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Achievements (under constr.)

The base game features 66 (50) - Xbox One (Xbox 360) - achievements - 10 of which are hidden - with a total of 1000 gamerscore. The first DLC "Endurance Mode" features another 15 achievements with a gamerscore of 250 and the second DLC "Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch" features 22 achievements again with a gamerscore of 250, bringing the whole game to a total of 103 (87) achievements and 1500 gamerscore.
Under construction. Please note that all achievements that can be done easily during playthrough are mentioned within the walkthrough.

Glitch note: A couple of achievements may be glitched. If you run into trouble where challenges unlock in-game but the according achievement does not pop, please backup your savegame and delete it, then try obtaining the achievement again. (Beware, when online the Xbox One may try do reobtain your savegame from the cloud server, cancel it.)

Base Game

Firestarter is a fairly simple achievement. After you've learned to craft molotov cocktails, you only have to catch 2 baddies. You may get this achievement without even trying. You can actually also achieve this by using an oil lamp to throw at your opponents, which will sometimes also work.
During the regular playthrough The first opportunity is right after you get the molotov during Alone Again, while exploring the Copper Mill.
"Defeat two enemies ore more using a single Molotov Cocktail."
Difficulty: 1/10   5G (10G)
A Trusty Old Friend
Choose a rifle. Preferably one you have fully upgraded which is fast and has a large magazine, now find an area where there are many enemies, set the game to "Adventurer" (the lowest setting) and start killing.
"Kill 5 enemies within 10 seconds using any rifle"
Trick Shot
This might sound difficult at first, but we actually achieved this by simply shooting a bottle standing on a crate. That was inside the prison camp of the Soviet Installation. (Has to be confirmed.)
"Shoot a bottle out of the air"
Good Samaritan
The description basically says it all. You need to complete 3 missions. Missions are given to you by the Remnant who can be found throughout the Siberian locations. Simply complete three of these missions. A mission guide is in the making here: Missions in Rise of the Tomb Raider
"Complete 3 Missions"

Endurance Mode

For Tipps and Tricks for the Endurance Mode, please check our special site for this mode, it will also detail how you can get the achievements in a few goes: Endurance Mode Achievements.
Nope is the easiest achievement in the Endurance Mode. Pick any Expedition Cards you like, but when it comes to picking challenges, you have to pick "Nope", because otherwise you won't be able to fulfil the challenge and thus won't get the achievement.
Simply start an Endurance Expedition and don't collect any "artifacts" at all. Collect resources though, as you will need cloth and oil for an extraction from the wilderness. Otherwise keep yourself fed and warm. After you have survived for one day and one night and day 2 begins, find a signal fire and light it. Wait for the helicopter to arrive and leave the area to obtain the achievement.
"Escape the forest on day 1, without recovering any artifacts"
Difficulty: 1/10   Bronze, 10G (15G)
One Way to Do It
"One Way to Do It" can be one of the trickier achievements, as it is prone to glitching.
The idea is to wait until Lara is freezing. (That is the moment when the screen gets icy blurry and Lara stumbles around and her warmth indicator in the top corner is blinking alarmingly.) That is the moment when you get your fire arrows out, shoot them into the ground and stand in the fire.
If this fails, you may want to try playing Endurance Mode with the "Deep Freeze" Expedition Card. With it, do not warm up at all, until you start freezing - which may happen around day 4 - in which case you use arrows to warm up once the screen gets icy and the indicator starts blinking and Lara starts stumbling around.
If your challenge is counted but your achievement does not pop, it may become necessary to delete your savegame and try again.
"Warm up from freezing by standing in fire"
Difficulty: 2/10   Bronze, 10G

Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch

Hide and Seek 10 G
Baba Yaga: Rescue Nadia from Trinity
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Abandon All Hope 10 G
Baba Yaga: Enter the Wicked Vale
Story related. Cannot be missed.
A Moment of Clarity 10 G
Baba Yaga: Face the Witch and live
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Amateur Chemist 10 G
Baba Yaga: Craft the Antidote
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Last Ride of the Witch House 10 G
Baba Yaga: Activate the Ancient Lift
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Truth Behind the Myth 50 G
Baba Yaga: Unmask Baba Yaga
Story related. Cannot be missed.
Vasilisa’s Lanterns 10 G
Baba Yaga: Complete the Challenge in the Wicked Vale
Find all 10 lanterns and shoot them down.
The Witch Bottles 10 G
Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Yale

Season of the Witch 10 G
Baba Yaga: Collect 50% of the Documents in the Wicked Vale
(See: Complete History of Witchcraft)
Complete History of Witchcraft 20 G
Baba Yaga: Collect all of the Documents in the Wicked Vale

Witch-Hunt 10 G
Baba Yaga: Complete a Wicked Vale Score Attack with a gold score

Witch Trials 20 G
Baba Yaga: Complete every Wicked Vale Score Attack with a gold score

Witchcraft for Beginners 5 G
Baba Yaga: Attempt any Wicked Vale Score Attack

Witch’s Wardrobe 10 G
Baba Yaga: Equip the Dreamstinger and Wraithskin outfit together

Servant of the Witch 5 G
Baba Yaga: Confuse an enemy with the Dreamstinger

Persuasive Argument 10 G
Baba Yaga: Confuse 3 enemies with one shot from the Dreamstinger

Bravo’s Legacy 10 G
Baba Yaga: Confuse 10 enemies with the Dreamstinger

Demon in the Dark 5 G
Baba Yaga: Kill 10 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit

The Wraith of Siberia 10 G
Baba Yaga: Kill 50 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit

Fond Farewell 5 G
Baba Yaga: Speak to Nadia again before leaving the Wicked Vale

Henny Penny 5 G
Baba Yaga: Fall to your death from the Lift
Simply jump off the lift during the mission "Defeating the Witch".
Why the Chicken Crossed the Vale 5 G
Baba Yaga: Ride the Lift back to the other side
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