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3. Woman versus Wild

Version: 2nd Revision, 2018 Tasks:
  • Search for Food
  • Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer
  • Collect Meat from the Deer
  • Return to Camp with the Meat
Region: Coastal Forest

Search for Food

Head down the hill, into the first forest area. Once you reach the stream, Lara spots an unfortunate, dead hunter dangling from a tree, his bow slung across his back.

Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

Run through the stream and towards the bunker. On its left side you can find the first set of arrows (Normal: +5, Hard: +4). Climb onto the bunker's roof. From there jump over to the other large rock from where a tree branch leads out towards the dangling corpse. Move out onto the branch. From its end you need to grab the bow of the dead hunter by moving towards it when the corpse dangles in your direction. If done with the correct timing, Lara manages to grab it and falls down, to the forest floor. She grabs the Makeshift Longbow and is rewarded with +250 XP.

Collect Meat from the Deer

Now it's time to learn to shoot the bow. If you need them, collect more arrows scattered throughout the area. Remember: They glow in a golden light when using Survival Instincts. Roam around carefully to find a deer and when you've found one, try your best to kill it. For a quick kill aim for its head. But often that's easier said than done, if you only manage to wound the deer, you have to hit it again, and possibly again. Wounded deer will limp around making them a slightly easier target. Once your first deer is killed, approach the corpse. Lara will collect the meat and gain +150 XP, which will get her her first Skill Point.

Return to Camp with the Meat

Head back up to the base camp, by first following the stream back up, past a lorry lying on its side and to the bunker. From there heading up the path to the left, back to Sheltered Ridge camp. If you have trouble finding it, you can use Lara's Survival Instincts to find your way.
A Note on Skill Points
Back at the base camp you can spend your fist skill point. What you pick is basically up to you. You can chose between five survivor and two hunter skills. If you had trouble killing that first deer, you might want to consider "Steady Shot". If you'd like to upgrade quickly, you might want to pick one of the XP or salvage boosters, like "Survivalist" or "Advanced Salvaging". On a side note: For the sake of this walkthrough I assume you pick "Survivalist", because it allows you to gain XP from plants that I will point out to you.

After spending the skill point you are rewarded with another +150 XP.
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