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3. Return to Egypt

Flooded City of Khamoon

At the beginning of the level you will slide down a passage. Step forward towards the edge. In front of you a trapdoor opens. Underneath it is a pool.
Goodies: Make a running jump towards the opposite side. Do not grab the ledge, or Lara will drop into the water. Climb up and into the alcove with the two cat statues. In front of the right cat you can find a large medipack. You will obtain the trophy Behind Cat's Eyes. Climb back towards the big trapdoor.
Jump into the water. A hungry crocodile is waiting for you. In one direction (north) there is a sandy walkway. Swim over and climb out of the water. Get rid of the croc.
Goodies: On the northern wall is a platform with goodies at the wall. Jump into the water and quickly swim over to that platform. You will attract another crocodile, you have to get rid of. Then collect the magnum ammo and the small medipack. This little pool is seperated from the rest. There is an opening in the wall to your left. Attract the crocodile in the chamber there and kill it from outside. Then enter that chamber to get some shotgun shells. Swim back outside and climb onto the sandy walkway again.
Jump into the larger pool again. Swim over to the sphinx. Between the sphinx' legs is a passage leading to a chamber with a closed door. Swim towards the pillar on the right. There are four recaptacles where you had to place artefacts, when you visited this place in Tomb Raider I. At the foot of the column you can find some magnum shells. Now swim towards the surface and climb out onto the walkway by the column. Through the window you can see a cat you can kill. You can use the fence bug here to shortcut. From there you can running jump onto the column to get some more magnum ammo. Touching this platform on top of the column will also open the door between the sphinx' legs.
Secret 1: This door is timed. So hurry up and dive into the passage between the sphinx' legs. You will come to another pool with a crocodile, but you cannot get out of the water here. Hurry up to collect the 2 packs of shotgun shells and a small medipack. Dive back outside. Now climb out anywhere and shoot the crocodile.
Goodies: You can climb out onto the left leg of the sphinx. From there you can walk towards the back of the sphinx' head. There you will find shotgun shells. Jump back into the water.

Cat Statue

Jump back into the water. Swim over to the passage in the corner between sphinx and column. You will come to another large pool. Here you will meet a crocodile. Climb out and kill it. Then jump into the water and collect the Shotgun Shells by the boulder.
Goodies: Swim over to the side where you entered the chamber. Left of the entrance tunnel, opposite of the bolder, you can climb into a passage. In the chamber you will meet two panthers. Kill them. In the alcove on the left you can find more Shotgun Shells. Run out into the passage. On the left you will find a Shotgun and more Ammo. Jump back into the water.
Climb up on the left side of the golden structure. Climb over towards the kat statue. Jump into the water and pull the lever to open a door outside. Now find the spot where you can pull out onto the ramp. From the middle backflip onto the block with the cat. Jump onto one of the walkways.

Slides and Spikes

Shoot the three panthers up on the rocks above you. Jump into the water and swim to the right. Climb out by the open door and step through. Run into the second chamber. Turn around and kill the panther coming from behind. Run further ahead and step at the edge. Look into the chamber. There are four pillars and below are some slides and spike traps. Jump onto the left pillar and from there onto the second. From the second pillar drop into the trench on the left. Walk through the spikes and into the passage. Turn left. At the end turn right. Turn right and go to the end. Up in front you can see a cat staute. When you approach, the cat statue turns into a panther. Kill it from down here. .. to be continued...
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