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9. Tomb of Tihocan


Another level you start under water. Dive down into the passage. Dive along the long tunnel. If you dive up into the chamber, you'll find a lever which can not be used underwater. So dive down instead. In the passage you will find an underwater lever. Use it. Then dive up again. The water has been drained from the upper chamber. Climb out and use the lever. Run into the passage with the door you just opened. Kill the crocodile in the next chamber. Climb the stairs and up onto the highest block. From there jump onto the pillar in the middle of the room. Careful there are dart traps on the side and in front. Make a running jump towards the platform in the left corner. Climb into the passage with the lever and use it. This will fill the room with water. Jump into it. Dive into the passage below the platform you came from. Collect the small medipack. Then climb into the passage just above. Follow the passage and jump into the water at the end. Dive down and into the passage there. Pull the lever, then follow the long tunnel. The current will take you further. At the end dive up and climb out of the water.

Chamber with Swinging Blade

Kill the rat. Then push and pull the crate to the left side of the waterhole. Climb onto it and up onto the next level. Climb along behind the pillar and then up onto it.
Secret 1: Advance towards the edge facing the opening in the wall. Take on step back, then jump forwards and grab the ledge. Pull up. Shoot at Pierre, till he runs away. Run down the stairs. You will come to a set of fast closing doors. Jump through when the time is right. Run further down. You will come to a chamber with a crocodile. Kill it. Collect the goodies. Take a look at the floor. There are three tiles that look different from the others. Jump onto them to open a secret door. Step through. Turn to face outside, then make a sideflip to the left. Hold down the jump button to reach a ledge. Pick up the large medipack and some shotgun shells. Return upstairs and jump back onto the pillar.
Take a running jump towards the platform with the blue crystal in the left corner. Save your game. Step towards the alcove with the resting blade. It will become active. Wait for it to swing to the right then jump into the alcove on the left. Pick up the shotgun shells. Now return to the previous platform. Face the opening in the wall and take a running jump there. Grab the ledge and climb in. (Alternatively you can explore some more: Jump back to the single pillar.) Follow the passage till you reach the end. If you look down you can see a crocodile and some goodies. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. At the end pull up into the passage. Use the lever at the end of that passage to fill the room with the crocodile with water. Return to the edge and jump down into the water. Dive up and climb into the passage on the right side at one end. Kill the rat. Then shoot the crocodile. Jump back into the water. Collect the two packs of shotgun shells and some magnum ammo. Then return to the passage. Jump into the water on the other side.

Gold Key

Follow the passage to its end and climb out on the other side. You are now in a chamber with some spikes and a lion. Kill the lion quickly. There are three openings leading away. The outer ones lead to a passage with a lever, the one in the middle leads into a water chamber or to a block where you can climb up. Step into one of the outer passages. Use the lever, then return to the entrance in the middle. Climb up the two blocks and save your game at the Save Crystal. Shoot the two gorillas upstairs. Now from the edge of the block make a standing jump towards the ledge and hold on to it. Pull up. Above the opening - which is just above the spikes, so do not drop through - is a passage. Make a standing jump towards the gap left of it. Shimmy right and pull up. Step inside the chamber and collect the large medipack along with the gold key. Then make a running jump out of that passage and across the pit with spikes underneath. Climb back down. Now enter the water chamber. Use the key at the keyhole. Four blocks will rise out of the water. Step onto the first. Make a running jump onto the second, the third and fourth and a standing onto safe ground on the other side. Pick up the small medipack.

Movable Block

Step into the next chamber. There are strangely marked tiles all around. The stone square between two of the pillars can be pulled out. green square in the graphic Pull it twice onto the first tile. (1) Climb onto the block quickly and kill the gorilla. Then enter the chamber he came out of, just left of the entrance. Collect the shotgun shells and the magnum clips. Then push it onto the second tile in the same row. (2) This opens two doors and releases another gorilla. Kill it. Then step into the chamber left of the previous one. Collect the shotgun shells. Then return to the block. Climb onto it and jump into the passage high above in the right wall. Quickly jump through the snapping doors. Pick up the large medipack and the Rusty Key. Return outside and push the block onto the tile left of the current one. (3) This opens the door on the left of the elevated passage. Quickly climb onto the block and shoot 4 giant rats. Step into the passage and collect the small medipack. Get back outside and push the block onto the remaining tile. (4) This opens the door in the left corner. Step inside the chamber. Inside you can see another key. But careful on both sides are ramps with boulders. They will knock you over. So run quickly to the alcove and climb in. Pick up the Rusty Key. Then on your way out pick up the small medipack.

Reaching the Temple

Use the two keys to open the remaining door. Save your game at the Save Crystal behind the door.
Secret 2: Now you have to do a bit of jumping. Jump over to the right side, and jump over all the slopes that might lead you onto the chute in the middle. At the end you have to jump over to the left side to land in a niche. Look into the next chamber. There you can see some collapsing platforms. Jump onto the first one with a sideflip to the right. Then jump forwards onto the platform there. Then make two sideflips to the right and a backflip. Now make another sideflip to the right to reach the goodies. Collect the Uzi and the Magnum Clips. Then jump onto the ground of the chamber and run over to the other side. Climb out of the passage.
Slide down into the water. Dive ahead and climb onto the platform on your right. Shoot the nasty crocodile. Enter the passage. Climb up the rocks in the cave. At the end slide down the ramp and jump to reach the pillar on the other side. Pull the lever to open an underwater door. Now jump into the water. Dive into the passage, turn right and dive into the next passage. Follow the path out and catch your breath in front of the temple.

2nd Half of Scion

Dive underneath the temple and find the hidden passage there. This is where you just opened a passage. Climb out into the chamber. Use the lever to open the door of the temple. Then save your game at the Save Crystal. Dive back out and climb onto the platform in front of the temple. When you try to enter the door the left one of the centaur statues comes to life. It will send fire balls in your direction. Either enter the temple right away to leave the creature outside or if you want to fight it run quickly out towards the left. Turn around and shoot at the creature while jumping left and right all the time. I recommend the use of the magnums. After the creature has fallen save your game. Now return to the temple entrance and step inside. Turn left. If you have enough ammo left use the magnums again. You will have to fight Pierre now. Circle him and continue shooting till he falls. Pick up the key he loses. Along with it comes another pair of magnums and the 2nd part of the Scion which he has stolen from the pedestal in the middle. Use the blocks to climb onto the balconies on both sides. Collect the magnum clips there. Then climb onto the main balcony. Collect the large medipack and use the key you got from Pierre to open the door. In case you want some more trouble step outside the temple again, to fight the second centaur statue. But that's rather silly, isn't it? Instead step into the next chamber to leave the game.
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