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3. The Hidden Oasis

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Enter the Prophet's Tomb
  • Find a way into the Prophet's Tomb
Region: Northwest Border of Syria

Find a Way into the Prophet's Tomb

Follow the path up, to the left, jumping across the gap, till you reach the ancient aqueduct. Scramble up the wall to reach the ledge. Traverse to the left, around the corner and as far as you can. Then jump up and traverse and jump further left. Here you need to wall scramble again to reach the top. Don't mind the helicopter. Turn left and balance across the beam. Part of it collapses and you are forced to jump down, onto the platform there, to continue. The pillar topples and takes you along towards the other side, jump off, to reach safe ground. Turn right and jump down onto the next platform. Run to its end. From here jump towards the temple's ledge. Shimmy to the right. After jumping the gap, you can pull up a little further to the right. Lara will continue to listen to her father's recordings. Climb onto the rock ahead and from there wall scramble up into the entrance. Walk into the tunnel which Lara will illuminate with her blue glow stick. After loosing the light for a moment and getting a scare from the scorpions, Lara reaches the end, where a slightly damaged wall of bricks blocks the path. Kick it, till the path is clear, using Y. You will get +150 XP and the achievement Following in Father's Footsteps (Xbox One: 10 G; PC).
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