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Blood Ties (DLC)

To play Blood Ties, choose "Croft Manor" from the main menu, after finishing the Syria section. It will become available after you obtain the Trophy/Achievement "Quite a Tumble", at the beginning of the level "A Cold Welcome". You will also be made aware of the availability at the end of the level, after using the base camp.

Secrets of the Past

Open Lord Croft's Safe

Document (1/42): Upon her arrival at Croft Manor Lara will find a document called a Notice Served. It is collected automatically.
The exploration of Croft Manor begins in Lord Croft's Study. The safe just in front cannot be opened without a combination. Lara suspects the clues to be in the library. But before we head over there, let's take some time to search the study for relics and documents.
Relic (1/54): On the desk you will find a picture frame with a Photo of Lara Wearing an Egyptian Crown. Examine the backside for some more information.
Document (2/42): On the other end of the desk Lara can spot one of her father's tape recorders. It is First Impressions and speaks of Lord Crofts first encounter with Lara's mother Amelia.
Relic (2/54): On a little side table left of the window behind the desk sits another picture frame with Lara Croft's Diploma. Examine it for the hidden information.
The door at the bottom of the shelf just left of the side table reveals some film reels that will serve no purpose.
Relic (3/54): On the left wall of the study you can find another picture frame sitting on a shelf. It is a Photo of Lara, Richard, and Ana.
Relic (4/54): Just left of aforementioned picture frame you discover the Benjamin Croft Statue Bust.

The safe combination is 549.
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