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6. Colosseum

Task: Find a way into the Colosseum and there find the key for the VIP Lounge. Finds 3 Secrets, 13 Supplies Enemies (26): 4 bats, 4 crocodiles, 6 gorillas, 12 lions Length: Gaming Time: 40 minutes Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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The Temple

Way Up
Run towards the lake. Kill the crocodile. Jump into the water and dive to the left. Climb out of the water. Run towards the left side of the temple. Two lions will attack you. Kill them. In the far left corner is a block you can climb onto. From there jump towards the balcony of the temple. Follow the path around the building and collect the large medipack. Return to the higher platform at the other end of the balcony. From there climb onto the higher level. Run around the building again. Make a running jump to get over the gap. Turn right and jump onto the block there. On the left is a passage. But before entering, you have to collect a secret.
Secret 1:
Rock Climbing
Slide down the slope. Before reaching the end jump to land on an even square. Turn a bit to the right. Halfway between you and the lake you can see a passage in the wall in front. Make a running jump. Aim towards the slightly sloped platform left of the opening. You can stand there. Now jump into the passage and collect the shotgun shells. Jump back towards the previous platform. From there climb to the higher one. Turn slightly right and make a running jump towards the pillar there. Make a running jump towards the passage there. (Alternatively: Drop down to the floor and climb the whole way towards the passage on the left.)
Enter the passage. Approach the pit. Shoot the two crocodiles there. Then jump down and collect the small medipack. Use the little platform to climb back up. On the left wall is a gap. Jump up and hold on to it. Shimmy right.
Secret 2:
Pull up where you can. Enter the cave and pick up the shotgun shells. Return outside and hang from the ledge again. Shimmy further right.
At the end let go. Run up the ramp. Drop into the pit. Use the lever and shoot the lion. (If you want to save yourself the trouble, ignore the lever.)

The Colosseum

Run up the broad stairs. You will come to the Colosseum. Shoot at the gorilla below. Soon Pierre will appear and shoot at you. Return fire till he disappears. Then try to finish the gorilla along with two lions. Then drop down into the arena. Then run towards the pit on the left side of the arena. Drop down and use the save crystal. (Or keep it for later.) Climb back out and enter the passage in the corner. Slide down. Kill the two lions. Use the lever at the front wall to open a gate between some rock formations. Now use the lever to open the gate leaving into the pit. Climb out. Kill three lions. Jump back into the pit if they get to close. Run towards the rocks on the right. Enter the passage and kill another lion. Slide down another slope.

Timed Doors

You are now inside a building. In the second alcove on the right is a grew square. Step onto it to open the two gates. Run into the left chamber. Use the lever, quickly turn and run out and straight into the right chamber. Quickly enter the little passage with the lever. (All of the doors are timed. If you are locked in one of the chambers, use the grey squares in there to get out. If you don't make it to the lever in the little passage in time, you have to start again.) Use the lever. Run out and pick up the small medipack. Use the grey tile to open the door. Run out and through the open door on the right side.

VIP lounge

Run down the hill. Turn left. PlayStation Users, save your game at the crystal. Then enter the next passage. Climb up the stone stairs. Climb up ahead twice, then twice to the right and once to the left. You are now up on a rock formation. If you climb up the rocks behind you can collect a box of shotgun shells. Opposite is another, smaller rock formation in front what might have been a VIP Lounge. Make a running jump to get onto that rock. Do not press action or you might miss. Climb onto the first stone platform. Turn left. Make a running jump towards the pillar. Grab the ledge and pull up. (If you miss, you can drop into the pit with the spikes to shortcut. You have to shimmy to a corner where it's safe to let go.) Enter the VIP lounge and shoot the two gorillas. Use the save crystal. Run down the stairs at the back. On the left is a stone square. Pull it out. Enter the passage behind. Pick up the small medipack and use the lever to open a gate. Get back out and back into the arena.

First Tower

In the left corner, close to the spike pit, is a block you can use to return to the main balcony of the Colosseum. Climb up. Enter the "tower" in the corner nearby. Kill two bats. Then enter the passage. (This is the gate you opened recently.) A gate closes behind you. Run forward and drop into a pit to avoid a boulder rolling past overhead. Climb back out and jump over to the walkway the boulder came down. Run up. Use the lever in the next chamber to open another door. Follow the other passage and slide down. You are back at the entrance of the passage.

Second Tower

Run ahead to get to the other corner. At the entrance, a lion will attack you and Pierre pays you another visit. Kill the lion and shoot at Pierre till he runs away. Continue to the other corner. Enter the tower there and kill two bats. Then step into the next chamber. In there are a couple of pillars.
Secret 3:
Close to the pillar on the left is a trigger platform, which opens a door above. From there jump straight onto the little block in front. You have to land on the right side so you can make the next jump. Make a sideflip to the right. Then backflip onto the platform behind you. Continue with a left flip and a jump onto the platform with the door. Enter quickly. Pick up two large medipacks, the magnums and some uzi clips. Exit through the door.
Jump to the platform with the lever and use it to open a door in another tower. Climb back down carefully and run back into the tower.

Third Tower

Exit through the left door to come to the next tower. Climb up into the passage and use the lever there. This opens the big gate up on the balcony where you've killed two gorillas. Jump into the water and follow the passage. Pick up a small medipack at the end. Then push the grey block twice. Pull it to the side and follow the passage behind. On the grey square, you can find another key. Dive back through the tunnel. Climb back out and return to the arena.

Using the Key

Return to the VIP lounge. Shortest way to get there is: Run over to the spike pit. Hang from the south ledge, that's the one closest to the wall with the block you can use to climb up. Shimmy as far to the left as you can. There is a safe spot in-between all the spikes. Let go. Run into the right passage and climb up. At the top, shoot the gorilla jumping around on the other rock. Make a running jump to get there again and then jump towards the balcony. Climb in again. Run down the stairs and step trough the open gate. Pick up the small medipack and use the save crystal. Now get back up towards the keyhole. Use the key. You can now kill two more gorillas down in the arena. Then jump into the water. Follow the passage in front into the broad tunnel. Avoid the crocodile and dive up into the opening. Climb out and use the lever. Jump back into the water and follow the passage further.
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