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8. A Road Less Traveled

Find a Way Back to the Mountain Village

Head over to the left and step to the edge. From there jump over to the hanging cloth banner and use it to swing towards the ruined building. It will start to collapse under your feet, so don't rest. Head up the ramp on the left to reach the upper level. From here jump over to the left, to the dangling crate. Continue into the next building, preferably the upper level. You will start sliding and fall down to the lower level. Jump to the next, smaller building and just cross it to reach the banner. You'll crash through the wall and start sliding again. Jump down to the next building and stumble downwards. Jump again to cross the gap. You will be tossed downwards and land in the first save building. Witness how the pilot fights off one Solarii but is killed by the other, a Solarii with Shield. He might throw a dynamite stick so evade. Wait for him to approach and use the same tactics as back at the Mountain Base. (Evade and when the enemy is not protected by his shield, shoot.)
Salvage: After the fight, explore the front part of the building. Use the fire striker to light your torch and burn the bundle to reach the salvage. Collect the nearby arrows if you need them. Then step onto the elevated ramp, face the broken ladder leading to the upper level and jump up there. Pry open the large crate for more salvage before you get back down.
Loot the two scavengers, before you leave the building by jumping over to the walkway. Follow it. Grab the XP plant on the left, before you head down to the day camp "Cliffside Vista". Head through the arch and up the stairs. 100 XP.

Regroup with Roth

When you come out of the rocky tunnel, explore the alcove on the left for another salvage crate. Continue up the stairs till you end up in a snare trap. Quickly kill the three Solarii by aiming at their heads before you look "up" towards the pulley of the trap. Shoot it to free yourself. Lara acquires the rope and thus the Rope Arrows. Shoot a rope arrow towards the roped beam on the right building as instructed (by using the Alternative Firing Method; PC: Middle Mouse Button, PS3: R2, PS4: R1, Xbox: RB), to pull it down and get rid of the next two enemies. 270 XP. Three more enemies appear. The one in the right building will throw Molotov cocktails, so be extra careful. Kill him quickly. You can surprise the two on the left by using the rope arrow on the left building. Shoot remaining enemies before you continue. Loot the enemies you have killed on ground level, collect the arrows if necessary.
XP Crate: Head to the left corner at the stream. Jump over to the tiny rock jutting from the water, to collect the XP crate. Return to the other side.
Step towards the stream near the right building. Use your rope arrow to pull the giant dangling crate towards you. Jump over there, climb up and get into the building. Don't forget to loot the killed enemies.
Salvage: Head up the ramp on the left and from there jump and wall scramble up into the left building - if you pulled it dspriown using your rope - cross it and step out onto the rock on the other side to find a salvage crate and two bundles of arrows. Get back down.
Follow the path to come to a broken bridge. Stand next to the pillar then get out your bow and shoot your rope arrow towards the rope-covered beam on the other side of the stream. Pick the one up on the left to create the rope bridge and climb up the rope to reach the hut holding another XP crate. Run into the passage. Before you reach the hut, turn right to find an XP plant hidden behind the tree. Next attach the rope arrow to the door and pull it open. Step into the passage and follow it. Slide down to reach Roth.
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