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35. Inside Menkaure's Pyramid

The Star

Run down into the pyramid. Shoot a bat. In front of you are two swinging blades. Get to the side and run past the first one as soon as it's clear. Repeat this at the next blade. Shoot a couple of bats in the next chamber. Now get onto the stairs. After a few steps down, Lara will look up towards a star at the ceiling. Get out your shotgun or crossbow and combine it with the lasersight. Shoot at the star. A trapdoor in the chamber below will open. Run down the stairs. There you'll encounter two mummies. Eliminate them by using explosive ammo or just get out of their way. Shoot the bat. Collect the shotgun ammo in the left corner.


Now jump into the sarcophagus. Drop into the pit and follow the passage. You'll come to a pit with spikes and a rope. Make a running jump towards the rope. Jump to get to the other side. There you'll meet two more mummies. Shoot them as well as the bats. Get towards the right trench. Make a running jump onto the rope there. Position Lara so that the second rope is hidden behind the first. Start swinging. Jump early, because the second rope is very close. (If you jump really late, you can make it from the first rope to the other side.) Run up the ramp and use the lever. You will see a trapdoor opening. Now use the ropes to get back to the other side.

Western Shaft Key

Now get towards the left trench. Make a running jump towards the first rope. Grab hold. Turn till the second rope is hidden behind the first. Now start swinging. Jump early, as the second rope is very close to the first. Grab the rope. Swing over to the other side and jump to land there safely. Run up the ramp. Jump up into the opening and climb into the chamber. Get your guns out. You will encounter a Demigod. You have to kill him before he kills you. He will try to send energy bolts in your direction. I found out you can avoid being hit by getting very very close to the demigod. He has no other means to kill you and when you are too close, he cannot aim. After he is finished, use the crowbar on the Western Shaft Key on the wall with the big star. This will open a door in the room at the top of the first stairs.


Climb back down and use the ropes to get back over the trench. Run ahead and jump over the trench with the single rope as well. Run up the hill and climb out of the sarcophagus. Run up the stairs. On your right you'll find the opened passage. Slide down. Light a flare. After turning the corner to the right, start crawling to avoid the blades. At the end, stand up again. Turn left and run up the hill. At the end you'll find a ceiling trapdoor. Position underneath the handle. Jump up and press action to pull it down. Climb out. Quickly shoot the two giant scorpions coming from the right. Turn right and run between the two pyramids on the left. On your left is a button you can push. This will open the top of the pyramid behind you. Turn around. Shoot the scorpion coming from the right. Run back out and then turn left.

Pyramid Climbing

You have to climb up the pyramid on your left side. First step onto the two-square-platform, from there climb up onto the next, turn right and make a running jump over to the platform there. Continue climbing up to the top. The last two steps are a bit elevated. Hang backwards from the ledge and climb down the ladder.

Inside the Pyramid

Follow the path up. Make a running jump over the first pit. Now walk towards the dark trench. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb to the other side. Let go and run to the right. There is another pit with a swinging blade above it. Stand on one side. Take a running jump over the pit as soon as the blade has cleared the path. Grab the ledge on the other side and pull yourself up. Turn right to come to another pit with a swinging blade. Repeat the procedure. On your left is now the exit, but you have to open a gate first. Advance towards the next pit. Again, make a running jump and grab the ledge. Follow the path. Pull the chain you'll find at the end of the passage to open the gate. Now jump back over the last trench. On your right is a narrow trench. Jump up to the ceiling. Press action to hold on to it. Then monkey climb along. Let go when you've reached the end. Run towards the open gate.
Secret 66: While standing in the doorway jump over to the right. Lara will slide down. Do not press jump to get over the trench. There you can collect a pair of Uzis. Climb up in front of you.
Slide further down. And drop into the pit. You are now back underneath the sphinx. Run up the hill and climb out again.

Sphinx Complex

You are now back at the Sphinx Complex. You now have a key to open the next door. Run towards the pit on your right. Slide down onto the platform in the right corner. Make a running jump to the opposite platform. Turn left and make another running jump to get there. Jump up onto safe ground. Use your keys on the keyhole on the left side of the gate. Step through the open gate and run into the darkness.
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