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7. Cry for Help

Mountain Village

Find Roth's Pack

In the cutscene you have learned that Roth's pack, along with the radio transmitter, ended up somewhere in the wolf den.
There are many different ways to get up there, I will describe only one to you. Loot the wolf Roth has killed. Run across the town square and towards the large wooden building. In front the cellar rooms, on the left you can find a salvage crate. Get onto the wooden boxes left of the door with the rope attached to it and from there jump up and pull into the building. Here you find a second salvage crate. After collecting it, head up the stairs. Run through the opening on the right and then look out into the open on the left. Use the horizontal bar there to swing onto the roof of the little shrine. And from there jump onto the plane wreck. Head up to the right and jump across the gap towards the second part of the plane. Pull inside and run up. Lightning strikes in front of you. Climb up the rock ledges there and head around to the left, to reach the top of the plane. Run across it. Don't let the movement irritate you and jump towards the protruding ledges in the wall. Climb up. Climb further up and wall scramble up to reach the entrance of the wolf den. Head inside. The first wolf that appears is only there to scare you. Collect the pack at the end of the tunnel. XP +500.

Bring the Transmitter to Roth

Turn around and head back outside. Now you will be attacked for real. Shake off the wolf be quickly pressing right and left, right and left with the directional buttons (or left analog stick). When prompted kick the wolf by pressing the melee button. (PS3: Triangle, Xbox 360: Y, PC: F) Counter the next attack by pressing the interaction button repeatedly. (PS3: Square, Xbox: X, PC: E) And finish this counter by stabbing the wolf using the melee button. (PS3: Triangle, Xbox 360: Y, PC: F) Kill the wolf by repeatedly stabbing it using the melee button. (PS3: Triangle, Xbox 360: Y, PC: F) Loot the killed wolf and then exit the den. Approach the ramp right of the lantern and use the rope slide to get back down to the large wooden house. Get back down on the other side to return to Roth at the base camp.

Reach the Top of the Falls

In the cutscene Roth has handed you a climbing axe. It's time to put it to good use.
But before you continue, talk to Roth till you have learned everything he has to tell you.
Turn away from the base camp and look towards the spot with the wolf's den again. You have to climb up there once more, but the old path is now out of the question. Remember: If you're having trouble finding your way, activate the Survival Instincts. You need to head towards the beacon. Head over to the climbable wall just right of the lower village square. Use the axe to scale the wall. Climb up as far as you can and then over to the right. Once you've traversed around the corner, you can climb up onto the plateau. Step onto the plane's wing and run over to the right, towards the rock wall. Use the steps or the small climbing wall to reach the ledge above with the lantern. Jump up onto the next climbable wall on the left. Climb up and further left and jump over to the next part. Don't forget to hit the action button while in the air to attach the axe to the climb wall. Climb up and you reach the plateau with the entrance to the wolf's den once more.

Head across the wooden bridge spanning the stream by the waterfall. If you like, you can explore the nearby tomb. At the other end of the bridge, you can find the next climbable wall, just on the right. This is also to the right of the wolf den. Climb up and a little to the left to be able to pull up onto the next plateau. There look right and jump towards the next climbable wall. Climb up and to the right. Up here you will find two huts guarded by three scavengers. Duck behind the wooden structure and listen to their conversation. Wait for the one on the right to disappear into the hut, one of the two on the left will crouch behind a crate and the second one will also not pay much attention. To get through this scene without much fuss, get out your bow and sneak over to the right edge of your current location. You can aim at the head of the single baddy on the right, through the huts window. If you kill him with one shot the others won't notice. Now take care of the two on the left. One tactic that works well is shooting the one standing in the head to kill him. If you are lucky the other will notice that and look at his fallen comrade. Use the opportunity to shoot the glass lantern above his head and with a little luck that will take him out. At the least it should cause a lot of damage. If necessary finish him with a few arrows or bullets. After the fight head over to the left hut. Climb up to the next level and turn to face the climbable wall. Climb up to reach a shrine. From here head all the way over to the right. Use the ramp to jump onto the next climbable wall. Climb up and from the plateau jump to the next wall and climb further up. Run across the wooden bridge to the right. It will collapse under Lara's feet. During the jump use the axe to grab hold at the next climb-wall. Climb up to the top.

Find the Bunker

Walk along the path while talking to the other survivors to reach a rope slide. If you jump off the rope early, you may stay undetected. Either way, finish the Solarii lurking below. I recommend you finish the baddy with the Molotov cocktails first, as he's the most trouble. The second baddy shoots fire arrows and the third is a melee fighter. At this point you've probably not reached a level at which you unlocked counter attacks, so you have to rely on using your bow or pistol. You can still evade attacks by using the dodge/roll button, as you've learned when meeting your first wolves in the Coastal Forest. After all have been finished, you can use the burning barrel to light your torch and burn the bundle holding some salvage. Follow the passage and sneak through the gap. You will reach the next base camp, "Broken Tunnel".
Relic (1/2): Near the camp you'll find a relic, the Bronze Chinese Coin(53N 712465 UTM 3416226).
GPS Cache (1/2): Run over to the truck and find a GPS Cache #1 to the right of it.
Run into the passage. The yard on the other end is swarming with baddies. The following scene will run a different course, if at any point the enemies become aware of your presence. In that case you will have a much tougher fight at your hands and there isn't much I can tell you. You just have to shoot your way through and if it's getting to tough for you, retreat back towards the base camp and take the baddies out single file when they come down the passage. Once you've run past the truck within the passage, you will spot a single baddy who is blinded by the spotlight operated by his colleagues. Shoot the light from a distance to blind your enemies. Then shoot the single baddy in the head. Sneak forward and look around to find your next target. One method would be to target the enemy on the right by the burning barrel next. Kill him with a headshot and he will not be able to raise the alarm. Next take care of the two on the left. Either be quick about it, or, if you are unsure, wait for one to move away and make sure you shoot them while the other is unaware. Remember: An arrow shot into a nearby wall causes distraction. Once you've gotten rid of all four baddies in the yard and destroyed the search light, without being spotted, you can loot the fallen enemies and head into the passage leading to the right in front of the building, to find an XP plant at the end, around the corner to the right. Get to the entrance of the building and step inside quietly. Here you'll find a scavenger welding something. Sneak up to him or kill him by an arrow to the head. Walk up the stairs and head outside, onto the balcony with the spotlight. Kill the baddy here as well. A second one can be seen down the passage, hopefully with his back to you. I recommend arrows to the head in both cases.
Relic (2/2): Before you continue, head back inside and explore the area above the stairs, by turning immediately right after entering. At the end you will come across a box with a relic, the Bronze Japanese Coin, lying on the floor. Afterwards head back onto the balcony.
Head to the end of the balcony and look over to the right. There you can see two baddies guarding the tower opposite. A good method to use here is to wait for one to move over to the left, then quickly kill both separately. After the deed is done, jump over to the other side.
GPS Cache (2/2): Head around the corners to the right. After two bends you will come across an orange XP box and at the end, right of the box you'll find the final GPS Cache #2. Return to the spot where you came over.
Turn to face the white wall and scramble up. Follow the grated walkway to the top. Use the rope slide to enter the Mountain Base.
Mountain Base

Find the Communication Console

Wade through the water ahead.
Document (1/3): On the table in front lies a document, The Best Job (25XP), one of the Confessions of a Solarii.
Head up the stairs to the right. At the top you will come across a vent on the left. Use your axe to move it and turn off the gas blocking the hole in the wall just left of it. Afterwards sneak through the opening. In the next chamber break the salvage crate. Then look out into the passage. Two baddies are struggling with an explosive barrel. If you choose to shoot the barrel a third scavenger will be attracted by the noise. If you kill them quickly with an arrow to the head, you can use the barrel on the third. Either way get rid of all three.
Challenge "Non-Believer" (1/5): Enter the first chamber on the right and head to the end to find some lockers you can pry open for salvage, then use the barrel in the first part to light your torch. Then get back outside and enter the chamber on the left. Burn the banner on the wall to start the Non-Believer challenge.
Head to the end of the passage and then up the stairs on the right. Once you turn around the corner to the right, a baddy comes out of an opening up on the left to attack you. Get rid of him and then head to the end of the passage and climb up into the opening on the left, the one he came out of. In the next chamber note the collection of glass lanterns standing around. Head over to the left to where you can see another opening in the wall above. Climb onto the crate below to reach it and climb through to the other side. Here head over to the right, towards the valve and turn the wheel using your axe. Quickly climb back onto the box underneath the opening in the wall and climb back through, to escape the gas. Grab one of the glass lanterns, turn to face the opening, and throw it through to cause a big explosion. Run across the burning room to find your enemy buried under a stone plate. You can use the opportunity to score another headshot. When you approach him, Lara picks up his WWII Submachine Gun. Before you head into the dark opening, you can pick up some side-quest items and fulfil part of the challenge.
Challenge "Non-Believer" (2/5): Turn around and head to the other end of the destroyed room. Find the second banner you need to burn on the right.
Remember: If you need fire, head out through the door and down the stairs, enter the left room to find a burning barrel.
Challenge "Non-Believer" (3/5): For the third banner head back towards the killed enemy. After stepping through the door frame, run over to the right.
Next walk past the fallen opponent, into the final part of the chamber.
GPS Cache (1/2): Turn right and find the GPS Cache #1 behind a little box, opposite the crate with the drawing of a plane and the words "no one leaves".
Document (2/3): Left of the large crate you can find the next document, Scientist: Secret Project (25XP), part of the Wartime Intelligence.
Now step through the dark opening on the left to reach the map room. Lara will be blinded by spotlights and attacked by a couple of enemies. Use your newly aquired MG to get rid of the enemies quickly. I would not waste too much time on shooting the spotlights, your opponents will know where you are either way. Aim for heads first and if you can catch your breath, aim for spotlights. Once you've dealt with all enemies, looted them and stocked up on ammo, you can use the ramp on the right to reach the upper balcony, and the Map Room base camp located there.
Geocache (2/2): Back on the lower level, explore the right side of the room, underneath the balustrade, to pick up the next GPS Cache #2.
Challenge "Non-Believer" (4/5): Enter the back room, underneath the base camp, and run to the right end to find the fourth banner on the right wall.
Now head into the passage on the left and up the stairs. A ceiling grate opens and a scavenger drops down. Kill him before you head towards the closed door. Break it open with your axe and step through.
Challenge "Non-Believer" (5/5): The final banner is just behind the door you pry open, on the left wall. Also collect the next document on the table on the left, Alone (25XP), part of the Diaries of a Madman.

Climb the Radio Tower to Send an SOS

Before you head into the narrow gap, break the salvage crate. Then make your way through the maintenance passage with the steaming pipes. At the end kick in the grate to get outside. Head down to the day camp Bridge Overlook. Walk out onto the bridge and to the other side via the narrow beam on the right. Over on the other side Lara is attacked by a scavenger. Shake him off as indicated and kick him with the melee button, when the symbol is shown.
GPS Cache (1/1): If you head behind the truck to the left, you can pick up another GPS Cache.
The following scene will be a lengthy battle. On your approach to the first bunker, you will be attacked by three baddies, one remains on the roof, the other two will approach you, coming down the street. Once they are dealt with, advance, towards the opening in the fence on the right. The bunker there will be swarming with enemies. Remain where you are so you can use the wall for cover and try to get rid of the foes. Two of them will be shooting fire arrows at you, one on the upper level, one on the lower level. They may occasionally throw molotov cocktails. Deal with them first. Next two enemies appear that might use the rope slide, which gives you the opportunity to shoot them down for the Trophy/Achievement. Use the bow for shooting them down. For it to count towards the trophy, you can not kill them with a headshot, because then it would only count towards the headshot trophy. Once you've dealt with all enemies, step through and face right. The large building there is also manned. You may use the barrel on the middle level to get rid of the enemies quickly. More baddies will approach from the right. Once you've killed them as well, you can have a look around for relics, docs and caches.
Relic (1/2): Return to the first building and climb up on the left side. Run around the back to find the relic box on the ground. Inside rest the Japanese Dogtags.
Document (1/2): Next get over to the large building in the north. Climb onto the first level to find a document, The Solarii (25XP), part of the Diaries of a Madman.
Climb up onto the wall at the end of the passage on the right, opposite the ruin of the three-storey building where the document was. The building on the other side will awaken and you will come under attack. Some of your enemies will stay over there and attack you from one of the two levels with arrows. Others from the lower level may jump down into the yard and come up to you, while those from the top level may use the rope slide. Again you have the opportunity to shoot them down. Once you have dealt with all enemies, get down into the yard. The door will burst open and an armoured baddy with a shield will appear. Let him get close to you and dodge out of his range. The commands will be displayed during this scene. Use the Dodge/Roll Button (PS3: Circle; Xbox: B; PC: Shift) to scramble around. The enemy leaves his defences open when attacking you, so after successfully dodging his attack, you can counter-attack. Later throughout the game you can learn some effective counter-attack moves by unlocking them at base camps, for now simply use one of your weapons - preferably the MG or the pistol at this point - to shoot the enemy while his shield is down. Continue dodging and attacking till the enemy is down. The door flies open again and an enemy with a molotov cocktail comes out. Kill him and the door is open for you. Collect ammunition and salvage left in the yard and then step inside. Head up the stairs on the left.
Relic (2/2): At the top, don't step outside yet. Run to the end. On the left lies a crate with salvage. Then break open the door on the right. Step through and run to the left. On the crates lies a yellow crate with the next relic, Marksmanship Badge, worth 500 XP. Turn the badge around and explore the "kanji etching" on the back for another 10 XP. On your way out, use the burning barrel to light your torch. Head towards the dangling crate above the stairs and burn it, to free the salvage, which will drop down the stairs.
Now head outside and up the next set of stairs. At the top run to the left to reach the base camp "Radio Tower". Upgrade your skills and weapons.
Document(2/2): Next to the base camp lies the next document, Research (25XP), part of the Diaries of a Madman. Use the rope slide to reach the ruin of the building to the east. On the table just next to the burning barrel lies the Treasure Map. Return to the base camp.
Now head towards the edge facing the radio tower. Use the rope to climb over to the tower. Run around the tower to the right to reach the ladder. Climb up. No matter what happens, just continue climbing upwards, to the very top, you haven't much choice anyway. At the top you will have to send an SOS signal by tuning the transmitter. This shouldn't be too difficult. You start off with the right wheel to "tune the radio". Turn it, till the needle rests shortly before the fourth of five markers. You should be able to hear a broadcast, although it is full of noise. Now switch the tuner as indicated (PS3: Square; Xbox: X; PC: E). Now turn the left wheel to "adjust squelch". Turn it counter clockwise, but just a little bit to fine-tune the broadcast till you get a clear signal. Simply press the button indicated to broadcast (PS3: Square; Xbox: X; PC: E).

Start a Signal Fire

Use the rope slide to leave the radio tower. Follow the path down. On the left you will find a valve you can turn using your axe to cause the fuel to spill. Now you need something to light the fuel. Head up the ramp on the right to enter the building. On the right table you will find a Fire Striker. Head back outside and light up the puddle. This will result in a fine explosion. You will be sliding and tumbling down a muddy slope, chased by parts of the crashed plane. Try to avoid rubble as best you can. Once the camera moves behind Lara, you should steer her while sliding. First avoid the barricade on the right by steering a little to the left. After passing the second barrier on the right, slide over to the right again, to avoid the rubble in the middle. Stay on the right path till you come to the wooden pillars with a blockade. There slide over to the left. You will break through the rubble and tumble over the edge. Lara will barely manage to grab hold. Quickly grab the ledge with your second hand to pull up. Turn right and jump out of the way of the plane rubble.
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