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Cold Darkness: Challenges

Uncovering the Truth (Collect all 8 documents.)

First of all you should be aware that there is an Archivist Map out there, that will reveal all document locations on the map. See if you can find that.

It is located atop a watchtower immediately south-east of the central structure.

Most documents are easily reached. For the one north of the central structure you have to do some tree climbing and approach is from the left (west).

Armed for Bear (Pick up 6 different weapons.)

This one shouldn't be too bad. Nadia will occasionally call in a weapons cache they have spotted on their flyby with the helicopter and mark it down on Lara’s map. Just use the map and survival instincts to locate it. Do this 6 times and you are done. This was actually the first achievement I got.

To the Rescue (Rescue 6 prisoners.)

Prisoners are usually tied up in huts or locked in cages.

Again Nadia will occasionally mark a prisoner’s location on the map. Go there, free them and as a bonus you will get a new skill (e.g. “Inner Strength”, “Ancient Abilities”...). Rescuing six shouldn't be too hard. Just check out the locations Nadia adds and search all the huts.

Legendary Gunsmith (Open 6 upgrade pry chests.)

If you use the Survival Instincts frequently, you will easily spot the large pry chests (aka strongboxes) scattered throughout the area.

You need to find 6 of these. While hunting for documents, weapons and prisoners, you will come across a few of these.

Give a Man a Fire (Kill 20 enemies with Dragonfire Shotgun Rounds.)

This one is quite simple. After obtaining a shotgun, craft “fire bullets” and use them on enemies.

To craft fire bullets, hold down “Alt Fire” while not aiming. To shoot Dragonfire Shotgun Rounds, press “Alt Fire” while aiming.

Alt Fire (the alternative fire method) is RB instead of RT on the controller or the middle mouse button instead of the left when playing with mouse and keyboard.

Spinning Leaf (Get 5 headshots with the regular arrows in 1:00)

Choose the lowest difficulty setting and concentrate on using the bow. During a swarm you should find enough enemies to shoot five of them. The difficulty will be to perform headshots. If you’d like to have more time to aim at the heads, try finding a group of five enemies in your vicinity that haven’t spotted you yet and start picking them off one by one. It is not as bad as it sounds, actually. I chose the latter option.If you are having difficulties, pick any outfit that gives you all the Skills from the Hunter Tree (Tier 3 required), you will want to have "True Shot", which allows you to use locked shots which automatically target heads. With this it should be easy.


As for the Perfectionist, simply complete all the towers without any mistakes. So be very careful when deciding whether a condition is met or not; whether you have to pick the first or the second option. (I will write a complete guide for this at a later point.)

In the first tower you have to complete one step, in the second two and in the third three, so overall you have to make 6 correct choices.

Kill Streak

For this challenge you need to kill 8 enemies in rapid succession.

You will have the highest success rate, if you simply wait for a swarm to begin and then quickly finish as many opponents as possible with a weapon of your choosing (like the bow with poison arrows in this video). To make my life easier, and avoid the necessity to craft arrows during the fight, I used the Expedition Card "Toxicity". With this the challenge should be easy enough.

Cocktail Mixer

The requirement for "Cocktail Mixer" is: "Craft 5 molotovs". To craft molotovs you first need to find bottles.
Possible Locations for Bottles
Please note, that bottles don't always appear at the same locations and there are few about. The following list tells you where I occasionally found bottles in the past.
  • On bottle may be located at the portacabin on the elevated level near the starting point, at the northern end of the map. It sits on a crate just outside.
  • One bottle can be found outside, on the upper level of the large building you come past on your right from the starting point. (On the northern end of the map, west side.)
  • Another one sits on a crate just outside this building, by a train car.
  • Another bottle sits on some crates in the middle at the southern end of the train yard.
  • One bottle can be found near the western chemical production tower, atop the walkway with the rusty tanks.
  • There are up to two in a portacabin besides the helicopter landing pad, at the south-east end of the map.

Cocktail Party

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