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6. Mountain Rendezvous

Version: 2nd Revision, 2018 Tasks:
  • Follow Dr. Whitman up the Mountain
Region: Mountain Temple Finds & Enemies:
Mountain Temple

Follow Dr. Whitman up the Mountain

Right at the beginning of the level you are rewarded with +400 XP for overcoming the large gate and reaching the Mountain Temple region. This may also reward you with the nest skill point. With a torch that Lara lights at a lantern on the left, head up the path.
At the top the story continues in which Whitman and Lara are captured.

Avoid Detection While Attempting to Escape

Now it's time to flee. Use the cover of walls to move about unseen. Get behind the wall in front, before the guy with his flashlight reaches you. Wait there till he has gone past and then head upwards to the right. There quickly sneak over to the left to remain undetected by the next baddy. Once he moves on, get out of hiding and quickly move on, staying to the left. Run up and quickly into the hiding place up ahead. Sneak along to the end of the wall. Wait for the next guy to walk past and when it's clear, move out and further up the stairs. At the top be careful that the guys above have turned away and only then move on. Get into the next hiding place on the right.
You are spotted by a Russian-speaking guy.
A QTE (Quick Time Event) follows:
  • Melee Button (PC: F, PlayStation: Triangle, Xbox: Y) - Pull up your knee, when the melee button is displayed inside the circle.
  • Melee Button - Bite Vlad in the ear when the melee button is displayed.
  • Camera Controls (PC: Mouse, PlayStation: RS, Xbox: RS) Pull up the reticle to aim at Vlad. You may try to fire the collected gun, too, but it has no consequence.
  • Movement Controls (PC: WASD, PlayStation: LS, Xbox: LS - left/right) - Shake off Vlad by quickly alternating left/right on the movement controls.
  • Action Button (PC: E, PlayStation: Square, Xbox: X) - Quickly start pressing the action button repeatedly until it's no longer displayed, to pull up the gun.
  • Fire Button (PC: left mouse button, PS3: R1, PS4: R2, Xbox: RT) - Pull the trigger of the gun by pressing the fire button to kill Vlad with a headshot.
You will get his Semi-Auto Pistol. Head further up the path. Don't turn back or you will be shot. Follow the path to the right and follow it all the way up the stairs, till you get a cutscene.

Fight Back Against the Island's Inhabitants

Take out the two Solarii. During the slow-motion scene you can try shooting their heads, but don't worry, if you don't make it. In that case simply shoot them when they are moving at normal speed again. Afterwards search them and the area for pistol ammunition. Also don't forget to loot them for salvage. Run up the steps to the temple ahead and use the axe to pry open the door. Once inside, you need to escape. Press the melee button (PlayStation: Triangle, Xbox 360: Y) as indicated three times to kick in the wooden boards blocking the exit. Outside turn right and jump across the gap. Pick up the pistol ammunition and then continue up the path. You come across a food box (XP), and some arrows. Take cover behind the crate and watch the baddy up on the ledge in front. Take him out silently by shooting him with an arrow from the distance, preferably hit the head. Once he has fallen get to the spot he was guarding, wall scramble up. Don't forget to loot him for salvage. Collect the pistol ammunition before heading over to the right end. There run across the boards and jump up to the wooden beam and shimmy around the corner to the right. There you can climb up. Duck behind the crate and take out the two Solarii. A third Solarii will come down a rope ladder, shoot him while he is climbing and he will fall to his death. Loot all three for salvage and break the food box for XP.

Continue up the Mountain to Regroup with Roth

Climb up the rope ladder. Follow the path upwards to reach the Mountain Temple base camp.
You could do a bit of exploration now, but let's get rid of the baddies first.
From the base camp head further upwards to reach a spot where two Solarii are guarding a hut. Stay hidden behind the wall. I recommend shooting an arrow into the crate just to the right of where they are standing.
Don't shoot too far to the left, otherwise it might go unnoticed. Check out my video to see how they did not hear my first arrow. I had to shoot again to get their attention.
They will walk over there to examine. Use their confusion to eliminate them silently, by shooting an arrow into their heads, starting with the baddy furthest to the left, as the other's back is turned.
If you cause too much of a fuss, and do not kill the enemies quickly one might use his flare gun to call in reinforcements.
Afterwards loot them and then head up the stairs till you reach a dead end. Turn to face the building on the left and find an opening above. Jump up and climb into the window. On the other side you can find an orange crate which can be looted for XP. You are prompted to shoot a glass lantern. [CHALLENGE] This action will not only clear the way, but also start the "Pyromaniac" challenge, which requires you to shoot 5 lanterns, at least 6 can be found throughout the region. Once the rubble has been cleared out of the way, sneak through. The game tells you to stealth-kill your next opponents. Wait a little till the first enemy has settled into his new spot, the second will have turned his back by then, and sneak up to him, performing a silent melee kill. Sneak up to the second baddy as well to finish him the same way. Now there are some baddies to dispose of on the upper levels. Sneak over to the last cover before you reach the spot where you need to wall-scramble up. Look up to spot two enemies. Use the distraction method again, by shooting into the wall just right of them and once again pick them off from the left. You can also dispose of a single enemy over on the right. If you are seen, all hell breaks loose and you have to hurry upwards to not get caught in the flames caused by Molotov cocktails. There may be more enemies you can hit from down here, if not, simply continue. Wall scramble up and if necessary take cover and kill more enemies. At one point they will spot you and start fighting dirty by using fire. When that happens, hurry upwards around the walkway. Jump the gap and face the window on the left. Use the death slide to exit the burning building.
It's time to explore the area to find all kinds of side-quest items, before continuing up the stairs.
Please check the Mountain Temple guide, or the following two videos on youtube:
Relics, Documents, GPS Caches, Treasure Map
Pyromaniac (Challenge)
It should be noted that there are six glass lanterns to be found, but only five are needed to complete the challenge. One of those lanterns has to be shot in order to continue and can not be missed.
Now head up the stairs to reach a narrow crevice. There climb upwards to reach the top. Head into the passage to reach Roth who is desperately fighting off a pack of wolves.
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