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8. Among the Enemy

Version: 3rd revision Objective:
  • Sneak into the old Soviet base
  • Investigate the Helicopter Landing Area
Finds*: 0/3 Tombs, 0/1 Missions, 1/4 Challenges (Into Darkness 1/5), 1/14 Strongboxes, 1/2 Crypt Treasures, 0/18 Relics, 4/26 Documents, 2/12 Murals, 3/21 Survival Caches, 0/9 Coin Caches Enemies: 11+ Trinity Soldiers Region:Soviet Installation Base Camp(s): Installation Vista

Sneak into the Old Soviet Base

This section begins at the base camp Installation Vista. You will have gained the camp journal Enemy of my Enemy. And you most likely have another skill point to spend.
Survival Cache (1/21): Before you continue with the story, head towards the right end of the edge. Behind the stone wall with the fence that keeps one from falling down over the edge, you can find a Survival Cache. Inside Lara will find random resources and +25 XP.
Now use the zip line left of the base camp to get down to the soviet installation.
Survival Cache (2/21): Once you've reached the bottom, take a look on the left side of the red mast. Near the bush you can find another Survival Cache, with random resources and +25 XP.
Looking for a way back?
If you want to return to the Installation Vista base camp, here is how you do it: Find the climbable tree on the side opposite the one with the red mast, a little further up. Scramble up the bark several times to reach the top branch. From here jump towards the board at the wall and scramble up to reach the top ledge. Here you traverse to the right and jump past the gap. At the end scramble up the next board. Pull up. Another wall scramble and you're back at the installation vista.
From the end of the rope slide, you follow the path between the trees, till you reach a low snow covered fir tree from where you can spot a train carriage and a corpse. Shortly before that you can find some hardwood on the right.
Crypt (1/2) "Kokkos, the Astronomer": Turn right before you reach the fir tree to get behind it. On the elevation you can find a crate with random resources. In the cliff wall on the right you can find a small gap through which Lara can squeeze through. Do so to reach the crypt of Kokkos. Follow the tunnel into the cave.
Challenge "Into Darkness" (1/5): You will begin the next challenge Into Darkness, which has you exploring five caves in this region. You'll get +35 XP.
Inside you can find two patches of Mushrooms and two veins of Magnesite Ore, one right, the other one on the left wall. Immediately right of the left vein you can find a destructible wall. Use the axe to break through. There you can find some Coins (+2) near the fallen warrior.
Mural (1/12): Immediately after the short set of stairs you can find Kokkos, the Astronomer, one of the "Crypt Murals", not to be confused with the document of the same name, on the left wall. It will improve your language skills Greek (+25 XP) and you should now be able to translate level 3 Greek.
Follow the stairs further down into the crypt. At the end of the stairs the path turns left and you need to drop down at the end. You come to a fork. Follow the passage on the right. Ignore all side passages and follow the main tunnel into the crypt. Open the sarcophagus to obtain the Crypt Treasure (1/2). You will gain an Ancient Bow Part (1/4) and earn 3000 Credits. Before you leave the crypt again, there are still some corners to explore.
Coins: Surrounding the sarcophagus you can find Coins (+2), left of the small wall mosaic and Coins (+2) at the back, on the right of the larger mosaic.
Now you can leave the main chamber to explore the rest of the cave. Head up the passage again.
Gift of Alms: After the short set of stairs you step through the opening in the wall on the right. Run into the cave where you climb up the ledges ahead. At the top you can find Coins (+2) on the left and Hardwood on the right. Turn around and at the right end climb down once. From here jump towards the higher ledge in front. Scramble up the wall to find a little container with a random Ressource, which brings you +25 XP. Lower yourself back to the ground of the chamber and leave it through the opening in the wall and turn right.
Run further up.
Document (1/26): Where the path turns to the left, you can see an opening up above. Use the wall scramble to reach it and pull up. The path leads Lara into a cave with icicles. On the right is a broken bridge. Run across and jump from the end to reach the other side. Pull up and turn left. On the right wall you can find Magnesite Ore and at the end, in the niche behind the icicles on the left you can find a skeleton with an ancient scroll, Kokkos, the Astronomer from the set "Crypts of the Founders". It will improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and you will gain +15 XP.
Gift of Alms: Drop down into the chamber. You can find a passage through the icicles. Inside the cave climb onto the rocky outcrop and find Coins (+2), Mushrooms and a container rewarding you with +25 XP and a random Ressource. Now that we have found everything, it's safe to leave the crypt. Run back through the icy tunnel. Back in the pit turn right. Scramble up the wall with the white markings on the right. At the top follow the right tunnel to return to the fork from the beginning.
Wall scramble up in the alcove on the right. After that you only have to follow the path to get back outside where you squeeze back though the narrow gap.
Now approach the corpse. On the way you can collect some Hardwood.
Document (2/26): On the tree stump behind the corpse you can find a voice recorder titled First Kill from the set "Heart of Darkness" (2/4). It will reward you with +15 XP.
Around the corner to the left you can hear a Trinity Soldier talking on his radio. You can either kill him with a well placed arrow to the head or by sneaking up on him from behind and using the axe.
"One-Sided Conversation": If you did not get it in the previous section, you get another chance to earn the achievement/trophy "One-Sided Conversation" here, when you kill him, while he is still talking on the radio.
Don't forget to loot his pockets for resources. If you like, you can also shoot a nest from the carriage to gain some Feathers.
Let me remind you to build some arrows from time to time. While you have equipped the bow, press and hold RT to build a regular arrow using hardwood and feathers. Press and hold RB to create special arrows, currently only poison arrows, using hardwood, cloth and mushrooms.
Continue along the path till you can cower behind three barrels to spy on two Trinity Soldiers.
You will learn how to pick up items and throw them to distract enemies. Press X to pick up a bottle. Use L2 and the right stick to aim, and R2 to throw the item, just like you would with a weapon drawn.
Use the bottle and throw it over to the right to distract the enemies. Then you can sneak up on them and finish them quietly.
Resources: Just on the right where the soldiers were is a plant offering hardwood. In the left corner you can find a tree stump with Mushrooms and atop the carriage is a nest with Feathers that can be shot down. And in the niche left of the carriage is a crate with salvage. A second salvage crate can be found on the other side of the carriage.
Survival Cache (3/21): Near the snowed-in locomotive, behind the two crates, you can find the next Survival Cache, awarding you random resources and +25 XP.
Head towards the tower. In front, on the right side you can find some more Hardwood. Now wall-scramble up the metallic board with the white markings to get into the tower. You'll gain +50 XP.

Investigate the Helicopter Landing Area

On the other side quite a few Trinity Soldiers await you, so I recommend staying undetected, especially when playing on higher difficulties.
Aiming: When aming with LT, press RS (the right stick) to zoom in.

Combat Instincts: You can use your survival instincts to see where enemies are. It is especially useful to know that enemies that can see each other are marked red, while those that are currently isolated are marked yellow. Make sure you keep that in mind when picking them off.
Combat Details
If you are careful, it should be possible to get through undetected. Start by picking off the guard on the top level of the building ahead. The first thing you should do is to climb up onto the scaffolding on the right and look over to the building. On the top level you can spot a single Soldier patrolling. Distract him by shooting an arrow into the wall behind him and when he stops to investigate, shoot him with an arrow to the head.
Trophy/Achievement "English Pedigree": This should be far enough (25 meters) to obtain the achievement "English Pedigree (15G) on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4". It has to be a headshot for the achievement to count.
Sometimes it happens that a second enemy comes to investigate his fallen comrade. In that case you should eliminate him quickly. Next I've focussed on the Soldier patrolling nearby Lara. When he's not looking quickly hide in the first bushes on the right, next to the scaffolding. There you wait until he approaches. If he's busy carrying crates you need a little patience. Make sure no one sees you before you finish him with a melee attack. Lara will pull his corpse into hiding. Loot his pockets. Next focus on the Soldier standing by a crate on the left. Once you are sure that no one is looking, take him out with a headshot from the bow. Then switch hiding places and continue towards the next bush further left this will improve your shooting angle to take out the next Soldier on the right, whom you take out with a headshot. That leaves the Soldier on the lower level of the building. When he ducks his head, studying something, you can sneak up on him to finish him with a melee attack. Sometimes, especially when you've been spotted, you need to deal with another Soldier inside the building.

Looking for a way back?
At the moment you can't return to the previous area. You would need rope arrows, which you will obtain later. You would then find, near the red carriage, a post wrapped in rope from where you can attach a rope to the pillar above the entrance, which can then be used for climbing back up.
Resources: Search the yard for goods. At the beginning you can find a shrub with Hardwood on the left. In front of the building, on the right side, is a plant with Herbs and a crate with random resources. Inside the building, immediately on the left is a crate with salvage.
Head into the building and up the stairs at the back.
Mural (2/12): At the top of the stairs, on the right wall, you will find the next mural titled Man of the People, from the set "Soviet Crests". It will improve Lara's Russian (+25 XP).
Gift of Alms: Before you exit, turn left, where you will find some Arrows, and a container with random resources and +25 XP.
Document (3/26): Further to the left you can find a voice recorder on a crate. It is titled Mistakes and belongs to the set "Conspiracy Theories". You will gain +15 XP. Break open the crate with the salvage before you continue.
Now step out onto the balcony and head left.
Strongbox (1/14): At the end you can find a Strongbox, in which you will discover Semi-Auto Pistol Part (2/4). You'll improve your skills +75 XP.
Turn right and run across the bridge to the tower. Jump towards the short ladder and climb up. On the left is the next ladder. At the top you continue to the left where you need to jump towards the ledge ahead. It will swing downwards and you have to secure your grip. Climb to the top ledge and from here jump over to the left. Perform a double jump to scramble up the wall and reach the highest ledge. Here you traverse to the left and pull up. Balance across the narrow beam and from its end jump to the zip line.

You land in the rat-infested ruins of a warehouse and seem to have reached a dead end. Between the two gas tanks on the right you can find another crate with salvage. Have a look around what else you can use. You will find three lanterns, which you can pick up and throw. Fling one of them towards the barricade with the white cloth below the pipes. An opening in the wall is revealed. Step through.
A cut scene ensues.
Lara now has the Nagant Revolver at her disposal. Note: From now on you can choose all handguns you own (e.g. those that were part of pre-order bundles) at base camps. Take a few steps forward. Through the window you can see how a prisoner is being interrogates. Use the revolver to kill the two Trinity Soldiers with a headshot through the pane. An arrow would not have enough power to kill the enemy after destroying the glass.
Document (4/26) Before you climb through the opening, find the stack of pallets with a document lying on top. It's titled the The Iron Road from the set "Red Arrival". You will gain +15 XP and improve your Russian (+15 XP).
Now climb through the window. Unfortunately the prisoner dies as soon as you try talking to him. Right of the prisoner is a crate with salvage. On the right side of the room is a locked door you cannot open at the moment, as you are missing the lock pick. I will explore the room behind that door during the mission "Unlucky Ones". Instead open the door left of the prisoner using the axe. Step through. Immediately on the left is a crate with random resources. In the right corner you can find some Arrows and Handgun Ammunition. Now climb through the windows in the wall ahead.
A Cut Scene will prepare you for the coming fight.
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