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9. Guilty Conscience

Reach the Smoke Beacon

Head down the stairs from the "Village Overlook" base camp and stand next to the wooden pillar. Use the rope arrow to create a rope bridge. Slide down to the hut and duck behind the wooden board. Listen to the three baddies talking and watch them closely. Wait for the one to head down to the crashed plane, once he is gone (he is using a rope slide, if you are really good at shooting from a distance, you may shoot him down to count towards the trophy), kill the other two without being seen. You can climb into the hut and kill the one up there from behind. Then kill the second one. Loot them for salvage.
Reliquie "Yagen": Break the salvage crate near the wooden board where you hid, near the stairs leading into the hut. Inside the hut you'll find a second salvage crate on the right. On the table in the middle is the next relic chest worth 25 XP. Inside is Yagen, one of the three Kanpo Herbs. On the left is a wooden barrier. Alas, you will need the shotgun to get through and reach the document behind.
Head up the stairs.
Challenge "Illumination": At the top you come across a shrine. Light the fire goblet of the statue for the Illumination challenge.
Use the rope slide to reach the hut below.
Geocache: Get underneath the hut to find a GPS Cache.
Challenge "Illumination": Then head up into the hut and jump over to the jutting edge to light another statue. You can also climb onto the hut's roof, light the goblet, swing it towards the bundle with salvage to burn it and then collect the salvage.
Then head through the arch and towards the pillar near the edge. Once again stand next to it. Then shoot a rope arrow up to the arch above. Climb over. Use the axe to scale the next wall. Before you pull up, wait for the two baddies to head into the passage on the left, then pull up and follow them to kill them from behind. Collect their salvage.
Challenge "Illumination": Head into the passage and light the statue there. If you have not collected all items at the waterfall area yet, you can do so now. You can find a videoguide for the waterfall area in this video, from 02:30 onwards. But return to this spot afterwards.
Stand by the next pillar and shoot an rope arrow to the next arch. Climb over. Head up the stairs and you come past the next secret tomb, the "Tomb of Ascension". Stand by the pillar and shoot your rope arrow towards the rope at the roof of the shrine on the left. Slide down.
Challenge "Illumination": Light the statue. There are also more things to collect or light in this area, I will be adding them later. (Check out the videos in my youtube channel if you want to know their locations now.
Turn to the right. Stand by the pillar and create a rope bridge towards the platform with the red flag. Climb up. (There is a document here.) Turn to face the parachute and use a rope arrow to create a way over there. Climb over. When Lara is half-way there, the wind rips the pillar from the ground and Lara will start falling. Quickly use your axe to grab hold, just like you would at any other climbable wall. Climb up.

Locate the Second Pilot

Head into the passage and follow it. Slide down the slope. At the bottom collect the salvage crate on the left. Continue along the path and listen to what Alex has to tell you. On the left side is an XP plant Lara can collect. At the end of the path she can find another salvage crate. Step into the dark cavern and use the "Arid Canyon" day camp there. Head a little to the right to find a salvage crate, from there head over to the left to find an XP crate and more salvage. From here follow the path out into a chamber with statues. Two more salvage crates await Lara on the left side. Head through the passage where Lara spots more interesting details about the island. Approach the bridge. The pilot does not look good. In the ensuing video sequence, Lara barely escapes an explosion and is captured.
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