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Challenges (under constr.)

Please note that this section is under construction. All (!) challenges can also be found within the walkthrough, where I've gotten around to translating it. Since it can be a pain to find every item within the complete walkthrough, I will provide this separate list. (Please have patience, the translation of the walkthrough from German to English and the third revision of the text has priority.)


Please note you cannot replay Syria unless you have beaten the game.

Syria can be found in the bottom left (south-west) corner of the map, of course. The target base camp for all of the challenge items in Syria is "Syrian Tomb", the one furthest on the right (east) in Syria.

Hang 'Em High
Challenge Objective: Shoot down the gold incense burners.
Necessary Equipment: /
Guide: You need to shoot down 7 incense burners. Note that Lara cannot shoot while swimming in this game.
  1. The first burner is located in the south-west of the large chamber with the tomb of the Prophet, facing north. This would be immediately to the left (above) upon entering the chamber for the first time, or through the water and on the right when coming here from the base camp "Syrian Tomb". The burner is dangling between a column and the wall.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  2. The second burner, just like the previous one, is found in the south-west corner of the large chamber, but facing south. Upon entering the chamber for the first time, turn to the right. When coming from the base camp "Syrian Tomb", I recommend you either stand where the first burner was or where you can find a little relic chest further east of the burner, since you can not shoot it down swimming. The burner is dangling right next to the second column.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  3. The third incense burner is located in the north corner of the chamber with the tomb. When going for this challenge item during the regular playthrough a good spot to shoot it from would be after you raised the water level for the second time, left of the tower with the dome atop, where there is a coin cache. When doing this as part of the replay, you may as well stay inside the tower when coming from the nearby base camp "Syrian Tomb". Either way, you are now south of the target and need to look up to the north. There you can see a large arch that is lit up. The burner is dangling from the arch.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  4. The fourth burner is located in the middle of the area, inside the tower with the dome atop. It's on the level right below the one with the dome. When going for this burner during the regular playthrough, you might as well shoot it from the same spot as the third one (where there is a coin cache). When coming from the base camp "Syrian Tomb" simply jump onto the large column in the south. Either way, face south to look at the tower from the north. Look up and shoot the burner.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  5. The fifth incense burner is located in the east corner of the area, located behind the tower. Get to the ground level and behind the tower. Look up on the right side where the incense burner is dangling from an arch. (When going for this item in the regular playthough, I describe it as seen from a coin cache, in which case you would be looking down and the item would be on the left.)
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  6. The sixth burner can be found in the south corner of the area, by the small pool of water. It is dangling from the large arch in the middle. If you're coming from the base camp "Syrian Tomb" you won't have to climb down, you can spot it from the chamber with the camp when hopping across the spike trap and looking out to the south.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

  7. The final burner is not far from the central tower with the dome. From there you have to look up to the north-west. When jumping the spike trap during the regular playthrough, or when coming from the base camp "Syrian Tomb" jump towards the larger column and look up to the left to spot it.
    [read in walkthrough] [view in video]

Reward: +25 XP for the first six, +150 XP and 2000 Credits for the final incense burner.

Siberian Wilderness

The Siberian Wilderness is found near the south-west end of the Siberian location on the map. It is the second from the left. Your target base camp is "Wilderness Refuge".

Grab and Go
Challenge Objective:
Necessary Equipment: /
Guide: This challenge is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is kill and then loot three Trinity soldiers. Killing the first two will be on your to-do list anyway. You loot corpses by pressing X. Reward: +25 XP for the first two, +150 XP and 2000 Credits for the third looted corpse.
Level(s): Best Laid Plans

Soviet Installation

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