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5. At an Impasse

Version: 2nd Revision, 2018 Tasks:
  • Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe
  • Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe
  • Open the Large Gate
Region: Coastal Forest Finds & Enemies: 3/5 Documents, 2/3 Relics, 2/5 GPS Caches, 5/10 Challenges (Ghost Hunter), 1 Map, 1 Optional Tomb (Tomb of the Adventurer), 2+ Enemies (Wolves)

Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe

When trying to open the gate you discover that your axe has to be reinforced. In order to do so, you need to upgrade it using collected salvage. You need to collect 50 pieces of salvage.
1st Talk with Whitman (4) But before we do so, take the time to talk to Whitman 4 times to get a little more information on the symbols on the gate.
  • Whitman: There is something really interesting happening on this island, Lara.
    Lara: I don't know if I'd call it "interesting"...
  • Lara: What do you make of the symbols?
    Whitman: Sun pictograms... some primitive stick figures... hard to say.
  • Whitman: This could be a sign of some kind of cult worship. Or it could just as easily be cultural graffiti.
  • Whitman: I'll continue examining this... You should find a way to repair that axe so we can get this gate open!
This has to be done has to be done before collecting enough salvage for an upgrade, if you want to obtain the Chatterbox achievement/trophy in the end.
Note: There are reports that with the latest patches installed you won't need the two Whitman conversations for the trophy/achievement anymore.
Head back down the stairs. At the bottom, on the right, you can find a bundle of Arrows. Also take note of the camp and the pry chest, which will be of interest later. If you've followed my walkthrough to the letter, you will only need 20 more pieces of salvage. I will direct you to the closest salvage, but any salvage found in the area will do.
Salvage: Pass the area with the camp and get towards the arch leading off to the right. Just in front of it, at the left wall, is another crate with Salvage (+10).
Salvage: Follow the right path, through the arch and around the corner, where you may get attacked by two wolves (+20 XP for killing and +60 XP for looting them). After fighting them off, find the crate with Salvage (+10) on the left side.
When you've obtained all necessary salvage, you are rewarded with +100 XP.

Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Turn back towards the gate.
2nd Talk with Whitman (4) Before upgrading the axe at the camp, you may want to try talking to Whitman again. Sometimes you might not be able to, in that case continue and try again later. You may even upgrade the axe in the meantime, but if you want the conversation to happen, you need to talk to him before using the reinforced axe. (It is not vital for the trophy/achievement, as it seems that you can get it without this conversation at least with the latest patch installed.) Again talk to him 4 times.
  • Whitman: Back so soon?
  • Whitman: Lara, I think this symbology is legitimate! Whoever calls this island their home appears to be worshipping some kind of female goddess.
  • Lara: Amaterasu?
    Whitman: Yes, the ancient Japanese sun goddess. My thoughts precisely!
  • Whitman: We can't know for certain, though. We have to see what's beyond this gate!
Afterwards head down the stairs once more.
Find the day camp The Gate to the left, at the foot of the temple door. Sit down and get the "Strengthen" upgrade for the axe using the collected salvage. Leave the camp and you are rewarded with +100 XP for strengthening the axe, which will likely also grant you another skill point, if you've followed the guide closely. So while you're still near the camp, you may also want to spend your Skill Point. I recommend getting "Advanced Salvaging", which will allow you to gain more salvage material from salvage crates. From now on the number of salvage I mention in this walkthrough is with this skill upgraded.

Open the Large Gate

You can now take the time to collect the remaining goodies and collectibles for the Coastal Forest, or you can choose to skip them .
Pry Chest You see a larger crate just by the day camp, this can now be pried open with the strengthened axe. There are more of those around and they contain a lot of salvage (+65) (+50 without "Advanced Salvaging" skill).
Salvage From the day camp head across the path. Follow it, through the arch, towards a bridge. Here you can find some arrows on the left. Then head onto the bridge and jump across the gap. On the other side you may be attacked by two wolves. These will get you +80 XP when you kill and loot them both. After fighting them off, grab the crate with Salvage (+10) near a tree on the right.
Salvage: Now turn to face left and head up the ramp at the side of the bridge, closest to the wall. At the end is another Salvage (+10) crate.
Map: From the higher rock formation next to the bridge with the gap where there was a salvage crate jump on top of the arch spanning over the bridge. Balance to the other side and hop onto the platform in the trees. Collect the Map (53N 712382 UTM 3416112) lying on the crate. This will make locating the rest of the collectibles in the Coastal Forest a lot simpler. Use the rope slide to get down quickly.
Pry Chest You're now near the beginning of the second area, where you stepped into the bear trap. Head up the stairs in the direction of the Forest Ruins base camp and open the pry chest (53N 712367 UTM 3416101) to obtain Salvage +65.
GPS Cache (4/5): Now get to the other side of the stairs and find a hidden path up here to the right of the tree. Follow it along and at the end hop down onto the flat rock formation below. Alternatively: Head back down the stairs and at the bottom turn right, through the greenery. Behind the large tree you will find a flat rock formation where you need to climb up. Grab the GPS cache (53N 712375 UTM 3416100). You will obtain +5 XP.
Salvage: Hop down where the fallen tree trunk spans across the rock formations. Below you will find another crate with Salvage (+15) (+10 without the "Advanced Salvaging" skill).
Relic (2/3) "Female Noh Mask": Follow the path further north-east, till you're under the bridge. On the left side you can find a dead explorer that has lost a small chest. Open it to get to the Female Noh Mask from the set "Noh Masks" (2/3) resting inside. You are rewarded with +25 XP. This relic has no hidden information.
Document (3/5) "Sam: Feelings of Unease": Step out on the other side of the bridge turn right from the relic and immediately turn right to climb up the rocks next to the bridge. In front of the cave entrance, on the left is a crate with the document Sam: Feelings of Unease from the set "Endurance Crew" (2/7). It will reward you with +25 XP.
Optional Tomb: Tomb of the Lost Adventurer Owners of the pre-order DLC or the Definitive Edition will find a challenge tomb inside the cave behind the document. Click on the name for a walkthrough of this tomb. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer
Salvage: Now head across the bridge and keep straight. Run downhill to find a three metres high tree stump overlooking the river and a low bridge. Here you can find another crate of Salvage (+15).
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (6/10): Turn right and head up the stream. Look up to the bridge you crossed earlier when getting the map underneath, on the left side, dangles another totem #6 (53N 712386 UTM 3416113). It is worth another +10 XP.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (7/10): Now head downstream until you reach the lower bridge. Look under it and to the left to spot another totem #7 (53N 712376 UTM 3416112), rewarding you with an additional +10 XP.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (8/10): The next totem #8 (53N 712375 UTM 3416115) is very close by, on the right shore, in a tree just behind the bridge. If you can not aim at it from your current location, get out from under the bridge and closer to the lantern on the other side of the river. You will be rewarded with another +10 XP.
XP Plant: Now get back to the southern side of the river the one with the base camp and there find on the left side when looking towards the stairs a plant between the bridge and the lantern grating you +20 XP. You may also want to grab some more Arrows near the bridge.
Salvage: Remain on the side where the XP plant was and head over to the other side. Get close to the south wall on the left to find a crate with Salvage (+15) (53N 712371 UTM 3416109).
Salvage: Now head over to the river. Slightly to the right is another crate with Salvage (+15).
Salvage: Next get a little to the left to find a fallen tree spanning across the river. Balance over to the other side. On the left you will find a crate with Salvage (+15) (53N 712366 UTM 3416112).
Salvage: Head further along to the right to find a blooming tree. Up to the left is a shrine. But stay down here for now to find some more Salvage (+15) and a few arrows.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (9/10): Make your way up to the shrine. Another totem #9 dangles from the left edge of the roof. This will get you another +10 XP.
Document (4/5) "Sam: Filmmaker": Also up at the shrine, to the left of it, in front of the tombstones, you can find another document lying on the ground, titled Sam: Filmmaker. Collect it for +25 XP.
Salvage: To the right of the statue is a burning chalice where you can light your torch. Use the lit torch on the bundle left of the statue to get to the Salvage (+30).
Relic (3/3) "Oni Noh Mask": From the top of the shrine use the swing bar on the right end to reach another ledge. Follow the path. Behind the tree turn left into the crevice in the wall. Inside you will find a dead explorer and besides him a small chest with a relic. It is an Oni Noh Mask, the last of the "Noh Masks" (3/3) and will reward you with +500 XP. While on the inventory screen, examine the item for hidden information. Turn it to look at its chin to discover a price tag and be rewarded with an extra +10 XP. Exit the chamber.
GPS Cache (5/5): From the opening with the tiny cave and the relic inside, head straight on and keep slightly to the right of the red glowing sky in the distance. Head up the hill and you will come to a fallen tree that is higher on the left and and touches the ground on the right end. Get onto it, be either walking up from the lower end or by hopping onto the higher part from the rock to its left. Then from the highest part of the tree jump over to the rock formation, where you can see a blinking light. Collect the GPS Cache #5 located there and obtain +5 XP in the process.
Salvage: Climb down the lower part of the formation and turn left. Close to the rock formation, opposite of where a lantern lights the bridge spanning the river (the one where two totems were), you can find the final crate with Salvage (+15).
XP Plant: Just two steps further you can find an XP plant (53N 712375 UTM 3416117), which gives you +20 XP.
Document (5/5) "Whitman: Don't Leave Me": Now head up to the large gate. Head up the stairs and turn left. In the corner there is a crate with the document Whitman: Don't Leave Me, from the set "Endurance Officers (1/7). It will reward you with +25 XP.
Challenge "Ghost Hunter" (10/10): And finally, while up here by the gate, head over to the right. In the far corner, beyond the burning barrel, you can find the last totem #10 for the Ghost Hunter challenge. Shooting this is worth +150 XP.
With all the salvage you've collected during this step, you can further upgrade your gear, in this case the bow and either get the "Reinforced Limbs" (250), for increased damage or the "Wrapped String" (200) for a faster firing rate.
Now that you have completed 100% of the Coastal Forest, it's time to continue with the story.
Head up to the gate, where Whitman is waiting for you. Head over to the left wheel and insert your axe, repeatedly press the axe button in rapid succession to raise the gate and step through into the next level.
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