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11. Obelisk of Khamoon

Finds & Enemies: 3 secrets, 33 pickups 22 kills Gaming Time approx. 50 Minutes

4 Movable Blocks

Run ahead and to the right. Climb up onto the left walkway. Follow the passage on the left. On the left is a door with a keyhole. Turn right. You will come to a chamber with 4 movable blocks resting underneath 4 pillars. Pull out the block in the right corner. Kill the black panther coming out of that passage. Run up the stairs. Collect the small medipack. Return to the main chamber. If you want another kill: Pull out the second block from the right. Run up the stairs and kill another panther. Pull out the third block. Climb into the passage behind it. Slide down into the chamber. Kill the panther. Then use the lever. Climb up onto the blocks in the left corner. Collect the small medipack. Then climb further up. Climb up the blocks with the hieroglyphs. Jump into the passage where you just opened the door. Jump over the pit. Collect the magnum ammo behind the door. Drop through the pit to return to the main chamber.

Sapphire Key

Now use the fourth movable block to reach the passage behind. Jump into the water. Dive along the passage. Then dive up and climb out onto the platform. A bit to your left is a lower part. Kill the crocodile. Jump back into the water. The passage on ground level, leading into the complex in the middle contains a small medipack. In the north west corner outside of this complex you an find a Sapphire Key. On the south side you can also find some magnum ammo. Climb out of the water and save at the crystal. Dive back through the passage and climb out to return to the main chamber. Step outside towards the keyhole. Use the key. This will open the door next to it, but also the door high up in the main chamber.

Eye of Horus

Return to the main chamber and move one of the blocks underneath the door. Climb in. Save your game and run up the stairs. Kill the panther mummy. Then use the lever in the left alcove. This lowers the drawbridge for the Eye of Horus. Step out through the right window and onto the bridge. Pick up the Eye of Horus. An underwater door, which is in the pool underneath, is shown to you.

Climbing and Jumping

Jump into the water and collect the magnum ammo. (This is the room behind the second door you opened with the key. But if you would have stepped through this door right away you would have missed the Eye of Horus.) Swim over to the platform and collect the shotgun shells. Then jump back into the water and swim towards the passage on the wall left of the one with the slots and the door. The right alcove hides a passage. Slide down the slope. Run down into the chamber and kill the two panthers. Climb up the stairs. On the highest step turn to face left and jump up to the block there. Pull up. Turn around and make a running jump to the block there. Turn around again and make a running jump with grabbing the ledge towards the platform.
Goodies: From here you can make a little excursion to a medipack. Turn left, jump to the platform on the pillar and continue to the other side. Collect the large medipack.
Baddies: Before you return to the other side, you can kill some enemies here. Look into the opening in the wall. There is a slope underneath. Slide down. Two panther mummies are waiting for you at the bottom. Quickly flee into one of the raised wall alcoves to shoot at them from there. Then climb back through one of the alcoves into the other chamber. Climb onto the highest step again, from there to the block on the left, make a running jump to the block on the right, make a running jump and grab the ledge on the left again.
Walk to the edge and jump up to the next platform. Pull up. Turn around and jump to the L-shaped platform with the pillar in the corner. Climb onto the pillar and from there onto the platform above. Jump over to the square platform in the south corner. From there jump over to the huge block in the left corner. Grab the ledge and pull up. Save your game.
Jan has found a way to skip this part. To do so you have to take a running jump from the bridge where you've collected the Eye of Horus onto the neighbouring bridge. From there you can continue. But do not be surprised if you find a chamber with huge platforms and below some non-triggered panthers.

Slide and Stairs

Now climb onto the platform in front of the stairs. A panther mummy is coming down. Kill it quickly. Then pull the lever left of the stairs to lower the drawbridge for the Ankh. From up here you can reach Secret 1, but we will come to that later. Drop down into the trench and collect the >magnum ammo and the small medipack. Climb back up and run up the stairs. Turn left. In the corner is an opening. Drop through and slide down the long ramp. Kill the panther. You can climb in any of the alcoves to do that. Climb into the right of the alcoves and use the lever to create stairs. Then run into the adjacent chamber where the panther came from and collect the magnum ammo. Now climb the stairs. After a couple of steps you can jump over to the platform with the shotgun shells. Collect them, then return to the stairs. Climb further up, then drop onto the green platform behind the pillar in the middle. Use the crystal to save your game.


Step outside. Jump over to the walkway behind the fence on the left. Run out onto the drawbridge and collect the Ankh. Run back towards the entrance. Run up the stairs and collect the large medipack. Pull the lever at the top to create some more stairs.

Seal of Anubis Lever

Return to the chamber. Climb up the new stairs. Turn right. Make a running jump over to the gap and hold on to it. Shimmy over to the right. Let go when you've reached the end. Drop down on the other side of the block. Enter the passage. Pull the lever to create even more stairs. Get back out and climb the stairs on your right. At the end climb up to the left. Kill the panther mummy. Then step towards the balcony. Use the lever to lower the drawbridge for the Seal of Anubis. Collect the small medipack. Then save your game at the crystal. Now use the other lever to open the door. Step through. You'll return to a well known spot. Run down the stairs again. (If you don't want to collect the secrets you can slide down like you did before and collect the Seal of Anubis right away. Then run up the stairs to the lever and drop down to the left to come to the passage behind the remaining drawbridge.)
Secret 1: Walk along the platform with the columns to the right. Then step towards the edge leading towards the pillar in the middle. Take a running jump there. Collect the Uzi ammo and a small medipack.
Secret 2: Make a running jump over to the white gong. Pick up the large medipack and the Uzi Ammo. Then drop down on the right side, onto the walkway leading to the remaining drawbridge.

Chamber with 2 Mummies

Enter the chamber. Climb up the stairs on the left. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. Pull up. (If you want to skip the secret just follow the passage.)
Secret 3: Climb onto the higher platform. Enter the chamber and collect the large medipack and the magnum ammo. Step outside on the left.
Goodies: Take a standing jump to the next platform and grab the ledge. Follow the platforms to the other end and collect the shotgun shells. Return the way you came and drop down the gap in the platforms at the north wall.
Climb one level down. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. At the end let go to drop onto the lower platform. Again hang from the ledge and shimmy right. Drop onto the platform at the end. Turn around and make a running jump towards the block there. If you miss, you have to kill the two panther mummies and then climb up the stairs and take all the way again. Save your game at the crystal.

Scarab and Seal of Anubis

Enter the passage. Use the lever to lower the drawbridge for the Scarab. Return outside and shoot the two mummies in the room below, if you haven't done so yet. Drop into the chamber and climb the stairs. Leave the chamber and collect the Scarab on the drawbridge. Jump over to the left drawbridge and pick up the Seal of Anubis, unless you have done so already. When you pick up the last of the four artefacts, the underwater door opens.

Using the Artefacts

Jump down and dive into the passage. Dive down. Follow the passage ahead. In the first alcove on the left you can pick up some magnum ammo. Continue along the passage. In the alcove on the right are some shotgun shells on the left is a small medipack. Follow the passage around the corner to the right. Dive up in the next chamber. Catch some breath, then collect the shotgun shells, the magnum ammo and the small medipack on the ground. Climb out of the water. Kill the mummy. Then save your game at the crystal. Climb into the alcove and collect two packs of magnum ammo. Then climb out of the chamber. Follow the path to the end and kill the mummy running around below. Climb onto the structure in the middle. On the left you can find a large medipack. Drop down and climb the blocks on the right. You will now return to a part of the previous level. Pull the crate from underneath the sphinx. Inside the chamber you can find shotgun shells. Remember on the left you can find a pillar waiting for 4 artefacts. Run over and use them. The big gate will open. Step through and run down the stairs.
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