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Achievement/Trophy List

Welcome to the trophy and achievement lists for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider features 64 Trophies on PlayStation 4. (1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 60 Bronze)
On Xbox One the game features 63 Achievements worth a total of 1000G.

The following guide is available:

Base Game

(Xbox One)
Chalice of TormentEarn all Trophies🏆
Treasures from the PastDecipher a Monolith🏆10
ArcheologistComplete an Artifact Collection🏆5
Dr. CroftComplete all Artifact Collections🏆25
Stele HunterComplete 3 Challenge Tombs🏆20
Tomb RaiderComplete all Challenge Tombs in the main campaign🏆50
Chain GangPerform the Serpent's Fury 3 times🏆10
Like a ShadowStealth takedown 25 enemies🏆15
To the NinesRestore and equip a matching vestige outfit🏆10
Makeshift ArsenalFully upgrade a weapon🏆15
Up to the ChallengeComplete 5 Challenges🏆10
Resting Place(s)Uncover 3 Crypts' secrets🏆10
Thread the PastRestore 5 vestige outfit pieces🏆10
Help thy NeighborComplete a Side Mission🏆50
Good SamaritanComplete 8 Side Missions🏆10
Surprise!Perform 5 Eagle's Talon takedowns🏆10
First StepPurchase a Skill🏆5
SpecializedEarn all Skills in one category🏆15
Treasure HunterFind and open all the Conquistador treasure chests🏆10
Asking PriceBuy a item from a merchant🏆10
Tables TurnedKill 5 enemies while they are searching for Lara🏆5
Look, Over There!Kill 3 enemies while they are distracted🏆10
Total Party KillKill 5 enemies with friendly fire🏆10
Playing with FireBurn 2 enemies simultaneously🏆10
GunslingerPerform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol🏆10
Last Known PositionLose the enemy 10 times🏆10
Beast of LegendDefeat the Nahual🏆
Sixth SenseHunt and kill 10 enemies while Perception is active🏆10
In the MomentKill 10 enemies while Focus is active🏆10
Made to EndureTakedown 10 enemies while Endurance is active🏆10
Como Te LlamaPet 5 llamas🏆5
Underwater ArcheologistCollect 5 underwater Artifacts🏆15
New HeightsComplete a climb aber finding the Overhand Climbing Gear🏆5
That's a Knife!Fully upgrade the knife🏆15
ZoologistCollect 20 critters🏆19
Legendary HunterHunt and loot 5 rare animals🏆20
Untold RichesGather 40 gold ore🏆10
MarksmanPerform 20 headshots with the bow🏆15
First BloodPerform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall🏆10
Unwelcome GuestsGet rid of the pillagers outside of Kuwaq Yaku🏆25
I Believe Hakan FlyRescue Hakan from the cultists🏆
Hearts and MindRetrieve Manko's Necklace🏆
On the GoCraft special ammunition 50 times🏆10
Point of InterestLearn of 5 interesting locations from civilians🏆10
ThanksgivingShoot a turkey with a Flare Round🏆5
Better EquippedGet 3 pieces of equipment🏆10
Path of the StarsDecipher the Path of the Stars🏆15
Día de MuertosRemove the dagger from the Temple of the Moon🏆15
Recipe for DisasterSurvive the flood🏆15
Survival InstinctsDefeat the Empress Jaguar🏆
Fire of LifeEnter the Temple of Life's inner chamber🏆
The Hidden CityFind Paititi🏆
The UnderworldGet out of the Cenotes alive🏆15
Family TiesFree Unuratu from prison🏆
Heart of the SerpentFind the Mission of San Juan🏆
The Chosen OneFind the Silver Box of Ix Chel🏆
Back to Where We StartedReturn to Paititi🏆15
Queen of the DamnedMake and unlikely ally🏆50
Quite the AdventureFinish the main storyline🏆100
Smart and ResourcefulComplete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Smart and Resourceful difficulty🏆15
Rite of PassageComplete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Rite of Passage difficulty🏆15
One with the JungleComplete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on One with the Jungle difficulty🏆15
Deadly ObsessionComplete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Deadly Obsession difficulty🏆15
CompletionistReach 100% completion🏆5
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