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5. Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek (Military Base)

Task: Explore the army base and then follow the train, when it leaves. Finds & Enemies: Secrets 3/9 (1 Silver Rewards, 2 Bronze Rewards) Story Intro: "The sword fragment was taken to a secret Soviet laboratory decades ago, a facility rumored to study the paranormal. Alister is going to try to confirm the facts of the story while I'm en route." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

Lara is now in Kazakhstan. Jump down the cliff to start the next interactive sequence.

Press the following button, when the symbol appears:
  • Down (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox)

2nd Section

Lara will land on a roof by a turret. You can use this to eliminate all the mercenaries below. Press interaction to grab or release. You can also leave the roof and shoot the baddies with your other weapons, or throw grenades.
Secret 1/9: From the roof with the turret, climb onto the roof on the right. From here jump towards the horizontal bar at the flag pole. Swing to the opposite roof. Shoot the crate here to find the Bronze Reward #1.
Drop down to the ground and shoot any mercenaries, that might show up. Collect all weapons and medis lying around. Then explore the area. There are a couple of locked buildings and a military train station. Except for the secret on one roof there is not much else to find. So run into the building where most of the mercenaries took cover.
Secret 2/9: Run to the right and into the smaller room at the back. In a shelf on the left you will find the Bronze Reward #2.
In the left part of the building you can find a ladder. Climb up onto the roof.

3rd Section

Shoot the mercenary on the next roof. The step onto the glass roof and jump there. Collect the remaining goodies. You can shoot the next mercenaries below from up here, or slide down the plank on the left to the lower roof, and even jump down. Take out all the mercenaries. Careful, in the middle is a guy using a turret, and left of it is another one with a grenade launcher. A couple of explosive barrels can be found here and used to make it easier for you. (Press interaction when the symbol appears.) When you have killed all the baddies and dropped down, you will find, that you are on the other side of the fence now.
Secret 3/9: At the left end, close to the train station, you can find a fences area. There is a gap in the fence, through which you can shoot an explosive barrel. (Don't stand to close. Use manual aim.) When you shoot at the barrel, the fence is destroyed. Alternatively you can go to the right end of the fence and break the crates there, to find a larger gap in the fence, through which you can simply climb. In the crate on the left you can find the Silver Reward #1.
Explore the rest of the area. On the right is a metal gate with a pad on the left, where you need to enter a security code. Unfortunately you don't have it, and Zip cannot help you there. Enter the hospital building on the left, near the turret.

4th Section

Inside you'll find two physicians who are being hold prisoner by a single mercenary. Lara will free them. In exchange, they give her the code for the gate at the other end of the complex. Collect remaining weapons. Step outside again and you will find that more mercenaries are waiting there for you. At the gate there is even another one with grenade launcher. Kill them all and then open the gate.

5th Section

There are two mercenaries up the hill. They are pushing down explosive barrels. Wait for the right moment to run up on the left side. By pressing the interaction button you can blow up the barrels that are still at the top and with a little luck, kill the mercenaries. If that doesn't work, shoot them. Step into the building. Lara will find out where the laboratory is. She decides that she has to take the train to get there. After the cutscene, Zip will tell you that the train is about to leave. Climb the ladder up onto the roof.

6th Section

Jump to the tower opposite and climb up the ladder there. Use the cable to slide down to the other side of the complex. Jump up towards the next cable and you slide back to the roof with the turret from the beginning of the level. You can take care of the mercenaries below. Especially the one on the walkway by the train station, with the grenade launcher. But not too long, or you will miss the train. Run towards the gate, when the train leaves. Behind the gate two more mercenaries await you. Do what you can to get rid o them but then quickly jump onto the motorbike to chase after the train, into the tunnel. Careful, some of the baddies might throw grenades after you.
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