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Demo Walkthrough


At the Coast

The adventure begins on Lara's yacht. There is nothing to do here, so go ahead, jump into the water. To perform a swan dive, press jump, quickly followed by roll. You can dive down and take a look around. When diving, keep an eye on the blue Lara figure in the upper left corner. It shows you how much air she's left in her lungs. To steer Lara underwater or on the surface, use the directional buttons. To dive down, press Roll. To dive up, press Jump. By pressing Sprint while underwater you can change Lara's diving style. I recommend to steer clear of the three sharks if you don't want to engage in a fight. They are not really hungry at the moment, but will change their minds, when you come to close or anger them. When fighting the sharks you have three weapons at your disposal: the regular Dual Pistols, which will work fine underwater; the spear gun, which will kill a shark with two shots and the grenades. Swim towards the platform in the water Lara has examined before.
Secret 1 Instead of climbing out, first swim behind it and into the cave on the left, with the sunlit spot on the wall (not recognisable on all graphics cards). In there dive down and find an artefact on the left.
Then swim back to the ledge where you can climb out of the water.


Pull out of the water and climb up the greenery and up to the right.
Secret 2From there jump to the greenery further to the right. Climb upwards and jump up to the ledge above. Jump up again to the next ledge. Shimmy to the right end and jump over to the next ledge on the right. Again climb to the right. At the end drop down to enter the small cave. Several spiders attack you. Kill them by stomping on them (Interaction) or shoot them using the pistols. Then collect the two items, a first aid item and the artefact. Then return to the opening. Jump back to the left of the two crevices and from its left end get back down to the climbable wall.Alternatively you can jump into the water and climb back up.
This time climb over to the left and upwards, around the corner. Climb up to the ledge and on it shimmy left. From the left end jump towards the next crevice behind your back. Shimmy to its right end and there pull up, onto the ledge, pressing up and jump. From there jump over the the platform on the other side. Run up the stairs.

Horizontal Pole

Here you are attacked by spiders once again. Climb up the wall and collect the next first aid item. The slide down the slope to the left and jump to reach the horizontal pole. If you miss the jump and end up hanging from the end of the slope, no worries, you don't have to drop down and get back up. Instead, shimmy to the right end. From there jump to the back, to another ledge. Shimmy around to the right and from there jump up to reach the pole. Jump from the pole (either by swinging or from a standing position on the pole) to the next ledge on the wall opposite. Here jump up to the upper ledge on the right side. Pull up. Follow the stairs upwards and around the corner to the right.
Secret 3There hang from the ledge on the right side. Below you can spot another ledge. Drop down to it and drop again to reach the climbable wall. Climb along the wall and down to the left. From there jump backwards and Lara will grab the ledge below the opening in the wall. Pull in and collect the artefact. Hang from the ledge again and jump back to the right, to the wall. Climb up and to the right. Jump up to the ledge again and once more to the upper ledge. Pull up.


Now run up the steps to the right and step outside. Again you are attacked by spiders. Then turn to the left and jump over to the ledge in the opposite wall. Jump up to the one above and pull up onto it. From a standing position jump over to the other side and up the two ledges there. Pull up and run to the end of the ledge.
Secret 4Turn to the left and look down onto the platform to spot the next artefact. Take a running jump to get there. Pick up the artefact. Then jump back down to the lower platform where you met the spiders. Then climb back up the ledges.
Now follow the path to the right.


Run along the path leading through the rocks. At the end you come to a pit where you need to use the grapple to swing across. Unlike in the previous games you can now also attach the grapple when standing on firm ground, however here I found it easier to jump ahead, throw the grapple, swing across and jump off on the other end. If you don't make it right away, you can get back up at the start of the pit, using the rock on the left. Try again. Once you reached the other side, follow the path further along.

Walljumps and Climbing

At the end of the path you have to roll through a narrow opening in the cliffs. On the other side run up the stairs of the ruin.
Secret 5On the upper level on the right you will find three vases you can destroy with kicks. The one on the right, which looks slightly different, contains the next artefact.
Then move over to the niche on the left side. Here you can jump from wall to wall to reach the upper ledge. Start on the left, jump to the right and again to the left to reach the ledge. Shimmy left around the corner. There jump to the left, towards the next column's ledge. Shimmy right, around the corner and there jump up to the upper ledge. From here jump towards the ledge behind your back. Shimmy all the way to the right. Here you can jump to the next ledge of the column behind you. Shimmy right around the corners. Here jump up to the ledge above. Then jump over to the left and shimmy to the left end. There jump up to the top ledge. Shimmy right, to the middle and pull up.
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