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2. The Lost Tomb

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Find the Tomb of the Prophet
  • Search for the ruins in the cliffs
  • Explore the chamber of murals
Region: Northwest Border of Syria Finds (in this level/in the whole region): 1/2 Relics, 4/5 Murals, 1/3 Coin Caches

Search for Ruins in the Cliffs

Walk along the ridge. Still a little dizzy from the fall, Lara stumbles along. During her walk, she starts listening to her father's recordings. At the end of the walkway, Lara can climb up the ledges and to the right. Here she climbs up and then to the ledge at the top, at the right end. Head a little up the path.
Relic (1/2): Follow the short path to the right and find a box at the end. Lara will gain +25 XP by opening it. Inside is the Gilded Cross, part of the "Tokens of Faith" set. Return to the fork.
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Now run up towards the half-circle opening in the wall and Lara will climb through. Wade through the water and Lara will get out a blue glow stick to illuminate the passage. She reaches a cave with a monolith. She studies it, but discovers that her knowledge of Greek is insufficient to decode it completely. She gains +50 XP.

Explore the Chamber of Murals

Mural (1/5): Run up the little ramp to reach the first mural The Prophet's Benevolence from the set "The Journey" and press X to study it. It raises Lara's language proficiency Greek (+25 XP) to 1/3 of level 1.
Mural (2/5): Get back down and run to the right, past the monolith. At the back wall you can see a circular mural, The Miracles of the Prophet from the set "The Journey". Examine it, to improve your language skills in Greek (+25 XP) further, to 2/3 of level 1.
Mural (3/5): Further left of the circular mural, but still right of the passage, you can find a niche with a third mural, The Prophet's Peace fro the set "The Journey". Study it to complete level 1 of your Greek (+25 XP) language proficiency.
You can now decode the monolith, so return to it, and read it again. By doing so you will update your map and reveal all coin caches in the area. This will get you +25 XP. You will also get your first achievement, Reading the Past (Xbox One: 10 G; PC). (This achievement is not part of the Xbox 360 achievement set.)
Open your map and have a closer look at it. With the left stick you can move the cursor on the map. With RT you zoom in, with LT you zoom out. If you want to make finding the next coin cache easier, you move the cursor over its location and press A to set a waypoint, to mark it with a Player Beacon. On the map the item is now marked with a blue circle. If you leave the map and activate your Survival Instincts (by pressing RS - the right stick button), your target will be marked by a blue shaft of light in the world. This will help you locate items marked on the map. Your story objective target will use golden light.
Coin Cache (1/3): Just one step from the monolith, where the controller starts vibrating, you can find this first Coin Cache. Lara can dig it up with the axe. She gains +25 XP and 7 Coins.
Now head into the passage directly right of the Coin Cache leading out of the chamber.
Mural (4/5): On the left is the fourth mural, Steward of the Land of the set "The Journey", that will improve your Greek (+25 XP).
Run to the end of the passage where you can break through the wall, using the axe. Squeeze through and Lara gains +150 XP.
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