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Endurance Challenges

If you would like to beat other challenges, that are not connected to a trophy, check out the following list for tips.

Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter has the following condition: "Kill 10 deer." It should be noted that deer mainly appear in the beginning of an Endurance expedition and get less common throughout the later days, so make sure you do spend your first couple of days hunting deer and don't waste it in crypts. I recommend using the Expedition Card "Boomtown: Grants unlimited Grenade Arrows", as it will kill deer quickly and you can get "Overcooked" at the same time, by eating 5 of the killed deer.


Overcooked has the following condition: "Eat the meat of 5 deer killed with explosive arrows." Like with "Deer Hunter", make sure you spend your first couple of days hunting deer. It's easiest to beat this challenge with the Expedition Card "Boomtown: Grants unlimited Grenade Arrows" equipped.

Ice in the Veins

Ice in the Veins has the following condition: "Kill 5 enemies while freezing". Freezing is the state where the warmth indicator has fallen below "red" and is flashing, the screen freezes over, and Lara stumbles around. During this state you can earn this challenge. Using the Expedition Card "Hot Blooded: Killing enemies grants a small amount of warmth." may negate this challenge.

Cocktail Party

May not always work on Deathless(!?).
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