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2. Signs of Life

Version: 2nd Revision, 2018 Tasks
  • Search for Traces of Other Survivors
  • Follow the Survivors' Trail
  • Take Shelter from the Storm
Region:Coastal Bluffs, Coastal Forest

Search for Traces of Other Survivors

After spotting the lifeboat, continue along the outcrop. You'll come to a part where a fallen tree trunk is spanning across the chasm. Walk out onto it and use the movement controls to balance across. Press up to move forward and left or right to keep your balance. Over on the other side, run along the path to the depression. Jump across, as there is nothing of interest below. Run further along and through the gap in the cliffside to emerge at the crashsite of a military plane. Run up to the waterfall with the wreck. From the overhanging rubble of the broken wing, jump up to the white ledge visible on the plane's snout. You are prompted to quickly grab hold before Lara loses grip. Climb up to the second ledge and follow the instructions to jump to the third, distant ledge. Then simply climb up to the top ledge, while not being spooked by the falling debris, from where you can shimmy across the corner to the right. There climb up again and shimmy further right, onto the wing. Jump right across the gap and on the other side quick-grab the ledge before falling down. If you continue to the right end, the wing will come loose and Lara will tumble to the ground. She will receive +100 XP. Sneak along the outcrop at the edge of the cliffside and then head inwards toward a wall blocking your path. Here you will learn the Wall Scramble. Simply follow the instructions to double-jump up to the top. Head down to the scattered equipment, to start a cutscene.

Follow the Survivors' Trail

Head towards the gap on the other side of the abandoned camp. Jump across. Lara will lose grip and tumble down into the coastal forest.
Coastal Forest

Take Shelter from the Storm

Head further along the path. You will pass a totem dangling in a tree to your right, which is part of the first Challenge in "Coastal Forest". Crouch beneath the overhanging cliff to seek shelter from the rain. On the other side you come out at your first Base Camp, Sheltered Ridge.
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