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1. Ascension

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Search for ruins beyond the mountain
  • Reach the Mountain Summit
  • Survive the Avalanche
Region: Mountain Peak Length: 10 minutes Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Reach the Mountain Summit

Wade through the snow, following the ridge. After a short walk, past the jutting rock, part of the path to your left side will break off. Past the rock on the right you can see an icy slope downwards. Prepare for some action. Continue along the path and the ground underneath Lara's feet will give way.
  • Press X.
Lara will then use the axe to grab the ledge. Traverse along the ledge, to the right. Jump past the gap in the ledge and after you have secured your grip, continue to shimmy to the right. You need to jump again, past the next gap. Here you need to jump up the ledges twice and pull up onto the platform. Turn right and go to the icy wall. You can tackle it using your axe (with X). Climb upwards and to the right, around the corner. Further up and you can head left again. From the left end jump to the next part of the wall and attach the axe to continue climbing. Head up and left to reach the end of the climbable wall. From here you need to jump towards Jonah, who will grab your hand and help you up. You will get +50 XP.

Reach the Mountain Summit (2)

Head up the rocky steps, into the mouth of the tunnel. Follow it to come out on the other side. Here you follow the icy ledge up to the left. Head around the corner and continue to go left. At the end Jonah and Lara get ready for some serious climbing, attaching a rope to their harnesses. At the end of the narrow ledge, jump to the craggy wall and once again use the axe. Climb up. After a short climb part of the ice above you falls down and reveals a ledge just above you. Jump up, towards it and from here on to the second ledge, to your right and climb to its end. Jump up and use the axe to attach to the next craggy wall. Climb up and to the right. Here Lara will ram her axe into the wall and a large portion will break loose. Now you have to jump towards the craggy wall below, on the right. While in the air use the axe to grab the wall. Lara will barely hold on to the wall, so you quickly have to use the second axe (by pressing X), to grab hold. Climb further right and up. At the top end, jump up and use the axe to grab hold.
Lara climbs to the top. She can see her target from here, but unfortunately the ledge she is holding on to collapses and she is send downwards, held only by Jonah's rope.
Slightly dazed from hitting the rocks during the fall, Lara now has to swing the rope to reach the craggy wall. After a couple of swings she can use the axe to attach to that wall. Once again ice comes loose. Try again to this time be successful. Start climbing upwards again. Pull up at the top. You will get another +50 XP.

Survive the Avalanche

Atop the ledge, Lara will witness how an avalanche comes down the side of the mountain. She detaches from the rope and starts running to the right.
Run across the wooden planks and at the end jump. Press X, to grab the ledge with the second hand. Continue running and jump to the lower ledge. Wade through the snow, towards the plane wreck. Head up the rock, jump towards the swing bar and jump towards the rope. Lara will slide down. She will break through the ice wall and slide down an icy slope. Use the axe to hold on to the ledge at the end. From the ledge jump over to the climbable wall on the right where you grab hold using the axe. Climb up. At the top you run and jump across the collapsing ice blocks, till you reach the edge. Here you jump forwards and use the axe to grab the craggy wall across the chasm. Here the avalanche catches up with Lara and the level ends.
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