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1. Atlantean Stronghold

Tower in Lava

At the beginning you slide down a ramp. Run up until you reach the abyss.
Secret 1: Before you climb down, there's a secret to collect. Jump across the gap and position yourself at the edge in front of the bubbling lava. Take a running jump and grab onto the high ledge on the other side. Pull yourself up. Walk into the passage and around the corner to collect shotgun ammo1-2/63 there. Get back out of the passage and jump back to the other side.
Climb down into the corridor and drop down carefully. Move forward slowly and wait until the rolling boulder1/4 comes to a halt in the lava. Then take a running jump to the other side. Ascend into the chamber. There, you will be attacked by an Atlantean1/31. Eliminate it.
Opposite is an illuminated niche. Concealed to the right, you'll find a medipack behind a lava pit. Position yourself to the left of it. You must stand at the lowest point of the ledge and jump diagonally into the niche from there. Collect the small medipack3/63 there. Jump out diagonally in the same manner.
For your efforts, you'll also receive the How Do I Get It? trophy.
Now, proceed into the large chamber. To the left around the corner, you can collect shotgun ammo4-5/63. Proceed to the temple. There, two flying Atlanteans2-3/31 will appear. Dispose of them. Then, walk onto the platform to the right of the temple and enter from there. Carefully jump onto the lower ledge in the temple. Safety-drop down from there. Lara will lose some health despite this. Collect a small medipack6/63 and the shotgun7/63. Then, lower yourself down (the brown structure is on the left). If you wish to avoid future accidents, deliberately trigger the boulder2/4 between the tower and the rock wall (on the left when facing the tower from below) and move out of the way.
Goodies: Another boulder3/4 also comes rolling down between the tower and the other brown structure (to the right of the tower). After triggering it deliberately, climb up there. Jump up to the right. Proceed ahead to collect shotgun ammo8/63. Continue forward and over the glowing floor plates, which are harmless. Slide down to the right and walk to the end. Climb out to the left, and a boulder4/4 will roll down behind you. Now, climb up to the left above the slide to climb onto the left orange-brown pillar. Climb onto the rightmost pillar from there, where some shotgun ammo9/63 lies. A flying Atlantean4/31 will appear here. Eliminate it and then climb down again.
As you look around, two Atlanteans5-6/31 will notice you. Flee to a higher ground to easily dispatch them.

to be continued...
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