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Secret Tomb: Tomb of the Unworthy

This secret tomb is located in the Mountain Village location. Its entrance is located in the lower part of the waterfall, near the wooden bridge spanning across, on the same level as the entrance to the wolf's den, just right of it, at 53N 712478 UTM 3416187.

Once you have gotten the climbing axe from Roth, get to the tomb and enter the tunnel. Head towards the climbable wall and use the axe to get up. Make your way through the dark stalagmite/stalactite cavern to emerge at the Tomb of the Unworthy day camp. Continue along the path and step through the water curtain into the cavern behind. Look at the scaffolding on the right. Three sacks are attached to it, making it slightly heavier than it has to be. Once Lara jumps onto it, it will start moving down, the other cage unable to support the weight. Unfortunately at the moment you don't have the fire to do something against it. So what you have to do (unless you keep this tomb for a later date when you have the necessary equipment to create fire) is hurry up, jump to the scaffold and immediately jump over to the other side where there is fire. Light up your torch, then jump back to the scaffolding. Now burn the three sacks. The scaffolding will now be able to keep Lara up. Return to the starting walkway and head over to the other cage. Push this off the ledge and the scaffolding will be pulled further up. Now jump towards it and climb up. Turn left to face the climb wall, jump over there and use your axe to grab hold. Climb up on the right. Pull up and follow the passage to the treasure chest. Return to the edge and use the death slide to get back down. Exit the secret tomb again.

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