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Tomb of Khepri

  • Defeat Khepri in under 5:00 - Reward: High Powered Shotgun
  • Dodge all falling meteors- Reward: Max Health Upgrade
  • Dodge all the lava fissures on Khepri's ball - Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade

Khepri Bossfight

You are now inside Khepri's tomb. In the first part of the chamber you will find four green medkits and four packs of blue ammunition. Stock up. Then step onto the giant ball of dung, where you can grab some gems. You will be confronted by Khepri.
Phase 1
Note the glowing circular spots on the ball, these are the fissures you must avoid for one of the three challenges available for this level. Concentrate on circling around them while fighting Khepri. Khepri is only vulnerable when the glowing gem on his chest is exposed. To get him to reveal it, you have to make him let go of the ball. Note the occasional yellow-orange glow of his claws, that is where you have to hit him using a remote bomb, while they glow. You only have to hit one claw, even if he holds on with two and both are glowing. He will let go nonetheless revealing his weak spot. When that happens, shoot the spot using any weapon at your disposal. If you want to make it in under 5 minutes for the first of the three challenges, I suggest you use a more powerful weapon. Khepri's only counterattack during this phase is smashing down one of his claws. Avoiding this attack shouldn't be too difficult. The bottom left corner of the screen, at the edge of the dung ball, is always a good spot to be, when not attacking. Continue working on Khepri's weak spot until you have reduced his health to two-thirds.

When that happens, Khepri will temporarily retreat and the ball will start rolling along the path. You can take the time to collect medkits that may have spawned on the dung ball. Note that there is also a group of skeletons that shoot fire bolts at Lara on an arch up on the left side of the ball. Evade these. If you like, you can shoot back, but use the regular pistols; don't waste special ammunition.
Phase 2
Once the ball reaches the corner, it will stop and the second phase against Khepri will begin. Khepri has added spitfire to his attacks. Again the edge of the dung ball furthest away from Khepri is a good place to evade these. Also his claw smash is now done with both claws and creates more fissures and triggers a storm of falling meteors. Their impact radius is indicated, so you will know where not to stand. Your combat tactics are still the same however: bomb the claws and shoot the chest. When Khepri's health reaches one-third, the second phase of the fight ends.

The ball starts rolling again. This time you need to avoid more falling meteors and fissures during this trip. There are more skeletons on the side, but they are more like innocent bystanders this time.
Phase 3
Shortly after Khepri is back for the final phase of the fight. His attacks now consist of a smashing down of his claws, which creates fissures and calls upon scarabs that will attack Lara, and spitfire. Again bomb his claws to make him expose his weak spot and shoot him until his health drops to zero.

While the dung ball is rolling into its final position, you can grab some gems. Once the ball stops, hop off towards the top left corner, run up the stairs and head into the lit passage.

Treasure Chamber

Again, Lara enters the treasure chamber of the tomb, where she finds a Canopic Jar obtaining some of Osiris' organs. You will obtain the trophy No bug is too big for these boots!. The treasure chamber contains a Health Shrine, an Ammo Cache, countless gems and the usual chests. To get all gems, hop up towards the columns from the elevated level on the right side of the chamber. The most valuable chest, the one that requires 1,000 gems to open, can be found at the far left end. Once you have collected everything, return to the right, to where the canopic jar was and use the portal to return to the overworld.
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