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6. Echoes of the Past

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Search for signs of the Lost City of Kitezh
  • Explore the forest for signs of the Lost City
  • Investigate the ruins
  • Escape the bear
  • Gather resources and heal injuries
Finds*: 0/1 Challenges, 0/1 Strongboxes, 1/3 Relics, 4/6 Documents, 3/3 Survival Caches, 3/3 Coin Caches Enemies: 1 Bear Region: Siberian Wilderness

Explore the Forest for Signs of the Lost City

You will get the achievement Tougher Than She Looks (10G).
There are a lot of things you can find in this region. These can be skipped , if you like.

Please note that you can also skip all sections marked "resource", as you will probably find enough material without scavenging for it. It is not the same as skipping Relics or such. I won't be wasting time with penning down every single resource now, I may add them later. Just keep your eyes open and collect everything. You will now also encounter areas where you can not continue, due to missing gear. If you like, you can do some hunting to gain more XP and Resources.
  • Pigeon: 10 XP, Feathers
  • Hare: Hide
Head away from the base camp Wilderness Refuge, to explore, into the direction of the deer carcass.
Resources (Hardwood): Before you even reach the carcass, right after the base camp, turn right. On the left corner you can find a bush yielding Hardwood. Turn back and continue towards the dead stag.
Document (1/6): From the fork near the deer take the right path and immediately turn left. Immediately behind the trees on the left is a rock formation you can climb upon. (For your orientation: on the right wall is a spot where you need rope arrows.) You can find the document in the left corner, by the wall and the tree. If it is the first one you find, it is The Prize Awaits from the set "Voices of Invasion" (1/6). IMPORTANT: The locations of documents are interchangable. If you find them in a different order, you may find another document of the same set here. By collecting it you will start to improve your second language proficiency, Mongolian (+15 XP) and you will earn +15 XP (+20 with Avid Learner).
Explorer Satchel: Get back down and follow the path further downhill. When you reach the end of the rock formation turn right. Here you will find a cave entrance. Right of it you can climb onto a rock where a dead adventurer is sitting with his backpack next to him. Collect it. You will earn +50 XP and a map of survival caches, strongboxes, and caves.
Resources (Feather): Follow the path further down and then turn left (to the north-east). Near the fir tree you can find a nest that has fallen to the ground. Pick up the Feather (+3) inside. (You will find more of these nests throughout the game, most of them up in trees. These can be shot down to collect the feathers. If you'd like to try this, you can find another nest very close by, further to the right.)
Survival Cache (1/3): Shortly behind this nest you will find a tree you can balance across to reach an elevated level. Here turn right, to where you can see a flashing white light in the snow. At least on Xbox One, on the 360 it was less obvious. In case you're having trouble, use the recently aquired map. Approach it to use the axe and dig up a Survival Cache. It contains a random Resource and gets you +25 XP (35 with Avid Learner). There is also a monolith on this platform, but Lara can't decode it yet, if you get too close she will get XP for discovering it though.
Now it's time to continue with the story.

If you are skipping the goodies, please head downhill from the base camp and search for the ruins in the east to catch up with thorough explorers.
So instead climb down and approach the Mongolian Ruins; the main landmark here is a circle of stone walls. When you approach it, the night sky suddenly lights up red, marking the arrival of Trinity forces. You are awarded +50 XP.

Investigate the Ruins

The mercenaries won't bother you just yet, so feel free to do a little more exploring.
Again the exploration can be skipped .
Survival Cache (2/3): Close by, to the north - which would be past the stone circle, past the two smaller fir trees - you will notice a blinking spot in the snow. Here you can use the axe to dig up a Survival Cache containing a random Resource and awarding you +25 XP.
Relic (1/3): Now head to the north-east. Between a cave entrance on the left and a larg climbable tree on the right you can climb up onto a rock platform. Here is a little box containing a relic, the Crown of a Prince from the set "Spoils of War". You will get +25 XP (35 with Avid Learner) for collecting it. Examine it, especially the damaged part to improve your Mongolian (+15 XP). You will reach level 1 of Mongolian, which suffices for the monolith. Get back down.
Document (2/6): But before getting to the monolith, there are other things to explore. Head into the cave mouth left of the relic. Here you can find the document In the Tomb (or another from the set) at the back of the cave, slightly to the left. It is part of the set "The Hunter" (1/6) . By reading it you will begin your third and final language Russian (+15 XP) and you get +15 XP. Further there are three places where you can mine ore at three spots around the cave. Use your axt to get Magnesite Ore from each location. In the passage leading back outside you can also spot three patches of mushrooms, however, you can not gather them yet. Leave the cave again.
Document (3/6): Coming from inside the cave, head right and up the hill. On your way, just behind a climbable tree, you will spot a bush with Hardwood (+2). (Orientation: When coming from the ruins, head to the north where you find a board with white chalk. You can climb up by using the wall scramble here (instead of following the route described above. Pull up to the top.) Go to the next climbable tree and jump up its branches to reach the top level. On the left you will spot a scroll, it is Army of the Unwilling from the "Voices of Invasion" 2/6 (or another from the set). It will raise your language skills Mongolian (+15 XP) and you'll get +15 XP.
Gift of Alms: Just right of the document you will find a container with Coins (+1), which will award you with +25 XP. Get down to the lower level.
Map: Now step towards the edge and find a rope attached near the red flag on the right. Use it to reach the platform high up in the tree, where you will get the Archivist Map (for Relics, Murals and Documents). Further there is a nest which holds Feathers. Get back down but run over to the white board on the wall near the other end of the rope.
Survival Cache (1/3): When looking at the wooden board with the white chalk, turng left. Nearby is another plant offering Hardwood. Behind it, you turn right and head towards the back wall where you climb onto an elevated rock slightly left. Here is the next Survival Cache. It contains random Resources and offers +25 XP.
Document (4/6): Get back down and turn slightly right. Do not follow the passage, instead get into the second passage further to the left, with fir trees on the left and a climbable tree on the right. Here you will find another rock platform on your right. On top is a pickaxe and the next document, On the Borderlands from the set The Hunter (2/6) (or another from the set). You will improve your Russian (+15 XP) and gain +15 XP.
Resources: Do not climb down yet. Instead turn to face where the ruins are. Ahead you will spot a flag and in front of it a tree branch. Jump onto it and walk to its end. Jump to the next branch you will use as a swing bar and jump to the platform high up in the tree. Here you will find a box containing Hardwood (+1) and a nest with Feathers (+3). Get back down. A good way is using the rope to slide down.
Monolith (Mongolian): By now you should be able to read Mongolian level 1. So return to the stone circle and climb back onto the platform right of it, where the monolith is waiting. By approaching it you will get +10 XP (unless you've earned in earlier in passing). By examining it, you will get another +25 XP and all Coin Caches are revealed on the map.
Coin Cache (1/3): Now that you know where they are, feel free to pick up the next cache. From the monolith walk across the fallen tree you've crossed earlier to the other side. Here run over to the left and to the wall. In the corner you can dig up the Coin Cache. It holds Coins (+7) and rewards you with +25 XP.
Coin Cache (2/3): Return to the Base Camp. You could also leave that for later, when you have to return to the base camp anyway. However you may have another skill point to spend at the base camp, too. If you head towards the back, to the area behind the Base Camp, you can find a bush with Hardwood (+2) there. The passage is a dead end, as the wall is too high to scale. However just in front of the wall you can find a Coin Cache. Dig it up, using the axe. It contains Coins (+7) and rewards you with +25 XP. Return to the Base Camp.
Coin Cache (3/3): Return to the ruins with the stone circle, from the base camp the left path would be quickest. Now run to the north-east and through beneath a fallen tree trunk, which is just right of the relic on the outcrop you collected earlier. Here you can dig up the next Coin Cache. It holds Coins (+7) and gets you +25 XP.
But now it's time to continue with the story.
Find the climbable tree near the stone circle. Jump against it and up to the broken branch. From here jump up to the higher level. Follow the path until you reach the clearing illuminated in red.
Here Lara will approach a dead Trinity solider and grab his two-way radio. She will soon learn why the soldier is dead.
A huge grisly (nicknamed Mishka) is approaching her. Dodge pressing B to avoid the deadly paw. You'll get +50 XP.

Escape the Bear

Lara turns around, away from the bear. Start running and jumping, and avoid patches of deep snow, they will slow you down and Mishka will catch up and kill you. Use the two wooden ramps provided. At the end of the path Lara can slip through a couple of branches. The bear will claw at you. Press Y repeatedly to hack away at it using the axe. After a couple of hits, Lara will start running again, until she reaches the edge of the cliff. Here she needs to evade another attack (press B) and perform a counter (press Y when indicated). In the struggle Lara is thrown off the cliff.

Gather Resources and Heal Injuries

You will get another +50 XP for surviving. But Lara is badly hurt and needs a bandage. Walk along the path. On the left side of the path you will find a plant whose leaves can serves as medicinal Herbs. Walk further along. Near the snowed-in, abandoned truck you find another plant with Herbs. And after that you come to an outcrop overlooking an abandoned Cold War installation; not so abandoned now. Near the edge is a crate. Break it open to get Cloth from inside it. You will now learn how to heal yourself. Press LB. This will always work, as long as you have the necessary resources: 1 herb and 1 cloth.. Try it out. You get another +50 XP. The level ends here.
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