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5. A Cold Welcome

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Survive the storm
  • Find a place to take shelter
  • Gather resources to build a fire and shelter
  • Return to camp and build a fire
Region: Siberian Wilderness

Find a Place to Take Shelter

The level starts off with a reward of +250 XP and the Achievement "Quite A Tumble" (Xbox One/360:10 G; PC).
At this point owners of the 20 Year Celebration Edition (or the individual Croft Manor DLC) will be able to enter Croft Manor. Exit to the main menu screen where you will now find "Croft Manor" right below Expeditions.
Trudge forward, through the snow. You reach an old abandoned camp, but you need materials for a fire. You earn another +50 XP.

Gather Resources to Build a Fire and Shelter

You will need to collect three resources. Trudge away from the campsite towards the left. In the middle you will find a dead-looking tree. Break loose some Hardwood (+2) and earn +50 XP. Go further ahead. A little to the right is some more Hardwood (+2) that will also boost your experience +50 XP. This is where you can get your first Skill Point. A few steps further you can find the carcass of a stag. There is something to gather here as well, although Lara isn't always willing to do so right away. (Approach it near the feet.) You will get Hide and Deer Antler, as well as +500 XP.

Return to Camp and Build a Fire

Tier 1 Skills (1 Skill Point)
Thick-SkinnedArrow RetrievalRapid Crafting
Iron HideBreath ControlResourceful Combatant
Dodge CounterScavengerIncendiary Bombs
Efficient KillerAnimal InstinctsLightfoot
Avid Learner
Eye for Detail
A little warning, do not head down the path to where you have seen the wolves while scavenging the deer. They will kill you. Instead trudge back to the camp. Lara will build a fire, turning the camp into the base camp Wilderness Refuge. Lara also creates a Makeshift Longbow. You will be rewarded with +100 XP and are then thrown into the base camp menu. If you play the game during the first month, you are told that another weapon has become available, the Rattlesnake, a revolver, but you can't use until you've found another handgun. Lara will also write the first "Camp Journal" Familiar Pain and you will gain access to the "Journal of Lord Croft". Press A to continue into the Weapons Menu. There pick the Makeshift Longbow and spend the following resources: 3 hardwood, 3 hide, to buy the Reinforced Limbs. Then, before exiting the base camp menu, spend the skill point. You can only buy tier 1 skills and only those that require 1 skill point. (I bought the "Survivor" skill "Avid Learner" - "Earn bonus XP from Survival Caches, Documents, Relics and Challenges" because it allows me to level up faster.) Now leave the base camp menu to get +150 XP and start the next level.
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