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Expert's Challenges

Welcome to the Expert's Challenge for Tomb Raider II. Here you will learn more about shortcuts and the corner bug.


You can shorten the second part in Venice, but you'll miss out on goodies.

Shorcut to the Level End

Killer auf Balkon
Take the motorboat around the corner to the left. Then right. Take your boat at full speed over the gondolas and straight on, to the big gate. Jump out of the boat while at full speed, shortly after you passed the second motorboat. (Your boat should go on, all by itself, and detonate the mines.) Dive to the jetty and shoot the killer. Collect the ammo. Jump back into the water and dive under the fence to reach the corridor. (Image) At the end follow it to the right. Then left. Pull yourself onto the pier next to the gondolas. Kill the badguy. He loses a Medi Pack. Pull yourself up onto the bridge. Shoot the window. (1st image, below)
Secret 3: Pull yourself up onto the bridge. Shoot the window and take the Jade Dragon.
Killer auf Balkon
Taucht ins Bootshaus.
Jump into the water on the other side of the bridge. Dive into the building at the end. (2nd image, above) Swim to the pier and press the switch. Dive under the closed door to get out of the building. (If Lara leaves through the window a countdown will start and the gate at the level end will close again soon.) Dive to the left. Then right, right again, then left and through the corridor again. Get into the second motorboat and take it through the open gate.
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