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13. Natla's Mines

Finds: 3 secrets, 30 pickups, 3 kills Gaming Time; approx. 1 hour 40 minutes

2 Levers 2 Wooden Gates

Another level you will begin under water and not only that but also weaponless. Dive ahead and up to the surface to catch some breath. Swim over to the waterfall on the right. Dive behind it and climb out into the passage. Follow it to a little cave. Use the lever in the left corner to open a gate. (Keep in mind, that there is a passage leading further up.) Return to the lake. Swim over to the shore. Run down the passage on the right. Pull out the brown crate behind the rocks ahead. Climb over it. Follow the passage behind to find another lever that opens another wooden gate. Return towards the lake. Swim over to the waterfall again. Climb back into the passage behind the waterfall and climb all the way up. Step through the opened gate. Take a running jump towards the platform with the red and white barricades.

Collapsing Roof

Follow the passage through a cave into a larger cave. There Lara will look up towards a dangling cabin. Pick up the large medipack underneath. If you look inside the building you can see three key-holders. There is also some ammo and a crystal but we will come to that later. Run into the next part of the cave. Pull the crate towards the tires twice. Then climb onto it. Make a running jump towards the building. In the right corner the roof will collapse. Get inside. Follow the passage. Step into the alcove on the right and use the lever to move the boat. Follow the passage further. Slide down and climb back into the cave.

1st Fuse

Now run along the track. The gate at the end opens when approached. Step towards the first barricade. A boulder rolls from the left to the right in front of you. A little warning. Another one will follow you from behind. Jump over the first barrier and run down. Jump over to the right and quickly step into the passage there. Pick up the Fuse. Then save your game at the crystal. Run up the hill. Turn left. After a few steps you can hear a boulder coming down, actually it's two of them. Jump back into the alcove. When both boulders have reached their destination get back into the passage. In the corner at the top you will find a pit. Hang from the ledge and carefully drop down into the passage. Follow it to get back onto the track where you've encountered the first boulders. Get back outside.

Lever for Drill

Cross the big cave with the building with glass windows and the cabin and run back into the passage to return to the lake. Jump into the water. Climb out onto the boat. Make a running jump towards the area with the crates. Climb behind the crates on the left. You will come into a chamber with a couple of "Natla"-Crates. In here you can find some magnum ammo. At the back is a darker crate with a crack. Pull it out, then push it into the right corner. Now pull out the second crate. Follow the passage and use the lever. It will move a drill in the room with the tracks. Run back towards the lake and jump in.

2nd Fuse

Swim back towards the left shore with the crates. Climb out and run into the passage on the right again. Run into the passage the drill had blocked on the right. There you will find another Natla Crate. Push it twice. Then climb onto it and up into the passage in front. Pick up the Uzi Clips. Then pull the lever to open another wooden gate. Climb back down. Climb behind the crate and enter the chamber there. Pick up the 2nd Fuse in the big cave. Do not step any further out of the way, or you will attract a baddy with magnums. We will return to this cave later on. Get back into the passage climb over the crate and return to the lake. Jump back into the water.

3rd Fuse

Get back into the passage behind the waterfall once more. Get back into the caves there. In the second cave turn left. Follow the passage. At the crossing turn left. Use the lever in the chamber. Collect the Uzi clip. (If the door is closed take a look at the previous paragraph to find out which lever you have forgotten.) Run back into the passage. Pick up the fuse at the crossing.

Getting your Pistols

Now run back into the cave. Return to the first cave, the one with the building with glass windows. Step inside from the right. Use all three fuses, then collect the magnum ammo and save your game at the crystal. Step outside towards the cabin. Enter and collect the Pistols. Now climb onto the roof of the cabin. From there make a running jump towards the passage in the wall. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up.
Secret 1: On top of the first slope is an opening overhead. Turn right and jump up. Grab the ledge and pull up. Run towards the wooden gate. It opens. Advance towards the pit with a wooden panel. It will give way and Lara will drop into a lava pit. So slide down backwards and hold down the action button. Lara will then grab the edge at the end. Pull up. The wooden panel comes up as well and stays there. Turn to face the wall with the opening. Jump up and climb in. Collect the large medipack, the Uzi ammo and use the lever to open the gate again. Drop back into the passage.
Slide down on the other side. Drop onto the platform and use the crystal to save your game.

Getting your Magnums

Jump back into the water and swim over to the shore with the crates again. Step into the passage on the right once more. Climb over the crate and enter the cave where you found the second fuse. Prepare for a fight against a guy with magnums. Don't forget to take your guns out of the backpack in time. Be careful not to drop into any of the lava pits around. Pick up the magnums he loses when he dies.

Difficult Jumps

Walk forward towards the edge of the lavapit. Then position in the second corner from the left. Face towards the lever. Look down. There is another ledge just underneath. Fill up your energy. Take a running jump towards the lever, a bit to the right and while in mid-air press action. Lara will get hurt, land on a ledge and slide down. Hold on to the ledge. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy right. At the end drop onto the platform. Follow the passage. Slide down. Then step into the lava room on the right. Make a standing jump onto the platform on the left. Turn left. Make a running jump towards the right pillar. Continue with a running jump onto the pillar in the middle.
Secret 2: Turn right and make a running jump into the passage. Run towards the crate and push it quickly before the boulder can run you over. Pull the crate to the side. Go to where the crate was before. Climb into the passage in the opening overhead. Collect the large medipack and the Uzi ammo. Follow the long passage and drop down onto the track. Collect the Shotgun, the Uzi ammo and the large medipack. Then climb back into the opening. Drop into the pit in the south corner to land on the other side of the boulder. Get back into the lava chamber.
Continue onto the block on the right. Jump onto the next pillar in the middle. Jump onto the left pillar and from there onto safe ground.

TNT Boxes

Follow the passage. Slide down the chute backwards, otherwise you might drop into the lava pit. Turn around, go towards the edge and make a standing jump forward. Grab the ledge and pull up. You will come to a cave with TNT boxes. The one in the right corner is darker than the others. Pull it out and through the passageway into the next room. Pull and push it four squares into that room. Then climb onto it. Turn to the left wall and make a standing jump to the opening. Pull in. Save your game. Run up the hill and climb onto the rocks at the top. You will reach another lava pit. Jump over to the left side. Wait for the boulder to roll past. Then running jump up to where it came from. Follow the passage.


Follow the ramp up to a lever. This is by the way the lever we aimed for earlier on. Pick up the magnum ammo, then use the lever. Get back into the passage. Jump over to the other side of the lava pit again. Run down the hill. Get back into the room where the TNT crate was. Now climb the rocks on the left. Follow the passage. Outside you will be greeted by a skater boy with Uzis. Kill him using the magnums. Then pick up the Uzis he loses. Pick up the three Uzi ammo on both sides.
Secret 3: Then go looking for the water filled pit. To find it follow the big western ramp. It's on the left side. Jump into the water. Follow the tunnel. Dive through the wooden gate which opens. Pick up the small and the large medipack along with the Uzi ammo. Then dive up into the first shaft and climb out. Climb up to the top. Then climb to the right. From here you can drop back onto the big ramp.
Step into the passage at the top (south) and save your game at the crystal.

Boulders and Climbing

Follow the passage and turn left. In this chamber there are three rows leading up. Start in the middle, this way only the boulder here will be triggered. Then jump to the left to avoid the first boulder. Run further up in the middle. Before you run up to the top wait for the boulder from the left to come out. Then enter the passage on the left. Run up to the top. Then climb into the passage on the left. In that chamber climb onto the platform. From there jump onto the next pillar. Turn to face into the room. Make a standing jump up to the next platform and climb up. Turn left and make a standing jump towards the platform there. Pull up. Turn left again, make another standing jump and once more grab the ledge. Now turn right and climb up into the brown chamber.

(2nd) Shotgun

Push the crate twice. You can climb further up in the alcove on the right. Push the next crate twice. Drop into the pit on the right. Pull out the crate once. Climb back up and drop back into the other pit. Push the first crate once more. Then enter the passage behind it. Pull the lever then save your game at the crystal. Climb back up and step through the opened door. Follow the passage to the end. Push another crate. Turn left. A door in front opens but closes before you can reach it. Use the lever in the second alcove on the left. Then run back up. Climb back towards the first crate. The passage there is now open. Step outside. Kill the guy with the shotgun, then collect the shotgun from him.


Climb onto the doorframe of the pyramid gate. On the left side you can see stairs leading up. Climb them. At the top make a jump towards the wall. You will slide down at the wall and this way reach a passage. Step inside. Pull the lever and get back out. Slide down to the ground. Run back towards the other building. The complex on the right is open. Pick up the large medipack, the uzi ammo and the Pyramid Key. Step back outside and run back to the pyramid. Use the key to open it. Step inside.
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