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5. St. Francis' Folly

Task: Find your way into a high chamber with a tower of platform in the middle. There you have to solve the riddles of Thor, Atlas, Damocles and Neptune to get four keys which open the gate at the bottom. Finds & Enemies:
4 Secrets, 13 Supplies , 23+1 enemies (14 bats, 4 lions, 4 gorillas, 1 crocodile and Pierre ) Length: Gaming Time: 35 minutes Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Lion Attack

Movable Block
Quickly climb onto one of the walls on the left or the right. Two lions will attack you, and there you are safe and can kill them. Now run towards the columns. On the right is a grey block. It can be moved. Pull it onto the marked tile. (A door on the balcony is shown. This is the first part of opening that door. We will come to the second part later.) Then push the block twice to move it onto the second marked tile. The door of a temple on ground level opens. Push the block once more to get it into a good position for climbing the columns.

Gorilla Attack

Enter the temple and kill the two Gorillas. When you stay close to the door, you can escape. Stepping onto the Omega (last letter of the Greek alphabet, also symbolising "the end") will close the door. After finishing them, run up the stairs on the right and use the lever you'll find there to open the door again. Climb back down and use the lever there. This will open a door outside and it will trigger another Gorilla, which will come down the left stairs. Kill it.

Meeting Pierre

On the Columns
Back outside between the columns, Pierre will be waiting for you. He will be shooting at you. Return fire until he runs away. You cannot kill him. Climb onto the movable crate, which should be at the spot closest to the temple. Make a standing jump towards the nearest column, grab the ledge and climb up.
Secret 1:
Turn left and make a running jump towards the pillar. Grab the ledge and climb up. Jump over to the ledge in front of the passage. Step inside and stand behind the door on the right side facing outwards. (You have to stand on the ribbon.) Then make a sideflip to the right onto the slope there. Then jump to land on the next sloped block. Immediately jump again and press action to grab the ledge. Pull up. Turn left and jump forwards onto the lower slope. Jump back to land on the higher slope. Jump again and grab the ledge of the platform above. Pull up. Collect the large medipack and the shotgun shells. Note the collapsing floor in one corner. Climb back down. Return to the previous pillar and from there get back onto the lowest.
Turn right and make a running jump towards the pillar there. Turn around and make a running jump towards the medipack. Do not try to grab the ledge. Pick up the large medipack. Then make a running jump to reach the right part of the ledge running along the wall. Turn left and make a running jump over the gap. Walk forward to the next gap and make another running jump. Repeat this once more. Then turn left and jump over the last gap. Step through the door.

Water Tunnel

Follow the passage. Slide down the slope.
Secret 2: Make sure you slide down forwards. Before you reach the end, you have to jump up. Lara will bump her head on the ceiling and land on a platform in front of the slope. Jump again and grab the ledge. (If you miss one of the jumps, you cannot try again, unless you restart.) Pick up the shotgun or shotgun ammo and the small medipack.
Follow the path. Shoot the crocodile from outside if possible. Then jump into the water.
Secret 3: A few meters back (when you are coming from the 2nd Secret) is an opening in the ceiling. Climb out and collect some shotgun shells. Jump back into the water.
Dive towards the back and climb out of the water. (When you have collected Secret 2, you have been here already.) Use the lever to drain the tunnel. Run along the passage into the other direction. Follow the passage to the right and up the stairs. Save your game at the crystal.

Getting Oriented

Make a running jump towards the platform in the middle. Kill the three bats that will attack you. (The door up here says "Neptune") Climb down one level. There you can find a lever opening a door with a sign "Thor".
Secret 4: On the outer walkway, you can see a marked floor tile. Jump onto it. Then quickly turn right. At the edge, make a roll, hold on to the ledge and quickly let go. You will lose some energy. Make a roll and run forwards. At the edge roll again, grab the ledge and drop further down. Quickly run forwards shooting two Bats while running. Drop down at the end, again loosing some energy and run through the open door ahead. Pick up the magnum ammo and the large medipack. Get back outside.
You can see a big door with hinges. Right of the door you can see four keyholes. In the middle is a save crystal. Keep it for later. Use the lever on one of the columns to open the door "Atlas". Then run up the stairs. At the end jump up and climb up onto the next walkway. Follow it, then jump over to the right. Shoot a Bat, then pick up the magnum ammo. Jump back to the previous walkway. Turn to face the middle structure. Make a running jump to get there and grab the ledge. Use the lever to open the Neptune door. Keep the crystal for later. In the corner behind the lever is another door, Damocles, which is still closed. Jump onto the highest step in front. Turn around. Make a standing jump to reach the ledge of the next platform. Save at the crystal.


Run through the door named Thor - the god of thunder. Guess what?! That should be a little hint on what awaits you behind the door. On the ceiling is a globe emitting energy bolts. Wait for it to strike the ground, then quickly run across the room and through the doorway. (If you stay outside of the grey platforms, you will be safer.) In the next room is a floor tile with an Omega. Above it, you can see Thor's Hammer looming. Step onto the square. You will hear a creaking noise. Wait till it stops and you hear a thump. Now it's time to get out of the way. Jump back towards the entrance or towards the wall on your right. A block will come down behind the hammer and might hit you if you jump there. Push that block towards the wall on the right side. Use it to climb up. Now pull the block up there towards the corner. Then climb up, turn around and make a standing jump to get towards the next level. Grab the ledge and climb up. Pick up the small medipack. Turn left and make a running jump towards the next platform. Grab the ledge. Run into the passage and collect the Thor Key. Return the way you came. Climb down. Then leave the building.

Opening Damocles

Run around the pillar on the left to get into the left corner of the platform. Pierre will be shooting at you from below. Return fire or ignore him. Make a running jump onto the platform left or the Thor entrance. Jump over to the stairs on the right. Climb up. Two Bats will attack you at the top. Kill them. Then jump towards the platform in the middle. Use the lever to open the door of Damocles. Shoot the Bat. Collect the medipack on the neighbouring platform, then jump back and save your game.


Step through the door "Atlas". (Atlas was a Titan who held the heavens on his shoulders.) Inside shoot the Gorilla. Then step onto the Omega tile to open the gate. Step inside. Look up the hill on the right. There you can see a boulder. As soon as it's triggered, turn around and run towards the pit at the other end. Jump down. The boulder will pass overhead and land on the second tile. It will open the gate again. Pick up the small medipack. Now run towards the slope. On your left, you will find an alcove overhead. Climb in. Climb further up to the left. Pick up the Atlas Key on the grey tile at the end. Then climb back down the way you came. Exit the chamber.

Way Up

Step onto the highest platform in the middle. Stand on one of the edges and jump straight up. Grab the ledge and pull up. Make a running jump towards the stairs in the left corner. Shoot two Bats then run up the stairs. You are now back at the top. Make a running jump towards the platform in the middle. From there continue to the platform in front of Neptune's door.


Enter the chamber. Jump into the water. Dive down and into the passage. Right at the beginning of that passage is a gap overhead. Dive in and use the lever. Return to the passage and dive through the open gate. Pick up the Neptune Key in the chamber. Dive back up. Climb out of the water and leave the chamber.

Way Down

Jump back towards the platform in the middle. From there continue towards the stairs. Run down again. Make a running jump onto the platform in the middle. Drop down through the hole in the middle. Right of the Atlas door are stairs. Jump over and run down. Jump over the gap and then continue to the walkway in front of the Thor building. Climb down into the hole in the middle. Save your game at the crystal there. Jump over to the door of Damocles. Climb onto the roof of the doorway. Pick up the large medipack.


Enter the door marked Damocles, and expect some swords from above. Step through the passage and wait at the end. Look up to the ceiling where you can see a couple of swords. Shadows on the ground mark their positions as well. Run to the Omega tile on the other side. Do not fear, the swords will stay up at the ceiling for now. The door opens when you step onto the Omega. Run towards the pedestal in the middle and collect the Key of Damocles. Leave the chamber again. Careful there is a sword coming down in the middle of the omega tile. Now you have to get out of the chamber without being hit. Keep an eye on the shadows.

Four Keys

Now you should have all four keys. Climb down to ground level. Quickly shoot the two lions. Then save your game at the crystal. Use all four keys on the keyholes to open the big gate. If you start with the left lock, you will get the keys in the right order. If you start with the right, they are the other way around. If you are confused look at the colours. Step through to finish the level.
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