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10. Prison Break

Version: 3rd revision Objective:
  • Find a way out of the cell
  • Create an exit
  • Escape the prison with Jacob
Finds*: 0/3 Tombs, 0/1 Missions, 0/4 Challenges, 1/14 Strongboxes, 0/2 Crypt Treasures, 1/18 Relics, 2/26 Documents, 0/12 Murals, 0/21 Survival Caches, 0/9 Coin Caches Region:Soviet Installation

Find a Way Out of the Cell

Now it this isn't a familiar scenario: locked up and weaponless; a real classic. Turn around and get into the left corner at the back wall. Pry loose the pipe from the wall. Now walk to the left wall and find the damaged part. Here you use the pipe, just like you would use the axe, to create a gap. Climb though and examine the chamber on the other side. On the table on the opposite wall Lara finds the Recurve Bow and the Rope, enabling her to use Rope Arrows from now on out. You're rewarded with +250 XP.

Create an Exit

Return to your cell. Use the rope arrows just like you would use a regular arrow (aim with LT, rope pull with RT), with the object wrapped in rope above the cell bars. Don't be confused that Lara has no arrow when aiming, one magically appears once you press RT, so just release it to use it. Climb through the newly created opening. In a short cut scene Lara will collect the rest of her gear and discuss with Jacob if she should free him. You'll get another +50 XP after their conversation. You will further get the achievement Strange Acquaintance (10G).

Escape the Prison with Jacob

Document (9/26): Turn around. On the desk you can find the next voice recorder titled Resistance, from the set "Operational Report". It will get you +15 XP.
Now walk towards the exit.
Relic (6/18): Before you step through, turn right. Here you will find a tiny chest with the next relic Cigarette Case, from the set "Red Army Officer". You will get +25 XP.
Follow Jacob through the door and down the stairs. At the end enter another room where you will find a slide projector. If you like, you can view all the available slide and listen to what Jacob has to say about them.
Document (10/26): Left of the projector is the next voice recorder. The recording is called Betrayal and it's from the set "Research Notes". It will reward you with +15 XP.
Strongbox (5/14): On the right wall, between the table and the filing cabinet you will find a Strongbox you can pry open using the axe. Inside you will find a Compound Bow Part (2/4) and you will gain +75 XP.
Gift of Alms: Right of the canvas screen you can find a container with random resources and a reward of +25 XP.
Then head to the other side, the left side, of the canvas screen, where you will find a locked door. You can pry it open using the axe. Before you head up the stairs, collect the crate with Salvage on the left. At the top of the stairs, climb up the ladder ahead. Next climb through the opening in the roof on the left to get outside.
The next cutscene will give you an idea what you'll have to deal with soon. A mass of Trinity soldiers.
Finishing the level will get you +150 XP.
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