall. (gaming time approx: 5 minutes)

1 Medipack

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Character Concept Zip & Winston

Secret Passage

The game begins in Croft Manor, which was shaken by an explosion while Lara was in a secret passage in the cellar. Run along the corridor towards the fire and then, avoiding it, to the right. At the next corner turn left. At the end of the passage you have to climb up to reach the stairs. Follow them and use the switch on the right to open the door to the now ruined bed room.

From the Bedroom to the Main Hall

Here you have to duck under a toppled pillar. Behind it, face left and climb up the debris. Throw the grapple towards the Ring on the door and pull, using interaction, to open it. Jump down and go through. Outside you can find a first aid kit on the right. Pick it up and then look left along the corridor. Jump towards the ledge on the right wall and shimmy along it. At the left end jump up to the ledge above you. Shimmy further left. Let go once to reach the ledge below. From its left end jump backwards towards the landing. Run to the crate and push it towards the far wall. Climb the crate and jump up to the next ledge. Shimmy right. At the end you can jump to the right, to reach safety. Run towards the door. Before you reach it, the floor caves in and the door is being ripped open. Jump over the hole towards the other side and pull up. Go through the doorway.

Main Hall

Run to the left until you reached the end of the corridor and turn right towards the burning staircase. Throw the grapple. [Controls]Unlike in the previous games you can now attach the grapple while standing on firm ground. At this point however it is better to jump and throw it while you are in the air, because otherwise you might burn your feet. Swing towards the other side. Run right. Burning debris is blocking the path. There is an opening in the handrail on the right. Let yourself down carefully to find out how the story continues.
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