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2c. Peru - Return to Paraiso (Present 2)

Task: Explore the tomb again and find the previously undiscovered chambers. Solve the globes-riddle. Finds & Enemies: 4/11 Secrets (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze) Unlockables: Legend, Blue (for many Rewards), Classic (for Gold Reward ?) Story Intro: "Rutland implied a connection between the stone dais and the ruin near Paraíso. I hope Anaya will meet me there despite it all. We may not find anything besides a dozen corpses, Amanda's among them, but I have to know for certain." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

Lara now stands at the digsite. The entrance has caved in, so she has to find another way.
Secret 8/11: Behind the three crates behind you, you can find the Bronze Reward #7.
Now run towards the pool.
Secret 9/11: Between the two wooden walls you can pick up the Bronze Reward #8.
Jump into the water. In the middle you can dive down into a shaft. Dive through the tunnel into the next chamber. There you can dive up to catch some air. Lara can dive more quickly, if you repeatedly press interaction while diving. Dive down again and through the broken grate on the right. Again you will find an airhole overhead. Dive down and into the next tunnel. There are also airholes here. Dive through the tunnel entrance.

2nd Section

Dive up in the next chamber. You cannot continue diving, because of the current blocking all passages. Under water you find four statues with blue crystals. You have to activate them all. They are timed so after you've pressed the first, hurry to activate the other three. You can hear a sound, while the countdown is running. You can do them all in one go, if you hurry by pressing interaction repeatedly while diving. Otherwise do two at a time and swim (on the surface) from number 2 to 3. When you've touched all crystals, the water is drained from the room. In the video Lara finds one of Amanda's shoes but there is no sign of Amanda.
Secret 10/11: In one of the side passages you can pick up the Silver Reward #2. You can also pick it up while the water's still there.

3rd Section

Then run to the opening in the wall and climb through. Lara will examine the inscription on the wall. After the cutscene, run into the passage behind. On the left wall you will find two ledges. Jump onto the lowest and from there up to the second. There jump towards the platform behind you. Turn to face the upper level. Jump and throw out the grapple to swing up to this level. (Grapple- or Jumpbutton) Climb up into the alcove on the right, using the two ledges. On the left side the upper ledge is broken, so climb up on the right. Jump towards the next grapple-spot. Run up into the next chamber.

4th Section

The next interactive scene will follow. Again you have to quickly press the correct buttons. This time there are three.

These are:
  • Up (PC) / Up (PlayStation) / Up (Xbox)
  • Up (PC) / X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)
  • Right (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox)

5th Section

You come into a huge chamber with a sphere-riddle. The first ball can be found lying on the left side of the room. If you take out your binoculars and switch to RAD Mode, Lara will note quite a few mechanism. If you look up to the left, when coming from the pit, you will see a column with another ball on top. Use the magnetic grapple to grab the column and pull it down. "It was nice, but it was in the way." The ball falls to the ground. Now roll the left ball onto the trigger platform on the left. The left statue opens and reveals ladders, a lightbeam falls onto the platform on the right. So roll the second ball onto the right platform. Now the right statue opens. The ladders on the left cannot be reached from down here, so climb up the ones on the right. At the end of the first part of the ladder (no matter if you picked the left or the right) you have to jump to the middle. There shimmy to the middle and jump up to the statue's mouth. Jump again to reach the head. There shimmy to one side and jump to the upper ladder there. Climb up to the top. Here you will find the third sphere. Push it down. Then jump towards the next platform on the other side. Slide down the slope and carefully make your way down. Now move the third ball onto the third platform in the middle. The riddle is solved and the video will reveal some details. Afterwards, climb up one of the ladders at the middle structure.

6th Section

Another video will follow, in which Lara will find a piece of the sword. After the video climb up to the right. To do so, jump up to the first ledge and then to the second. From here you can jump towards one of the upper ladders of the previously unexplored structure. Climb up the the top. There run to the left and jump towards the platform at the wall. Jump up to the ledge overhead and shimmy to the left, till you reach the broken part. Jump past it to the left and continue. Repeat this at the next gap.Then drop down the ledges further on the left, till you reach the platform below. From there jump towards the liana.
Secret 11/11: While at the liana, turn to the left. Climb up the liana. Press and hold interaction while pressing up. Above the left column you can see a few broken ledges but also two intact. You have to get there. Swing with the liana and jump towards the ledge. You have to reach the upper ledge and there shimmy to the left. Jump past the broken part and shimmy further left. Shimmy towards the entrance and climb inside. Run up the path to the right and you come to a fourth globe. Push this down the slope. (Let go!) It will break through the wall at the end and drop down into the huge chamber. Lara cannot follow it, because it's too far down. Return to the entrance and hang from the ledge again. Shimmy back to the pillar and safety-drop down onto it. From there drop carefully back into the chamber. Run to the fourth ball and roll it onto the middle spot as well. The weight of two balls will cause another mechanism to activate. The chest-statue in the middle of the room to lift even more and reveal the Gold Reward. The other two balls have to still be on their appropriate spots. So you really need the fourth ball. Now that you have the secret climb all the way back to the liana.
Swing over to the column on the right. Jump onto the next column. Below you can see two mercenaries. If you have any, throw down a grenade. Slide down and finish the baddies if you haven't done so yet. Collect any goodies they might leave you. Slide down the next slope and shoot the mercenary there. Then slide down the second slope. Run back towards the opening in the wall.

7th Section

In the main chamber a couple of mercenaries are awaiting you. I recommend throwing a grenade through the opening. Then climb back into the chamber and kill the remaining mercenaries. Collect the Goodies, they leave you. Further they have left you a rope in the alcove opposite the opening in the wall. Climb up at it. Hold interaction while pressing up. Swing into the opening at the top.

8th Section

Outside, run ahead and climb further up. Climb up the ladder at the end and you'll come to a broken grate. Climb up the rocks on the left. Behind it, a few meters away, another mercenary, who has turned his back on you, is waiting. Kill him and then climb up at the rope at the end. You come back to the digsite. Kill all mercenaries here. At the end Lara will talk to Zip, after that you have to kill another baddy up by Anaya's jeep. Use one of the rifles left by the soldiers. When he's done, the level is finished.
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