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Endurance Mode is part of the Season Pass or can be bought individually for the initial price of $9.99, 9.99 or 6.99. In this mode the player has to collect artefacts while surviving the harsh conditions in Siberia. One has to actively search for food and warm up at fires, and the nights get pretty rough.


... on the Xbox One

A little reminder: To download/install this pack to your Xbox One, first go to "My games & apps", there highlight "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and press the menu button (the right one, the one with the three lines), choose "Manage game". On the page that opens you should be able to see which content you own and install whatever you are missing, in this case "Endurance Mode".

... on the PlayStation 4

As the Endurance DLC is part of the 20 Year Celebration, the only version available on the PlayStation, it is part of the game and will install automatically.

Getting Started

Once you have bought, downloaded and installed the game, choose "Expeditions". Here you change the mode to "Endurance" (once to the left from Score Attack; CHANGES: or twice if you have obtained "Cold Darkness Awakened"). If you are new, you pick "Tutorial", otherwise choose "Siberian Wilderness" and any difficulty, that suits you. Afterwards pick challenges depending on your target goal, see Achieving Targets for more details. Pick Expedition Cards with one eye on your target and the other on your personal skills.

Achieving Targets

You should debate what your target in this mode is. If you want to reach a nice score, you may want to pick a higher difficulty, if you want to survive for a long time and/or get the Achievements/Trophies without too much fuss, choose a lower one. If in doubt, pick Tomb Raider.

Playing Endurance


One of the most important things when playing Endurance is getting food. In the top left corner of the screen is a circular gauge with a cutlery icon. The inner circle should be green, when Lara is well fed. It can drain to nothing however, if you don't gather enough food while in the wilderness. Unlike the warmth gauge the food gauge has a reserve, a bar curving around the right side of the circle. By filling this, you will gain more time until Lara goes hungry and suffers from the consequences by getting weak and losing the ability to sprint.
  • Game - Hunt animals like birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, boards, wolves, wild cats and bears for food. Sometimes you may also find deer carcasses left behind by other predators that still offer food.
  • Plants - Collect berries and herbs from bushes or baskets.
  • Rations - Trinity Soldiers have spread their own food rations around their camps. Here you may find bundles or cases with food.


The other important thing besides food is keeping warm. In the top left corner of the screen you will find a circular gauge with a fire icon inside. This is usually green but can drain from green to yellow, to red to nothing in which case Lara risks hypothermia and ultimately death. Before you get this far however, she will get weak, lose the ability to sprint and will start stumbling around. So you need to keep an eye on it and try to keep it in the greens.
  • Oil Lamps are the cheapest and easiest way to keep warm. Lara can carry them almost anywhere (unless she has to climb), drop them when collecting resources or fighting off enemies to pick them up again afterwards. If suffices to stand next to an oil lamp to keep warm. (If not, please make sure that your game is updated to the latest version, as there were occasional issues with this in earlier versions, in my case on the Xbox One.) Oil lamps are primarily found during night time at enemy camps, shelters and ruins.
  • Burning Barrels are another free source of warmth. These are often found at enemy camps or sometimes as landmarks in the wilderness. Lara can warm up standing next to them.
  • Base Camps are the obvious source for warmth and can be found at every crypt (in the entrance cave), ruin (underneath a half-dome shaped roof at one corner) and shelter (at one of two entrances to the shelter), and sometimes at enemy camps. To light a base camp however you need resources in the form of wood (5), so it's not a free source of warmth.
  • Signal Fires are intended for extraction from the area, however, in a pinch, you may choose to light one of these to warm up and then simply decide to keep the helicopter waiting if you want to continue playing. However, lighting a signal fire will almost certainly attract opponents, so choose this option with caution. Also, you need cloth (5) and oil (5) to light it.
  • Fire Arrows are the most brutal way to gain warmth. Shoot at the ground and then step into the fire to trade health for warmth. Be ready to use bandages to keep from dying.
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