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Cold Darkness Awakened

"Cold Darkness Awakened", a DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider was released on 29 March 2016. It is part of the Season Pass or can be bought individually for the initial price of $9.99, 9.99 or 6.99.

In this mode the player has to shut down a decommissioned Cold War research base which has been breached and is unleashing a deadly affliction, forcing the Trinity soldiers to turn into bloodthirsty killers. The main focus lies on solving the puzzles inside three towers to then take down the central core, while overcoming the waves of infected enemies.

For a guide on how to shut down a base, check out our blog article on (Tumblr).


... on the Xbox One

A little reminder: To download/install this pack to your Xbox One, first go to "My games & apps", there highlight "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and press the menu button (the right one, the one with the three lines), choose "Manage game". On the page that opens you should be able to see which content you own and install whatever you are missing, in this case "Cold Darkness Awakened".

... on the PlayStation 4

As the Cold Darkness DLC is part of the 20 Year Celebration, the only version available on the PlayStation, it is part of the game and will install automatically.

Getting Started

Once Cold Darkness Awakened has been installed, choose "Expeditions" from the Main Menu. Here you change the mode to "Cold Darkness" (once to the left from Score Attack; or after the arrival of "Lara's Nightmare, if you have purchased that, too, two to the left from Score Attack). If you are new, you pick "Tutorial", otherwise choose "New Game" and any difficulty (Adventurer, Tomb Raider, Seasoned Raider, or Survivor) that suits you.

Achieving Targets

You should debate what your intended target in this mode is. If you want to reach a nice score, you may want to pick a higher difficulty, if you want to get the Achievements out of the way, choose a lower one.
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