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4. Tomb of Qualopec

Version: Tomb Raider I Walkthrough, Revised: August 2015 Task: Open the three gates to the inner sanctuary and enter Qualopec's tomb to grab the first piece of the scion, then flee from the collapsing tomb. Finds & Enemies: 3 Secrets, 7 Supplies (2 small and 2 large Medi-Packs, 2 Magnum Clips, 1 Shotgun Shell), 7 enemies (3 wolves, 3 raptors, Larson) Game Time: approx. 15 minutes Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please pay a visit to our Help Forums.

Entrance Hall

Follow the passage. You'll come to a chamber with four passages. The one to your left has a couple of closed gates. The one ahead will be used later, and from the other side. (To avoid some trouble at the end of the level run towards the passage ahead. Turn around and jump backwards till you hear the rumbling of a boulder. Run out of the passage and jump to the site.) On the right is a lever at the wall. This will open the passage on the right. Two raptors will come out of this passage. Shoot them. Then enter the passage. There you'll find a save crystal. Don't use it yet.

Passage on the Right

Enter the passage on the right. You will come to a chamber with a dark brown movable crate. Push it into the wall twice. On your left is a second crate. Push it once. On your right is a trench with spikes in it hidden underneath some loosened floor panels. Run over it. Use the lever on the other side. This will open one gate in the left passage in the entrance hall. Jump back over the spike pit. Return to the spot with the save crystal.

Passage in the Middle

Now enter the passage opposite the entrance. (Now to your right.) Run towards an alcove with a lever. The floor will break underneath your feet. You will drop down into a cave where you will be attacked by three wolves. Shoot them. Then run up the ramp. Pull out the dark brown movable crate. Then get to one side of it and push it out of the way. Enter the next passage. Run up the stairs. Stop at the pit. Drop down and pick up the small medipack. Climb further up. Pick up another medipack, then use the lever to open a second gate in the left passage in the entrance hall. Drop down into the pit to end up at the beginning of the passage you entered. Return to the spot with the save crystal. I recommend using it now.

Passage on the Left

Now enter the remaining passage - the one to your right, with the bird above the entrance. Follow it towards a chamber with another lever. Do not use it yet. Drop down into the big chamber instead. On the left is a passage leading up. Follow the stairs. Step out onto the red block (1). Turn right and take a standing jump towards the opening there. You have to hold on to the ledge and pull yourself up. Climb up in front and then to the left. Follow the passage and climb down on the other side. Watch closely, there are two ways out. One path leads towards another red block (2) and one in the other direction leads back towards the chamber with the unused lever. Be sure to hear the noise of an opening door between the lever-chamber and here, otherwise you have to go there and make sure the path is opened up. If you wonder what you have achieved: You have opened the secret passage!
Now step out onto the red block (2). Face right and jump into the passage there. Use the lever at the end. This will change the position of the first red block. Get back outside. Now get towards the lever you still haven't used and use it. Follow the "secret" passage. Step out at the end. Make a running jump onto the red block. Turn slightly to the left and make a running jump towards the other red block. Turn right and running jump into the entrance. Use the lever to open the last of the three gates. Make a running jump to get out of the passage and to cross the spikes. Climb back up into the passage where you first entered and return all the way back to the entrance hall, take the unmarked passage. On your way, you have to kill another Raptor.

The Scion

Now enter the passage opposite, which is now open. Use the save crystal. Run towards the stairs but mind the darts.
Secret 1: At the first step turn left and run towards the statue there. Climb up into the alcove. A door will open. Take a closer look at the chamber. You can see that the floor will collapse. In the left corner are some shotgun shells. Get there quickly and pick them up.
Secret 2: Hang from the ledge of the platform in the right corner. Let go and pick up the Magnum Ammo. Walk through the spikes towards the exit. Jump up, grab the ledge and climb out.
Run further up the stairs. Enter the passage to come into a chamber with three skeletons. (The left one will drop down making strange noises if you come to close.) Run up towards the altar and pick up the Scion. Part of the ceiling will come down. Run down the passage. A boulder will follow you so be quick and jump to the side when leaving the passage. Careful in the main chamber some more rocks will drop from the ceiling. Enter the passage in front to return to the pool from the previous level. On your way there, you can save once more. Jump into the water. Larson will be shooting at you.
Secret 2: On the right, you can find an underwater passage. Follow it. You will come to a cave. Climb out and collect a large medipack and some Magnum Clips. Dive back into the pool.
Climb out of the water and shoot at Larson. After a couple of hits, he will go down and a video will start.



The Velociraptor is very dangerous. You should pick a good weapon against him, or try to get out of his range. In the area where you meet the raptors first you can find the shotgun. This might prove helpful, but you will also need it against another opponent. Try to shoot raptors from above, while standing on a rock, or keep moving. Try not to get caught in a tight corner.

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