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17. Prepare for Battle

Version: 2nd draft Objective: Search for the connection to the past
  • Investigate the valley
Region: Geothermal Valley

Investigate the Valley

You'll obtain +50 XP.
You are now within the next hub level and can do quite a few things on the side, like fulfilling missions and challenges, hunting for secrets, and exploring tombs. If you'd just like to continue playing, you can do so here: continue with the story.
Strongbox (1/8): In case you reload the checkpoint, you will be placed at the base camp, in that case turn around and run up the stairs to reach the first three items. Directly in front of you on the left side is a Strongbox you can pry open using the axe. Inside you will find a Bolt Action Rifle Component (2/4) and you receive +75 XP.
Survival Cache (1/20): In the alcove on the opposite side (right of the path), in the corner, you can find the next Survival Cache. It provides you with random Resources and +25 XP.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" (1/8): From where you are, look up behind you. Dangling from the left corner of the ruined arch you can see Target. Shoot the red dot in the mittle (regular arrow) to start the next challenge and obtain +25 XP.
Head down the stairs to discover the next base camp Valley Farmstead, for which you earn +25 XP. When you sit down, which costs you 3 hardwood on Survivor difficulty, you'll get the next Camp Journal, The Greater Good.
Relic (1/13): Not far from the base camp, near the Remnant studying a map, under the canopy you can find a box with the next relic. It is the Planter Vase from the set "Time of Adaption". You obtain +25 XP.
Relic (2/13): Now head from the base camp towards the edge where you can see the burning signal fire and then down the stairs to the left. Slip through the arches on the right side to find the passage behind. Follow it down to the right. At the end you will find a barricaded door you can open using the rifle. Inside head to the left wall where you will find a boy containing a Bear Carving from the set "The Early Inhabitants". It will reward you with +25 XP.
Map: In the same chamber, on a table on the right side, you will find the next Archivist Map (for documents and murals).
Gift of Alms: Before you leave the chamber, grab the container with random Resources and +25 XP. Then exit and head up the stairs again.
Let's now explore the village. From the stairs turn left to get to the village.
Document (1/33): Search the first hut on the right, the house of the smith. On the small table at the left end you will find a document. It is Winter from the 'Pages of the Ledger", which till improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and bring her +15 XP. In the small shack in front of the hut you can find a crate with random Resources.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" (2/8): Look from the door of the shack up towards the birch tree right of the pumpkin patch, where the next Target is waiting to be shot down for +25 XP.
Resources: Run behind the small shack and climb up near the pumpkins and step through the fence on the left. You are at the foot of some stairs leading back to the base camp. On the right is a destructible barrier which you can tear down using the rifle. Step inside the cave. Still in the entrance you can break some Magnesite Ore from the wall. Head down into the cave. Here you will find some Coins (+2) on the right, Mushrooms in the middle and more Coins (+2) on the left. Leave the cave again and return to the village square.
Monolith: Run to the end of the pumpkin patch. Above it you can find the next Monolith. You will get +10 XP for just discovering it. Decode it and you will get a map for some coin caches and +25 XP.
Coin Cache (1/9): As so often, the next Coin Cache isn't far off. Hop down across the pumpkin patch and towards the small shack nearby (the left one). On its left side, next to a rotting wooden cart, you can dig up the Coin Cache. You obtain Coins (+7) and +25 XP.
Challenge "Fowl Play": On the other side of this shack you will find an empty chicken coop. The chicken are loose in the town square. It is your task to round them all (or at least 5) up and return them to the pen. To catch a chicken, run up next to it and press interact (Xbox: X, PC: E). If you sprint (Xbox: left stick button, PC: Shift) it's easier to catch up to a chicken. Bring any captured chicken to the pen and drop it there. You can also throw them inside. As always, press aim (Xbox: LT, PC: right mouse button), do the actual aiming (Xbox: right stick, PC: mouse) and throw it (Xbox: RT, PC: left mouse button). Repeat this five times. You will obtain +25 XP for each of the first four chicken. For the last you will obtain +150 XP and 2000 Credits.
Document (2/33): Now step into the hut in the middle of the town square, the hut of the cook. On a table by the wall - when coming through the door by the shack, left - you can find a document titles Spring from the set "Pages of the Ledger", which will improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and get you +15 XP. On the rood of the hut you can collect some Feathers. The easiest way up is up the crates by the shack and across the roof of the shack.
Achievement (Xbox One) "For My Next Trick": While you are here, you might as well perform a dive into the well. Run across the lower part of the roof and from the corrugated iron part, perform a dive down into the well. Please also check out my video for this part. This move may also be performed from the top of the large stone tower. But from the hut it's much easier and it can be done now, instead of later, when you have the necessary gear to scale the large tower.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" (3/8): Get to the stone tower. When you look up to it while standing near the well, you can see another Target on the right. Shoot its red dot to obtain +25 XP.
Document (3/33): Now climb into the stone watchtower. In the left corner you will find a document lying on the ground. The ancient scroll is named Fire on the Horizon, it's from the set "Voices of Invasion". Reading it will improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and she obtains +15 XP.
Strongbox (2/8): Also in the stone watchtower is a Strongbox that can be opened using the lock pick. Inside Lara will find a Heavy Pistol Part (1/4) and she will get +50 XP as reward.
Document (4/33): Now run towards the edge left of the watchtower, where two Remnant are. One is watching the valley below, the other is trying to fix a two way radio. Between the two, on the ground, lies the next scroll titled The Mourning from the set "The Days After". Lara will improve Greek (+15 XP) and you will get +15 XP. If you like, you can sit down on the nearby chair to rest for a moment.
Challenge "Hung Out to Dry" (1/6): Continue towards the wooden watchtower further left, where two Remnant are working. Examine the tree stump in front to find that a rope with a Rabbit has been attached to it. Cut the rope using the combat knife. You obtain +25 XP. Don't forget to collect its hide.
Document (5/33): Now, before accepting the mission at the watchtower, head upstream to the left. The narrow path near the pumpkin patch will lead you to a hunting area. On the left, underneath the white canopy you will find the next document on a crate. It is On the Smallest Prey from the set "Ways of the Valley" and will improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and award her with +15 XP.
Challenge "Hung Out to Dry" (2/6): Immediately to the right of the canopy is another Rabbit that can be cut down. You'll obtain +25 XP.
Document (6/33): From the canopy turn to the right. We won't follow the path up on left for now. Instead run towards the climbable tree on the right. Jump up its branches and from the upper one, the one Lara can crouch on, jump towards the platform on the right. Here lies the document On Local Birds from the set "Ways of the Valley". It will improve your Greek (+15 XP) and get you +15 XP.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" (4/8): Before you climb back down, look towards the waterfall. Up on its left side you can see a three with another Target to shoot. Be warned, Xbox 360 players, you won't be able to shoot the target from here, sometimes it would not show and if it does, you won't be able to shoot it; the dot won't turn red. Hop down and stand underneath the wooden mast, then look up to the tree and you will be able to spot and shoot the target. Shoot it for +25 XP. Then climb back down.
Mural (1/4): At the foot of the high stone pillar, on the side facing the waterfall, you can find a round mural titled The Long Exodus, from the set "Byzantine Inscriptions". It will improve Lara's Greek +25 XP.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" 5/8: Head back towards the village square. Get near the wooden watchtower behind the hut of the cook. There you will spot a wooden walkway leading out onto the river. When you look over to the other side, you can see another Target dangling from the other part of the walkway. Shoot it to obtain +25 XP. (If you have trouble shooting it from here, you can also try it from the shore or from the rock within the water.)
Challenge Tomb "House of the Afflicted": If you're not there yet, head down the stairs onto the wooden walkway. Follow it and jump across the gaps. Alternatively you can get down to the rock in the water and hop up to the last part of the walkway from there. Step onto the yellow marking at the end of the walkway and use a rope arrow to swing to the other side.
Explorer's Satchel: Immediately on the left lies an Explorer's Satchel with a map of Map with Survival Caches, Crypts and caves, that will reward you with +50 XP.
Continue along the path and ready your poison arrows before you crawl through the gap in the wall. On the other side you will be attacked by four wolves an. After you've finished them, collect their hide. On the right edge you can also collect some Herbs.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" 6/8: On the right side (facing towards the valley below) you can see the next Target dangling from a tree. Use the bow to hit the red dot and gain +25 XP.
Now head over to the left side where you can pry open the door using the axe. Step into the area behind and head up the passage. On the other side the path leads down again. Turn left and at the end to the right, to get through the narrowing passage. On the other end you will find Coins (+5) on the right. Squeeze through the narrow gap in the wall and Lara will move forwards crouching. Wade through the water towards the stairs.
Survival Cache (2/20): Near the old well, on its right, so left of the right set of stairs, you will find a Survival Cache with random Resources, which rewards you with +25 XP.
Now head up the right stairs and turn left into the passage.
Relic (3/13): Here you will find a tiny chest with a Belt Buckle from the set "The Athanatoi". You obtain +25 XP.
At the end of the passage turn left. You will come upon the base camp Infirmary which rewards you with +35 XP.
Document (7/33): In the left niche, left of the red-brown floor grate, you will find the document Last Parting from the set "House of the Afflicted". It will improve your Greek (+15 EP) and rewards you with +15 XP.
Gift of Alms: Further you can find a container with Resources and +25 XP on the right.
Head out into the yard.
Survival Cache (3/20): Run next to the stairs on the right. Here you will find another Survival Cache with random Resources, which will reward you with +25 XP. Further you can find some Mushrooms and a nest with Feathers which can be shot down.
Explorer's Satchel: This next map and the survival cache are easy to miss. Get into the water on the right and dive down into the left corner and dive through the tunnel. Follow the bend to the right and surface at the end. Here you can find the Explorer's Satchel with a Map. You'll obtain +50 XP.
Survival Cache (4/20): Here you will also find the next Survival Cache with Resources and a reward of +25 XP. Dive back into the main chamber.
Head to the side opposite the entrance.
Relic (4/13): Besides Mushrooms and Herbs you will be able to find a tiny chest with a relic, the Necklace from the set "Icons of Kitezh". You obtain +25 XP.
Now head over to the depression on the left. Down there you will find a container with Resources and +25 XP, you should pick up, before you stand on the wooden platform and get out the bow. Shoot a rope arrow towards the hook covered in rope to tether it to the wooden platform you are standing on. Climb back up. Head back over to the other side and look towards the mechanism on the right. In the alcove with the wooden floor you can find a movable cart. Stand behind it and push it out. Then run over to the counter-weight left of this cart and look up. If you look closely, you can spot a lever with rope attached on the right. Make sure you aren't standing on the wooden platform and then use a rope arrow to pull the lever. The counter-weight will fill with water which lowers it, the wooden platform in turn moved upwards. Now you have to be fast. While standing next to the bucket, use a rope arrow to tether it to the cart you just pulled out. Now that's done, head up the stairs on the other side and at the top jump across the gaps using the horizontal bars to swing across. Next jump along the row of platforms. From the last one jump towards the handhold at the wall. Traverse to the right and cross the gap with a jump. At the end pull up.
Document (8/33): Immediately on the left lies a document titled Hinterlands from the set "House of the Afflicted". It will improve your language skills Greek (+30 XP) and your regular skills by +15 XP.
Head into the chamber.
Gift of Alms and Resources: On the right you will find a crate as well as a container with Resources. The latter will reward you with +25 XP. On the left you can find some Mushrooms and Herbs.
Map On the table on the right you can find the next Archivist Map for documents and murals.
Then examine the codex to obtain the skill Fast Healer, +50 XP and 10.000 Credits. Leave the chamber again and at the exit use the zip line on the left to get down. Exit towards the base camp. From here follow the path back outside. On the way squeeze through the narrow gap and return to the yard where you met the wolves. Here you crawl back through the low gap. Since we want to get back to the upper village, use the rope arrow to swing across and follow the wooden walkway in the river. Otherwise you could create a zip line between the pillar here and the rope coil below to slide down.
Challenge "Bull's-Eye" 7/8: Now get towards the wooden watchtower and look up. Here you will find another Target to shoot down for +25 XP.
Mission "Defensive Strategy": Now talk with the Remnant at the wooden watchtower and accept the mission he has for you. You have to collect four pieces of hardwood and four hides. If you've been collecting throughout the game you may already have everything you need, unless you used up these resources when crafting. In that case you have to go hunting and gathering. Down in the valley you should be able to find deer and wood.
Deer Hunt and Hardwood Gathering
(You only have to do this part, if you are still missing resources.) While this mission is active, the hunting ground for deer will be marked by a green pulsating circle on your map. Follow the river downwards and use the zip line to get into the valley. Here you head over to the right, till you meet deer. Hunt as many as necessary to gather the required hide. Hardwood can be picked from nearby shrubs. Once you've gotten everything, return to the wooden watchtower above the valley. Near the river you can find a couple of wooden walkways with a ladder that will get you back up.
Resources for the First Tower
Talk towards the remnant builder and he will tell you to deposit half of the resources into the basket in the left corner and to bring the rest to a tower in the valley below. Approach the basket up here and place the required resources inside by standing in front of it and pressing Interaction (Xbox: X, PC: E).
Resources for the Second Tower
Now head down the stairs left of the watchtower. (If you've been in the valley for the resources, you know the way.) Use the zip line to get down into the valley.
Challenge "Hung Out to Dry" (3/6): The rope ends near a wooden platform on top of a rock formation. Round it to the left and you will find the next rabbit you can cut down for +25 XP.
Turn right and follow the path. Ignore all paths leading off to the left and you will reach a hut at the cliffs. At this hut you can start another mission, if you like. To keep it simple I will describe that at a later point. Behind the hut you will find the next wooden watchtower. The basket where you need to place the resources is attached to the outer edge, below a hunting trophy; some antlers. Place the resources inside. At the top of the tower is a platform that can be used to perform a swan dive, alas there is no ladder attached to the tower, as - until now - the Remnant did not have the resources to rebuild it. So you need to come back in a short while.
Finishing the Mission
Now it's time to return to the upper part of the village to talk to the Remnant who gave you this mission. Run back towards the river and climb back up. Talk to the Remnant to obtain the Battle Worn Outfit. Further you will be rewarded with +250 XP and 3000 Credits.
Mission "Surveillance Disruption": Get down into the valley and head over to the right, towards the hut at the cliff, near the second wooden watchtower. As I mentioned above, you could do this while still in the previous mission.
Challenge "High Diving" (1/4) Before accepting the mission, if you've finished the previous one, you can fulfil part of the next challenge at the wooden watchtower now. Bow, that you have completed the Mission "Defensive Strategy" you can find a ladder attached to the tower, that has been repaired with the resources you provided. Climb up. At the top you will find a red marked ramp that can be used to perform a dive into the water. Press jump (Xbox: X) followed by the button for the swan dive (Xbox: RT OR B) to fulfil the first part for High Diving. You will obtain +25 XP.
Talk to the remnant at the hut. She will ask you to help with stopping the Trinity surveillance by shooting down the drones. Accept the mission.
Map: Step into the hut. When entering through the front door, you will find the Archivist Map, with document and mural locations, immediately on the left.
The order in which you shoot down the drones doesn't matter, so you don't have to follow this guide to the letter.
First Drone
The first drone can be found flying around the hut. Go to the eastern side of the hut, where the little shack is. Climb onto its roof, using the boulder located behind the shack, to get a better position for shooting. To locate the drone liste for its whirring noise and look out for the red or blue light emitted by it. Occasionally the drone will turn and remain stationary for short moment. During this time you can easily shoot it down using an arrow. If you're having no luck with the bow, use a pistol or a rifle.
Document (9/33): Now examine the little shack. Inside you will find the document A New Day from the set "Diary of the Resistance", lying on a small dresser. Collecting it will improve Lara's Greek (+15 XP) and obtain +15 XP.
Second Drone
Check out the map and you can find the next drone to the west (left) of your current position. This means you turn right, when facing the water. Head over there to locate the drone. You will find yourself in the hunting grounds of a large wild cat, so I recommend you head up the fallen tree trunk and jump towards the platform in the trees to shoot the cat from above. On this platform you may find a dead deer providing you with a pelt.
Survival Cache (5/20): At the lower end of the fallen tree trunk, in the grass, you can locate one of the Survival Caches which will reward you with Resources and +25 XP.
Once again locate the drone by listening for its whirring and looking out for the lights. The drone can be shot down from the platform in the tree.
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