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3. Tokyo - Meeting with Takamoto

Task: Meet with Takamoto. Follow him, when he flees and take the artefact from him. Story Intro: "I haven't seen Takamoto in a long time. I doubt he misses me after our last meeting. If he still has the artifact, however, he'll lose more than face Sunday night." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

It's time to have a little fun at the party. When you are done we will meet at the bar. Talk to the bartender, he will tell you that Nishimura is ready to see you. Turn around and walk into the passage opposite. At the end you will find the office door. You can open it, when you've talked to the barman. After the conversation with Nishimura you are back in the hall. Walk back to the party. The Yakuza are waiting for you there. The conversation with Takamoto doesn't go as planned.

2nd Section

Lara is forced to improvise. She is now standing barefoot in the middle of the party room. Finish all the Yakuza. You can shoot the screens in the middle to use them as weapons. When all Yakuza are finished, Nishimura reappears. He tells Lara that Takamoto has probably returned to his penthouse and gives her a card for the lift to the roof. Collect the weapons, grenades and medipacks that have been left. Then run into the passage left of the bar to reach the lift. Use the card to operate the lift.

3rd Section

Lara reaches the roof. Opposite is a glassdoor with a motorbike behind it. Lara cannot get there from this side. Step outside through the door on the left. Directly on the right you will find an explosive barrel behind a metal cage. (Image) You can have a look around to find a bridge with a gap, but then you'll need to shoot at the barrel. The explosion rips the cage apart. Climb up on the drainpipe behind it. At the top jump to the platform on the right. Climb further up to the roof.
Secret 1/11: Climb up to the right, onto the highest roof. Destroy the wooden crate. (Use manual aim.) Inside you will find the Bronze Reward #1. Climb down to the other roof again.
The sliding glass roof here can be moved by using the grapple. It doesn't matter if you pull it to the left or the right. Drop down. Run down the ramps and you will come to the motorbike.

4th Section

Secret 2/11: In the left corner you will find another breakable crate. Inside is the Bronze Reward #2.
Secret 3/11: On the right, behind the movable cardboard boxes, you will find another breakable crate. Inside you'll find the Silver Reward #1.
Then climb onto the motorbike. Drive it outside and then out to the right, onto the roof.

5th Section

Drive to the right and right again to come to the broken bridge. Drive straight towards it. Here the next interactive Sequence will follow. You have to react quickly. Press the following buttons (on PC; PS2 and XBox users will have to follow the buttons on screen):
  • Left (PC) / Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox)
  • Up (PC) / X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)
  • Down (PC) / Circle (PlayStation) / B (Xbox)

6th Section

Secret 4/11: Drop down onto the lowest plank. Run to the end, jumping the gap on the way. There you will find a breakable wooden crate. Inside is the Bronze Reward #3. Run back and climb back up.
Jump to the black-yellow bar ahead and swing to the upper plank. Pull up. Jump over the gap to the second plank. Careful they won't stay put. Here a dangling replacement windowglass is blocking the way. Aim manually at the clamp to break it. The glass will drop and the path is clear. Use the remaining cable to swing to the next plank.

7th Section

Run to the end of the scaffold and jump up to the cable. Lara will slide to the other side.

8th Section

When you've forgotten the reward on the other side, you can use manual aim to shoot the crate and use the grapple to pull the reward towards you. Turn to the left. There you will find a moving scaffold. Pull it closer, using the grapple. Then jump onto it. Jump off on the other side and throw out the grapple to get a grip on the lamp overhead. Turn to the right. Swing towards the platform there.

9th Section

Pull the next moving scaffold closer. Jump onto it. With a little luck the momentum will suffice so you can jump straight towards the second. Then jump again and use the grapple to use it as a rope again. Turn to the right and swing past the broken rail to the patio.

10th Section

Run ahead and a group of three Yakuza, accompanied by two pitbull, appears. The lanterns here are explosive. You might have better luck, when you shoot them from up, in-between the greenery, since the dogs cannot touch you there. Stupid short legged pitbulls. Collect the weapons and medipacks you can carry, then step through the door.
Secret 5/11: First, run down the stairs. Here you will find a breakable crate on the left. Inside is the Bronze Reward #4. Run up the stairs again.
Secret 6/11: Now run up to the top, up the second set of stairs, too. At the back, on the right side, you can jump onto the pipes. Make your way to the wall on the left. Here you can jump to the ledge. Shimmy to the right and jump backwards onto the pipes. Walk to the crate and shoot it. Inside you can find the Silver Reward #2. The jump back to the previous ledge. Drop to the lower ledge and then down to the ground.
Next run towards the office door on the middle level. You will land there, when coming down from the silver secret. Open the door to enter the office.

11th Section

In the office quite a few Yakuza are awaiting you. Take them on. After finishing them, explore the office.
Secret 7/11: Step into the glass cubicle on the left side of the room. (With the big screen in front.) In the second you'll find a breakable crate. Inside it the Bronze Reward #5.
Secret 8/11: Then run up the stairs opposite the big screen towards the conference table. On the wall at the back you will find two metal lockers. Lara can open them with a kick. Interaction In the left one you'll find the Silver Reward #3.
Now look closely at the huge screen at the wall. Can you see the supports at the top? One left and one right. You can shoot them, using manual aim. (red arrows) The screen is now loose. Look at the logo in the middle. (blue arrow) It's glittering nicely, which means that you can attach your magnetic grapple to it. Do so and pull it down. It will crash. Alternatively pull the screen down first and then detach the supports, it has the same effect. Behind the screen two Yakuza are waiting for Lara. Kill them. Then collect the weapons and medis they leave you and step outside through the glass door. We come to another roof.

12th Section

Here on the roof terrace you have to climb further up. Jump onto the pole on the left. Climb up, till the box appears next to you. (1st Image) Jump over there and Lara will hold on to the top of it. Shimmy around the corner to the right. There jump up onto the top of it. Look to the brownish platform at the neon. (2nd Image) At the upper part you will find a spot where you can attach your grapple. Pull it down and it can be used as a walkway. Detach the grapple and jump onto it. Run to the other side and jump to the scaffold there. Climb up the ladder.

13th Section

At the top turn to the left. Here is another metal walkway you have to tip, by using the grapple. Then jump onto the horizontal bar and swing to the platform. Climb up the pole. At the top jump to the next walkway, behind you. Ahead, on the right is another pole you can jump onto. Climb up. At the top jump to the next horizontal bar behind you, on the neon. The neon will tilt. Swing and jump back to the pole. Again climb up and now jump onto the walkway at the top. Continue to jump onto the next platform.

14th Section

Jump to the next pole and climb up. Here Zip will inform Lara that the pole is not going to hold her weight. So quickly jump to the next bar. Swing and jump to the second. Swing again and jump to the third and then also to the fourth. Swing onto the balcony and step through the next door to get into the penthouse.

15th Section

Here five more Yakuza are awaiting you. Two on the balcony you can reach by turning right and three on the floor below. I found it easier to go to the balcony first, take out the two baddies there and then take on the three below from up here, maybe by even dropping the massive chandelier on them. Collect all the weapons, grenades and medis they leave behind.
Secret 9/11: On the balcony you will find a breakable crate with the Bronze Reward #6.
Secret 10/11: On the floor below you will find a control room, immediately on the left side. There are four metal lockers. Examine the middle one of the three on the left. Inside you'll find the Silver Reward #4.
When you have done everything in this room, step through the glass door on the left, into the next passage.

16th Section

On the right is a passage with a turret at the end. The passage is equipped with laser sensors you can't see at the moment. Explore the office room on the left. The yellow switch operates the security cameras. At the wall at the back you will find a switch for the sprinkling system. Activate it, to reveal the lasers. You can now work your way past the lasers, step by step, or you use a little trick. Roll the ornate globe off the stand and roll it in front of you into the passage with the lasers. The turret will become active, but if you stay hidden behind the ball, it won't hit you. Roll it all the way through and when you are past the last laser, wait for it to shut down. Then let go of the ball and continue to the end of the passage.

17th Section

Step through the door on the left. In the next room Takamoto is waiting for you. But he immediately flees to leave you to three of his minions. Kill them and then collect the pickups they leave you behind. Above the table you can see a movable figure of a dragon. Climb onto the table and attach your grapple to the shimmering bit at the front part. Walk to the back of the table and pull the rope to swing the dragon. Release it immediately and it might just have enough momentum to break through the window above. Two Yakuza will appear behind the broken window. Use the brown chest to climb up. Follow the right passage into the office room. On the table you will find some rifles.
Secret 11/11: Now examine the black and red wooden chest in the corner. Pus/pull it towards the broken window at the other end of the hall. Push it over the edge, down into the room. The chest will shatter and reveal the Gold Reward.
When you have picked up all the weapons and medis you can carry, step towards the lift, opposite the broken window. Press the button right of it and step inside.

18th Section

Now it's time for the confrontation with Takamoto. After the dialogue the fight starts. Lara is below a circular platform. Takamoto is above. While down here, Lara is targeted by automatic machine guns. Quickly duck behind one of the statues. There you will also find a pole you can use to climb up.

With the help of the stolen artefact, Takamoto can send energy waves in your direction. This will cause quite a lot of damage when you are playing on a higher difficulty setting. There are quite a few ways to evade them. He will do about three different attacks. One high wave - you can dive roll under it, or hang from the ledge to evade; one low wave - you can jump over it, and when you come close a frontal attack - difficult to evade. Sideflipping all the time will also get you out of the way effectively. You can also hide behind the statues. Otherwise just keep shooting at him, till he drops dead. I hope you've taken along a rifle. Start with it from a distance, from behind a statue, and when you are out of ammo, go in closer and shoot him with your pistols. To not lose him, hold down the lock-on button once you've got him.
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