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Trophy Guide


Step 1: Complete the Story

Start playing the story, preferably on "Survivor" to safe yourself from having to do another playthrough, and collect all items as good as you can as it will get you XP - and thus Skill Points - to level up and Coins to buy items at the Supply Shack that can be found a few hours in.

There are many misc trophies that can be grabbed throughout the playthrough. You may also choose to integrate the Baba Yaga DLC into your playthrough.

Trophies that may be earned during this step:

Step 2: Clean Up (Collectibles, Missions, Challenges, and Misc)

Now it's time to collect all items you have missed during your main playthrough and collect misc trophies. If you followed Step 1 to the letter, this step is obsolete.

Step 3: Expeditions

Base Game (Visible)

Difficulty: 1/10
"Firestarter" is one of the misc combat trophies that you will probably get without even trying. Obviously the earliest opportunity to get this trophy is after learning to craft Molotov Cocktails in the level Alone Again.

"Defeat 2 enemies or more using a single Molotov Cocktail"
One-Sided Conversation
Difficulty: 1/10
"One-Sided Conversation" is another hard-to-miss trophy.

To achieve this trophy, you need to quietly kill a Trinity soldier that is talking on his two-way radio.

If you miss this trophy during the regular playthough, load up "Expeditions" from the main menu and choose Chapter Replay.

The first opportunity to achieve this is in the level Best Laid Plans. After a cutscene where Lara is woken up during the night, you find yourself sitting on the branch of a tree. The second enemy that approaches it talking on his radio. Hide in the bushes until he is close, then stealth kill him. If you manage to do it quickly, the trophy is yours.

A second opportunity is during the level Among the Enemy. After examining (or ignoring) the crypt at the foot of the zipline, you will come across a single soldier using his radio.
"Stealth kill an enemy while he is having a conversation"
Reading the Past
Difficulty: 1/10
"Reading the Past" is a trophy that can be achieved early in the game, or even as the first. This trophy is almost unmissable since you come across multiple monoliths during the playthrough. To fulfil the requirements for this trophy, and translate a monolith you have to reach the required language proficiency in a certain language. In order to do so you need to read Murals and Documents or examine Relics to find clues in one of the three languages ("Greek", "Mongolian", "Russian").

In the second level The Lost Tomb, taking place in Syria, you will be introduced to monoliths. Close by you will find three murals, and not far off a fourth one. When you examine at least three of these, your language proficiency "Greek level 1 will be completed and you will be able to translate the monolith.
"Translate one Monolith."
English Pedigree
Difficulty: 3/10
"English Pedigree" can be done in numerous places throughout the game.

A first good opportunity for this trophy is in the level Among the Enemy. Once your objective is to "Investigate the Helicopter Landing Area", after climbing through an opening into a yard with many soldiers, keep hidden. Climb onto the scaffold on the right side and look up to the building at the end of the yard. On the upper level you can see a soldier patrolling. He's more than 25 meters away. To make things easier, shoot an arrow into the wall behind him so he stops to investigate. Now take careful aim at his head and let loose to obtain the trophy.
"Headshot an enemy with an arrow from a distance beyond 25m"
Chemical Warfare
Difficulty: 3/10
"Chemical Warfare" is one of the more tricky trophies, but not too difficult if you know how and where to get it.

You may not get it during your regular playthrough unless you are extra careful with the execution. One spot where you may get it is in the level Alone Again during the Mission "Dangerous Territory", where you will be tasked to cleanse a cave from a pack of wolves. There are five wolves, if you manage to lure them to one spot, you may poison them all at once with a single arrow.
If you didn't get it during the regular playthough, don't fret, there is a good spot in Chapter Replay.

In Chapter Replay:
Load up Expeditions on the main menu screen and choose Chapter Replay (Elite). You may want to have the Skill "Death Cloud Arrows" from the third tier of the Survivor skill tree, which will increase the death cloud radius, so either choose regular Chapter Replay and an Expedition Card Outfit that offers this skill (so either the Survivor or Master variant) or - if you've learned this skill during your playthough - choose Chapter Replay Elite.
The level you might want to pick is "The Acropolis" as there is a good opportunity during the first enemy encounter. I achieved the best result by shooting an explosive arrow up into the air after the cut scene where Lara is in hiding. The enemies will at once become aware of her presence. Retreat back into the previous court and wait for a large group to meet up by the archway. Now use a poison arrow and you may get a few more than 5.
In the following video you can see how this method took down 7 enemies:

There are more opportunities later throughout that same level.

Another level that might get you a large group of enemies is "Research Base" in the section after climbing up the wall by the snow cat that collapsed the bridge.

In Cold Darkness:
Another place where you might get this trophy easily is in the Cold Darkness DLC. You will occasionally be attacked by a swarm of infected. If you manage to catch them in a tight spot, for example in the area underneath the central core, you can hit five with one poison arrow.
"Kill 5 enemies with one Poison Arrow"
Good Samaritan
Difficulty: 2/10
"Good Samaritan" requires you to complete 3 missions. The earliest you can get this is during the level Alone Again, after escaping the Gulag, in the Soviet Installation. The first three missions you'll encounter are:
"Complete 3 Missions"
Difficulty: 1/10
"Challenging" is a simple enough trophy. Complete one Challenge Tomb and you'll get it. The first Challenge Tomb encountered is Ice Ship, in the Siberian Wilderness, originally encountered during the level Best Laid Plans.

See Tomb Raider ("Complete all Challenge Tombs in one playthrough") for more.
"Complete any Challenge Tomb"
Truth Seeker
Difficulty: 1/10
"Truth Seeker" will pop early throughout your playthrough. It requires you to collect 25% or all relics, murals and documents. When you follow the walkthrough, you will obtain it during the level Get Out of Dodge.

"Collect 25% of all narrative assets (relics, murals, and documents)"
Quite a Tumble
Difficulty: 1/10
"Quite a Tumble" is a story-related trophy and can not be missed.

It is the second story-related trophy and is achieved by completing the following level(s):
"Survive the avalanche"
Following in Father's Footsteps
Difficulty: 1/10
"Following in Father's Footsteps" is a story-related trophy and can not be missed.

Despite the order in the trophy list, where "Quite a Tumble" is listed before this, it is the first story-related trophy and is achieved by completing the following levels:
"Enter the Syrian tomb of the Lost Prophet"
Tougher Than She Looks
Difficulty: 1/10
"Tougher Than She Looks" is a story-related trophy and can not be missed.

It is the third story-related trophy and is achieved by completing the following level(s):
It is by far the quickest story-related trophy.
"Survive a night in the Siberian wilderness"
Strange Acquaintance
Difficulty: 1/10
"Strange Acquaintance" is a story-related trophy and can not be missed.

It is the fourth story related trophy. To achive it, complete the following levels: and the beginning of Prison Break.
"Rescue Jacob from the gulag"
Difficulty: x/10

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