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16. Warming Up

Enter the Valley

Resources: Turn around and walk around the statue of the Prophet. In front of its feet you can find some Coins (+2). Now examine the niches on the sides. Near the eastern one, on its right side you can find a crate with salvage. In the western alcove, behind the statue is a second crate with salvage.
Now head down the stairs behind the statue. At the bottom of the stairs turn right. Careful there is a Spike Trap just up ahead. Get into the water and dive through the tunnel. Catch your breath in the cave before you dive into the next tunnel. Do not get confused by all the forks, you basically have to dive straight on, so if you've evaded a rock formation to the left, swim to the right after that and vice versa. Surface again at the other end and climb the stairs.
Geothermal Valley
Follow the path all the way onto a large square. Here you can find some Rifle Ammunition, and at the back wall on the elevated ledge, some Arrows. Head up the stairs on the left und jump across the gap. At the top of the stairs, you take the zip line down.
A lengthy cut scene ensues. Sofia and her followers are "happy" to see Lara again. But Jacob arrives and mediates between the parties.
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