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4. Just Keep Moving

Version: 2nd Revision, 2018 Tasks:
  • Find a Way out of the Forest
  • Explore the Bunker
  • Exit the Bunker
  • Investigate the Strange Voices
  • Survive the Wolf Attack
  • Catch up with Whitman
Region: Coastal Forest Finds & Enemies: 3/3 Camps, 2/5 Documents, 1/3 Relics, 3/5 GPS Caches, 5/10 Challenges (Ghost Hunter), 2+ Enemies (Wolves)

Find a Way out of the Forest

You can now take the time to collect some goodies and collectibles (3+ GPS Caches, 1+ document and shoot 5 totems for the "Ghost Hunter" challenge), or you can choose to skip them .
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (1/10): The first item on our list is a totem to begin the Ghost Hunter challenge. From the base camp, turn around and crouch underneath the overhang where you entered earlier to head back in the direction of the Coastal Bluffs. Upon exiting the crawlspace, look over to the left. Look to the left of the trunk of the rightmost tree to find a totem #1 (53N 712343 UTM 3416060) dangling from its lowest branch. Shoot it with an arrow when the indicator is red. You're rewarded with +10 XP. The challenge Ghost Hunter has now been started and you need to find 9 more totems to complete it. Return to the base camp.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (2/10): Now, once again, head down the path from the base camp towards the forest. On your way down you can spot something blinking up on a ledge to your right, but you cannot reach it from here. This is one of the GPS Caches. Upon reaching the stream where you spotted the dead hunter for the first time, look up to the three where he was. To the right of the trunk, dangling from the lower right branch is the next totem #2 (53N 712351 UTM 3416078), which will reward you with another +10 XP.
Document "Soldier: Oni Stalkers" (1/5): Shortly past the tree where the dead hunter was, you will find a tipped lorry with a green roof. Circle around it to enter it from the back. Inside you will find a document titled Soldier: Oni Stalkers (53N 712353 UTM 3416078), which is part of the set "Wartime Intelligence" (1/6). You will be rewarded with +25 XP. Leave the lorry again.
GPS Cache (1/5): Do you recall the blinking light up on a higher ledge I mentioned when we were coming down from the base camp? Now it is time to grab this. Near the tree by the bunker, where the dead hunter was, on the other side of the stream from the cab of the fallen lorry, you can find a wooden walkway you can climb up to. Follow it around and jump across the gap. On the other side perform a wall scramble to get up onto the higher ledge to the right. Besides a bundle of arrows (hard +3) there is a GPS Cache #1 (53N 712351 UTM 3416072) close to the edge. "Hm, some kind of container. Who left these behind?" Collect it for another +5 XP. Now get back down to the area by the lorry.
GPS Cache (2/5): Follow the river down-stream. You come past a path leading off to the left, which you ignore. Shortly after, the river bends left as well and ends at a tiny waterfall. Before you reach that drop, there is another wooden boardwalk up to the right. Jump and climb up there to find a quiver with arrows and to the left of them, in the corner by the railing the next GPS Cache #2 (53N 712364 UTM 3416067). "Numbers... some kind of coordinates? Did someone want these to be found?". Again you will obtain +5 XP. Get back down where you climbed up.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (3/10): Back at the stream, where the small waterfall is, turn left. At the cliff wall you will find two rock formations with a tree trunk spanning across overhead. Look closely towards the right outcrop. Dangling in the dark, below the fallen tree trunk is the next totem #3 (53N 712367 UTM 3416074). It is worth another +10 XP. Atop the left rock you can see a crate with salvage, you can not open it yet, however. To get up there and collect the arrows instead, head over to the right and climb the right rock from the side. After shooting it, return to the stream.
GPS Cache (3/5): Now hop down the small drop in the stream and find the next GPS Cache #3 (53N 712366 UTM 3416069) in the water at the foot of the waterfall. Another +5 XP are yours.
XP-granting Food (Plant): Follow the stream further along when it bends around to the right. There are some arrows against a small tree on the left. Shortly after, at the spot where there is a thin tree in front of a large one to the right, with the wooden walkway from GPS cache #2 in the background, turn to face left. On the right side of the copse of trees you can find a plant granting food (53N 712371 UTM 3416063) - which you can collect when you have spend your skill point on "Survivalist" - rewarding you with +20 XP.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (4/10): Get back to the stream. It ends just beyond the big tree with the small one in front. Look towards the rock structure in the centre of the area. To the right is the elevated walkway where GPS cache #2 was. To the left is one large and two small trees. From the leftmost smaller tree dangles another totem #4 (53N 712363 UTM 3416063) worth +10 XP.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (5/10): Circle further around the central rock formation and then keep to the left to where two smaller rock formations with a path in-between are. The next totem #5 (53N 712355 UTM 3416065) dangles from the outcrop at the left end of this formation. Another +10 XP will be added to Lara's progress. If you need more ammunition, there are a couple of arrows atop this formation.
XP-granting Food (Plant): And finally, from the double rock formation, head over to the wall north west to find another plant (53N 712350 UTM 3416066) that grants you +20 XP.
For more XP you can roam the forest and hunt deer, rabbits, and crows.
Now it's time to continue with the story.

If you've ignored the goodies, head down the path from the base camp to find the bunker near the dead hunter again.
Get to the bunker near the dead hunter. You will find its door open. Head through and towards the opening in the floor. Since the door slams shut behind you, you've got no choice but to climb down and explore.

Explore the Bunker

Drop down towards the ladder (PS: Circle, Xbox: B) and climb down. Drop down the last bit. Head into the water-filled tunnel and wade through it to the other side. You will enter some kind of workshop with tools and a deer skin. Use your torch to burn a way through the flammable barrier on the left side. Step into the ante chamber behind it and find the Pry Axe on a table. You're rewarded with +350 XP.

Exit the Bunker

If the music annoys you, you can break the gramophone by shooting an arrow at it. You can now either practice prying open the door right next to you (repeatedly press the pry button; PS: Square, Xbox: X), or head back out where you burned the rubble.
Relic (1/3) "Hannya Mask": Before getting through the next door, explore the rest of the workshop. On a small make-shift table to the left of a fire chalice on the right wall you will find a small chest with the first relic inside. Open it to obtain the Hannya Mask (53N 712354 UTM 3416089), the first of the three Noh Masks. You will also be rewarded with +25 XP. After picking it up, you will be brought to the inventory screen. The small magnifying glass on the left side of the screen indicates that there is more to discover about the item. Examine it by rotating the relic. (Use the camera controls for this; PS: right stick, Xbox: right stick.) Look at the inside to make another discovery about the mask. (If using a rumble controller, it will start vibrating when you're nearing the correct angle.) You will obtain +10 XP.
XP-granting Food (Orange Crate): Left of the exit door you can find a small orange food crate, you can collect for +20 XP (or +10 XP if you did not follow my advice to upgrade the "Survivalist" skill).
Salvage: Now that you own a pry tool, you can open Salvage Crates, and there was one in the earlier part of the Coastal Forrest, so if you'd like to do everything in this game, head back to it. (You could also get there later by using fast travel to get to the Sheltered Ridge base camp and explore the forest from there. But I am trying to get you everywhere without using fast travel.) Head back into the tunnel leading down to the flooded passage. Wade back to the other end. Stand beneath the ladder on the left wall and hop up to scale it. At the top pry open the bunker door.

From the bunker make your way down-stream. When you reach the end, where the water drops, get down and immediately head to the cliff wall to your left. Climb the rock formations there to get up to the left. Balance across the fallen tree, below which totem #3 could be found. On the other side you will find a brown wooden crate (53N 712365 UTM 3416074). Pry it open to obtain the Salvage (+10). Further, there are some Arrows up on this ledge. Afterwards hop back down, get back to the bunker and make your way back into the workshop.
Back in the workshop pry open the exit door. Head down into the next flooded passage. You will reach a little chamber at the end. Face the wall on the right and jump up to the ladder, which allows you to exit the underground area. Head out of the bunker and into the open. You will be rewarded with +100 XP.

Investigate the Strange Voices

While walking along the forest path, Lara will hear voices. Follow the path to find Sam and Mathias.

Survive the Wolf Attack

After falling asleep at the camp, Lara finds Sam and Mathias gone. In her haste Lara steps into a leg-hold bear trap, where she is attacked by a pack of wolves. Due to the constrictions of the trap, Lara can not move and has to remain stationary, while fighting off the pack. The attack consists of three phases during which a single wolf jumps out of the bushes to attack Lara. Each attack, if not blocked is deadly. Hold down the aim button and keep a close eye on the movement of the greenery. If it shakes wildly and birds fly up, a wolf is about to emerge. Make sure you hit them, it doesn't matter where, during this sequence every hit is deadly.
First Wolf Attack
The first wolf attacking Lara comes from the centre, slightly right. A successful defence awards you with +10 XP.
Second Wolf Attack
The second wolf attacks from the left and will get you another +10 XP when killed.
Third Wolf Attack
The third and final wolf comes out on the right again and awards you +110 XP.

After the fight Lara is found by Reyes, Alex, Jonah, Grim, and Whitman. While the others go looking for Sam, Lara and Whitman remain behind to rest and then meet up with Roth.

Catch Up With Whitman

The game picks up at the Forest Ruins base camp.
Document "Shipwrecked": Sit down at the base camp, for the first chance to obtain the document Shipwrecked, which is part of "Lara's Journals" (1/10).
Document "Sam: Family Story" (2/5): On the nearby make-shift bench - two crates with a wooden board placed across - where Sam sat earlier, lies the document, Sam: Family Story (53N 712365 UTM 3416100) from the set "Endurance Crew" (1/7). You're awarded with +25 XP.
Salvage: Next light a torch at the burning chalice on the wall across from where the document was. Use this torch to burn down the dangling bundle further to the left and free the brown wooden crate. Break it open to get to the Salvage (+20) (53N 712367 UTM 3416099) inside.
Now leave the camp site towards the north, near the bundle you burned. There are some Arrows you can pick up on the right side. Just around the corner to the left is a large pry chest you are currently unable to open, as Lara's axe isn't strong enough yet. Head down the stairs to where the bear trap was. Whitman will shout out to you. We could go exploring, but first let's see what Whitman wants, because otherwise you might have to explore twice. We will leave this for the next level. Follow the lit path on the left and cross the bridge. Just on the other side of the bridge you will be attacked by two wolves. This time you have to be a little more careful when aiming, as only a headshot will mean their immediate demise. Scramble around using the evade button (PS: Circle, Xbox: B) as instructed to avoid the wolf attacks, while shooting at them with your bow. If one of the wolves catches you off guard, they will wrestle you to the ground. You will then be forced to shake them off, like you did the scavenger in the den, and then use an arrow attack by pressing the melee button (PS: Triangle, Xbox: Y) when displayed. Each wolf kill will reward you with +10 XP. Loot the wolves for another +30 XP per wolf. Follow the path uphill and through the arches to reach the large gate where Whitman is waiting.
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