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15. Shortcut

Version: 3rd revision Objective: Pass through the mountain to warn Jacob's people
  • Find a way through the mountain
  • Break through the door
Region: Abandoned Mines

Find a Way Through the Mountain

At the beginning you will be rewarded with +150 XP. Follow Jacob into the mine. While we walk along the tracks, he will tell Lara a bit of the background history of the mines. Duck under the girder and follow Jacob further. At the fork, squeeze through the gap in the fence on the left and go further along the tunnel, while you can hear Trinity soldiers hard at work somewhere close by. After squeezing through the horizontal gap a short cut scene is shown.
Trinity has activated the drill and Lara and Jacob get separated in a collapse of the tunnel.
Quickly run along the drill and into the tunnel. At the fork you are forced to take the right tunnel. Continue running, till you get out. You'll be rewarded with +500 XP. Squeeze through another horizontal gap and prepare to meet more soldiers.
There are three soldiers in this room. One is on the upper level on the left, the other two are over on the right. All their backs are turned, so you can pick them off quietly. Start with the Soldier on the right that stands at the back. Approach him and kill him with the axe. Then kill the Soldier fiddling with the lift controls. Last, shoot a poison arrow at the Soldier up top.

Survival Cache (1/3): Besides Mushrooms, a vein with Magnesite Ore and Rifle Ammunition, you can find a Survival Cache with random Resources and +25 XP on the left side, right of the light-grey rock.
Now get towards the lift controls and press the green Button. The lift will start moving but gets stuck. Turn around and get to the mine cart. Push it along the track towards the light-grey rocks. Now you can use it to get up onto the walkway above. On the table in the left corner Lara finds the Combat Knife and receives +100 XP.
From now on you can perform a rope cut. Stand next to a rope and press the Melee Button (Xbox: Y).
The path is blocked, so go to the pillar where the rope is tied and cut it loose. The dangling crate blocking the path will fall down. Collect the Herbs on the left and then jump over to the next ledge. Pull up. Walk to the lift shaft and cut the two ropes here. The lift will now fall down and you obtain +100 XP. Get back down and climb onto the roof of the lift. From here jump towards the handholds on the wall behind it. Face right and jump towards the climbable ice wall there. Use the axe to climb up. At the top jump over to the handholds of the elevator shaft on the left. Traverse around the left corner where you climb up, before you traverse left again. Jump over to the ledge on the left and pull up.
Document (1/5): On a stack of crates ahead you will find another document, a ledger titled Noble Efforts from the set "Soviet Power". It will improve Lara's Russian (+15 XP) and get you another +15 XP ein.
Run into the tunnel, where you can find Mushrooms. Step through the opening to reach parts of a much older structure. Near the corpse with the first statue you can find Coins (+2).
Document (2/5): By the second statue you will find a document. It is Missing Men from the set "Soviet Power". It will improve Lara's Russian (+15 XP) and reward her with +15 XP.
Continue down the passage. You will come to a collapsing floor. Quickly jump off it, to avoid the Spike Trap below. Continue forwards and step through the next opening in the wall. Run up the stairs. You will come to another base camp, Pantheon Corridor-Gang. You will get +25 XP. This camp is unlocked even for Survivors. If you sit down you will also receive the Camp Journal Lost.
Mural (1/1): On the right wall, directly next to the base camp in another mural, a mosaic titled The Prophet's Arrival. It will improve Lara's Greek (+25 XP).
Run up the stairs and you will get another +250 XP.

Break Through the Door

Run down the next set of stairs and around the corner to the left. You will come to an area with two soldiers ahead and another four on the right.
Combat Details
To get through relatively unharmed, you should try to kill as many enemies as possible without getting detected. First take care of the Soldier at the back; since he is moving a lot, I found it easiest to sneak up to him and kill him will the newly acquired knife. We will deal with the Armoured Soldier examining the wall next. Since he is wearing a helmet, a headshot is out of the question. Again a stealth kill using the knife is a good idea. Now for the other four in the area on the right. One by the water, another working on a generator on the left and two are standing near the edge. Again start with the one at the back. Since the one on the generator tends to notice when you simply sneak up to his comrade, sneak towards the wooden crate just behind him, pick up a can and throw it over to the right wall. Remain in the middle be hind the cover, so as not to be seen. The Soldier will go over and investigate, giving you the opportunity to kill him. Now you are clear to sneak up to the Soldier on the left. Since it is too much trouble to try and separate the two Soldiers near the edge, simply shoot a poison arrow between them.

Now you can take a look around.
Resources: In the first area you can find Rifle Ammunition, Handgun Ammunition, a basket with Herbs and a crate of Salvage.
Document (3/5): Near the salvage, on the left side (north-west) of the first area, you can find another ledger on a table. It is Resistance from the set "Soviet Power". It will improve Lara's Russian (+15 XP) and reward her with +15 XP.
Resources: In the second area you can find three times Hardwood, a box with random Resources and Handgun Ammunition.
Strongbox (1/2): In the left alcove, near the generator where one of the soldiers could be found, you will find a Strongbox. Inside is the Crafting Tool, which will unlock a new tier of weapon upgrades. You'll receive +125 XP.
Now head towards the chasm.
Document (4/5): On the left, on a stack of crates you will find another document, a ledger called Radio Silence from the set "Soviet Power". It improves Lara's Russian (+15 XP) and grant +15 XP.
Now take a closer look at the canon with the rope attached to it. Step onto the wooden jutting ledge and from there jump towards the rope. Climb over to the other side. I did advice you to buy the rope ascender, didn't I? ;-) In that case you only have to press Interact (Xbox: X) to get to the other side quickly. On the left side of the door you can find Mushrooms, and again near the truck at the edge. From the ramp at the edge on the right side of the gate, jump onto the zip line leading to the lorry on the other side. Fasten your grip on the rear bumper and quickly traverse to the left to reach the stone ledge and climb up. Run up the bridge, till you reach the trailer with the rubble. Push it to the right and into the abyss. Then run up to the rope winch. Stand next to it and turn around. Tether the winch to the rope attached to another trailer with rubble right in front of the lorry, using a rope arrow. Now stand next to the crank and use the axe to turn it clockwise, as far as you can. Release the crank, walk towards the rope and use the combat knife to cut it. The trailer will race down the hill, crash into the lorry.
The Lorry goes over the edge and tears the right beam from the large gate. Lara almost falls into the abyss.
Pull up again. Go around the ice wall on the left side and then turn right. Pull up onto the platform where you can find some Herbs, and then use the rope to climb to the other side. You are now in a circular passage, follow the path around and climb down. Here you can pick up some Mushrooms. Climb down into the dome, at the front of a cathedral, below. You will not remain undetected and a group of Soldiers with explosives will attack you. Make good use of the poison arrows. After the first wave has been dealt with more arrive. The next wave wears tougher armour but since I advised you to use poison arrows, it won't make a difference. One of the arrivals has a weapon with lasersight. Once all foes are dealt with, take a look around inside the cathedral. You can find Rifle Ammunition, Handgun Ammunition, Herbs and Hardwood. When coming from the dome, examine the right corner to find some Coins (+2) in the alcove.
Survival Cache (2/3): Run over to the left side (north-west). Under the arched structure you can find another Survival Cache with random Resources and +25 XP at the right end.
Monolith: Run outside at the back of the cathedral. Here you will find a Monolith. You'll obtain +10 XP just for finding it. Examine the monolith to reveal coin caches on the map and to get another +25 XP.
Gift of Alms: Behind the monolith you can find a container with random Resources, worth +25 XP.
Coin Cache (1/3): Take a look at the map and you'll discover that the next coin cache is right underneath the dome at the other end of the cathedral. Return there and find the opening in the wall where you came down, which is right of the lamp. To the right of it you can find the Coin Cache, containing Coins (+7) and rewarding you with +25 XP.
Now head back into the main area of the cathedral. At the end look to the left and run down the stairs you find there. The stairs turn into a slide and Lara has to jump off to avoid the Spike Trap. Use the axe to attach to the Ice Wall. Climb up. Run down the tunnel.
Relic (1/1): At the T-junction turn left. There are some Mushrooms on the right. And in the alcove at the back there is a box with another relic on a crate in the left corner. It is A Father's Sword from the set "The Athanatoi", which will reward you with +25 XP. Turn the sword around to examine the broken blade and gather more information which will improve your Greek (+15 XP).
Now head into the other direction, from the T-junction to the right. You will reach the edge of a large spike pit. Jump onto the column in front of you, on to the second one and then slightly right to reach safe ground. Here you will find Mushrooms.
Coin Cache (2/3): Run towards the spotlight in the corner ahead. Here you will find the next Coin Cache buried. You will obtain +25 XP and Coins (+7). Further there are some Arrows to be found leaning against the wall.
Explorer's Satchel: From the coin cache turn right. But careful, the floor is unstable and there is a Spike Trap underneath. In the alcove behind you will find a backpack with a Map of Strongboxes and Survival Caches. You'll obtain +50 XP. Then collect the Coins (+2) on the right, before you hop back across the spike pit and return to the left.
Now turn towards the exit and step into the tunnel. Use the rope pull to tear down the barrier. Follow the passage revealed behind it.
Document (5/5): After a few steps, you can find an alcove up on the left in which you can climb up. Here you will find a basket with Herbs and a crate with Salvage on the right. On the left, atop a wooden crate you can find the next document, a ledger called Broken Tracks from the set "Soviet Power". You will obtain +15 XP and improve your Russian +30 XP (+30, because it is the last one of the set). Climb back down into the passage.
Follow the passage further and watch out for the next collapsible floor with a Spike Trap below it.
Gift of Alms: On the other side you will find a container with random Resources, rewarding you with +25 XP.
Turn around and look to the left wall (south) above the spike pit. There you will see a climbable ice wall. Jump towards it and use the axe to climb upwards. This area should be familiar to you, you are back where you encountered the baddies after the base camp. Reinforcements have arrived and they will spot you right away, once you come out of the opening.
Combat Details
Try to deal with the Soldier with the shield first. I'd recommend retreating to the back, in the direction of the base camp. Here you use a poison arrow, or the dodge counter to finish the enemy with the shield. Others, with rifles, might come after you, kill them any way you see fit. Then step out again and look up to a ledge on the opposite wall, one or two Soldiers can be seen standing up there, next to an explosive barrel, which you can use to your advantage.
Coin Cache (3/3): There is a Coin Cache here that you passed earlier, not knowing where it was and thus unable to collect it. Run back into the passage leading towards the base camp. In the left corner, before you turn right and head up the short set of stairs, you can dig it up. You will obtain Coins (+7) and +25 XP.
If you like, you can go to the base camp and improve your skills or weapons, if you have skill points and salvage to spare. Then return to the first chamber with the water pool. Now find the newly arrived ladder on the north-east wall, indicated by the red flares. Climb upwards.
Strongbox (2/2): Using the lock pick, you can open the Strongbox on the left. Inside you will find a Submachine Gun Component (4/4), earning you +50 XP. The SMG can now be equipped at base camps, where you will earn another +100 XP.
Survival Cache (3/3): On the right side, close to the strongbox, you can find the last Survival Cache of the region, containing random Resources and +25 XP.
You've now completed the Abandoned Mines 100%. There is no need to return here later.
Now scramble up the wall left of the survival cache.
Map: On the crate on the left you can find the next Archivist Map, which contains the locations of documents, murals and relic. Totally useless, since we've already found everything.
Jump towards the next platform. From here jump towards the rope and slide down towards the crane.
The cut scene shows you a giant bucket attached to the crane which will fall into the abyss, partially pulling away the next barrier of the large gate.
Traverse around the corner to the right. Pull up and run across the arm of the crane. At the end jump towards the grate slightly left and run though the opening on the right. Here you can climb down to the right.
Resources: Run towards the edge. On the left side you can find a crate with random Resources.
Now approach the cart running on tracks. Push it along towards the edge. Stop when you are parallel to the bucket. Stand next to the cart and shoot a rope arrow towards the bucket to tether it to the winch. The rope should now run right through the stream of water. If not, move the cart around, till it does. Lara will make a comment when she thinks that the alignment is perfect. Now stand on the left side, by the crank and use the axe to turn it clockwise until the bucket is right underneath the stream and fills with water.
This will cause the crane to collapse down into the abyss and tear an opening into the gate.
Now you have to be quick, since the area around Lara collapses. Run forward to the crane, jump to the ledge, pull up and run along. Jump over the gap and then jump again once you reach the end. Quickly continue up the stairs and jump into the opening, before it collapses. This is no mine. It's a tomb.
A longer cut scene follows.
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