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5. Rough Landing

Version: 2nd draft Task:
  • Look for Survivors
  • Head towards the flare
  • Search the area
  • Find a tool to cut down your gear
  • Cut the ropes holding your gear (Collect salvage to sharpen knife (0/3), Sharpen the knife at the Base Camp, Cut the ropes holding your gear)
  • Retrieve your gear
  • Find Miguel
  • Make it through the jaguar's territory
  • Defeat the jaguars
  • Find Jonah
  • Find Kuwaq Yaku
  • Defeat the jaguar
Region: Peruvian Jungle Finds: x/44 Collectibles

Look for Survivors

You begin the level by gaining +500 XP.
Photo: Further a photo of Doctor Dominguez will be added to the artifact collection "Lara's Notebook" (4/11).
Walk ahead, through the water, to reach a fallen tree trunk where Lara ducks underneath. Shortly after, Lara will come upon a medicine plant. If you follow the short path to the right you will also find some hardwood on the left side. But after collecting it return to the corner and keep straight. Follow the path slightly left and you will come past more hardwood on your right side. Where the greenery clears a bit there is another tree with hardwood to the right. But the path continues on the left, where there also is a focus plant (Mirabilis) on the left. Follow the scar cutting through the jungle and find another medicine plant on the path. You reach a rocky outcrop. Climb up, unless you have circled around it on the right. Climb up onto the next outcrop. Head out towards the outlook to spot a flare gun being used in the jungle below.

Head Towards the Flare

Run over to the right side, along the cliff wall where part of it crumbles, and out onto the protruding ledge. From there jump towards the tree branch. Collect the feathers from the nest. Then jump ahead to the ledge covered in vegetation to grab it. Pull up. Run along and balance across the fallen tree trunk to the next platform, where you can find more feathers. Head out onto the next tree trunk and from its end jump towards the branch. Lara uses it to swing to a mud slide that returns her to the jungle floor. Wade through the mud to reach a makeshift camp site. You will obtain +50 XP.

Search the Area

You will discover the first base camp called Plane Wreckage and be rewarded with +25 XP.
Relic (1/9): But before you sit down and rest, turn down the path leading off to the right, before you reach the camp. There is a plant with medicine in front of the puddle. Cross the puddle and find a box with a relic sitting on a brick wall. It is the Handkerchief from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown" (1/6). You will obtain +25 XP for collecting it. Return to the main path.
Approach the base camp.
Relic (2/9): Beneath the tarp you will find a box containing the Flight Log from the collection "Myth, Magic & Monsters" (1/8). You'll get an additional +25 XP.
Sitting down at the camp allows you to spend your skill points, of which you may have 4 by now when following this guide. Spending the first skill point will reward you with the trophy/achievement First Steps.
To allow yourself to level up quickly, you may want to consider getting "Eagle's Sight" (Seeker - blue), allowing you to spot Collectibles in Survival Instincts. I also find "Puma's Rest" (Warrior - red) helpful to increase precision on charged shots. And the two others I like to take are "Caiman's Speed" (Scavenger - green) for quicker swimming and "Serpent's Strike" (Scavenger) for stealthy takedowns. But it is up to you and has to fit your play style.
Just opposite the camp you can grab some hardwood. Head down to the watering hole. Lara will spot her gear dangling above it, which she has to cut down.

Find a Tool to Cut Down Your Gear

Circle around the watering hole to the left to spot a piece of the wreckage. Approach it and Lara will grab the propeller. The wreckage slides into the water. Glitch Note: It can sometimes happen that a duplicate of the wreck reappears up on the rock formation later throughout the game, even though it is still down in the watering hole, just ignore it. Jump after it and try to pry the propeller loose. Lara is attacked by a moray eel. She grabs a splinter from the propeller to serve as a weapon. Repeatedly press interact to fight of the eel with the splinter. You will get +50 XP. After the struggle catch your breath.
Resources: Dive down again and grab the red Maca Leaf for some medicine and the two yellow Senna focus plants, as well as the resource container which gives you an additional +15 XP.
Return to shore.

Cut the Ropes Holding Your Gear

Try cutting the rope near the basecamp, only to find that the blade is dull.

Collect Salvage to Sharpen Knife

To improve the knife, you need to collect salvage material. The first salvage crate is found around the right side of the watering hole on the right side in front of a wall with yellow paint, the entrance to a challenge tomb. Cross the stream and circle around the elevated platform to the left. At the back approach the edge to find the second salvage crate. To find the third salvage crate circle further around the watering hole, past the dangling yellow crate with the gear, past the wing stuck in a large gnarly tree and straight on towards the wall by a tree and a small stream. A fourth salvage crate can be found further along the watering hole, shortly before coming back to the rope. But you only need three for the task at hand.

Sharpen the Knife at the Base Camp

With the necessary pieces of salvage return to the base camp. Lara sits down automatically. Select "Inventory" for weapon crafting. The knife is pre-selected. Press and hold the Jump Button (PC: Space, PS4: X, Xbox: A) to craft the Makeshift Knife then leave the base camp menu. You're rewarded with +50 XP.

Cut the Ropes Holding Your Gear

Once again get towards the rope tying down your gear and cut it, this time for real. A second rope is still holding the supplies up. Track it over to an elevated rock on the left side. Where the wall is relatively even you can perform a double jump to pull up onto the rock. There is also another salvage crate up here. Cut the second rope. You will get +150 XP.

Retrieve Your Gear

Hop down, get over the the supplies and approach the grey storage container holding Lara's gear. She obtains the two-way radio and the Recurve Bow.

Find Miguel

But before we go looking for Miguel, let's explore the region.
You can now take the time to fulfil challenges and grab some collectibles, or you can choose to skip them .
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (1/4): Return to the camp for orientation. There is a yet unexplored path into the jungle, opposite the one that led to the handkerchief, to the south-east. Looking up, you can see an oropendola nest dangling from a tree branch. Shoot it down to start the challenge "Ruffled Feathers" and to obtain +10 XP.
Resources: Run down the jungle path and keep straight - instead of heading towards the watering hole on the right. Climb up onto the ledge and then further up onto the rocks on the left side. On top you will find a resource container worth an additional +15 XP, as well as a tree offering hardwood. Then use the curved tree branch to swing to the platform where you cut down the rope earlier. There might be a nest with Feathers here on the left.
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (2/4): Still up on this platform look to the left of the large gnarly tree (south-east) to spot the next oropendola nest dangling from a branch. Shoot it down for another +10 XP.
Challenge "Flower Picker" (1/5): Then, still from this platform, turn to face right (north), towards a tree branch just left of the curved branch and jump onto it. Pick the blue Nicandra plant, which is not only one of the perception plants, but also begins the next challenge and rewards you with +10 XP. In some rare instances this branch and others might be empty, in such a case, reload your checkpoint or try later. If Lara jumps past the branch, you can also try climbing the tree from below by performing a double jump up the bark. Hop down to the jungle floor.
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (3/4): Cross the pond to where you picked up your gear. From here look to the right of the large gnarly tree for another oropendola nest dangling from a branch. Shoot it down to obtain +10 XP.
Resources: Then head into that passage, where you will run past a medicine plant and some hardwood, and turn left to get to the area behind the gnarly tree. You pass a plant offering medicine. At the back of the area, where the stream comes pouring down the rock wall you can find a resource container which adds another +15 XP to your account. There is also a dead animal just to the right of the container which offers you hide. And, if you have not collected it earlier, there is a salvage crate at the left wall. Get back out from behind the gnarly tree.
Survival Cache (1/9) Run past the wing sticking out from the tree and go straight (south). In the left corner you will find a circular opening in the wall. Inside the stone arch, on the left side, you can dig up a survival cache near the edge.
Document (1/13) Lower yourself down onto the ledge with a puddle at the edge of the ravine. You may be able to loot a dead animal for hide. But, more importantly, there is document in the corner to the right of the edge. It is Jack's Journal 6 from the artifact set "Expedition Unknown" (2/6). After collecting it, return to the opening in the cliff wall and perform a double jump to get back up.
Challenge "Flower Picker" (2/5): When coming from the opening, look at the tree at the exit on the left. It has scratch marks. Perform a double jump at the bark to get up the tree and onto its branch. Pick the Nicandra plant here to obtain another +10 XP.
Relic (3/9) Then turn to the left to spot a ledge in the cliff wall. Jump over there and pull up. At the back you will find a box with the Sextant from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown" (3/6). You will get +25 XP. The relic contains hidden information. Turn it till you find the inscription. Then return to the edge and jump back towards the branch of the tree.
Challenge "Flower Picker" (3/5): Look towards the curved branch and jump towards it, to swing to the next tree. From its branch jump over to the branch of the neighbouring tree where there is another Nicandra plant furthering the challenge and rewarding you with +10 XP.
Challenge "Flower Picker" (4/5): The next curved branch gets you onto a tree where you can pick some feathers. Then jump towards the next branch where another Nicandra plant for +10 XP awaits you. Use the curved tree branch to swing to the slightly sloped platform below, where you can pick up some feathers.
Challenge "Flower Picker" (5/5): From the sloped ledge, head up the tipped tree to reach another branch by jumping. You could also perform a double jump up the tree from below. Here you can collect the final Nicandra plant and be rewarded with +100 XP. Jump back to the sloped rock outcrop.
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (4/4): Now approach the edge just beyond the sloped outcrop and run over to the left, where you will find a pole wrapped in rope. Look out over the edge and up to spot the final oropendola nest needed to complete the challenge and to obtain +100 XP. There are actually more than these four nests around the jungle, which I will point out throughout the game.
Now it's time to continue with the story.

If you like, you can find more resources around the area, all kinds of plants and animal carcasses that left behind hide. I've left two things open (a cache by the crypt for which you will need the axe and a document by the treasure chest for which you will need the lockpick) - which you could have done now - because we will come past them later on anyway. There is also a tomb around for which we will also need the axe.

If you've ignored the goodies, you have to face west from where you've collected your gear and run to the edge of the ravine.
Get out your bow while standing next to the pole wrapped in rope and look across the ravine to the other side. Tether your rope to the pole on the other side. Jump onto the rope and climb over the ravine. Grab the perception plant on the other side. Then follow the path to the left. Lara discovers a signal flare and some ominous signs pointing to what might have happened to her pilot.
Document (2/13): Follow the left path to the end. There, overlooking the gorge, you will find the document Sisimite from the artifact collection "Myth, Magic & Monsters" (2/8) and obtain +25 XP. There is also some hide to be found here. Head back down to the signal flare.
Now take the right path up the hill, following the blood stains. On the left you come past some more hardwood. Use it to craft some arrows, just in case. At the top of the path hop down. Continue along, until a cut scene begins.
Lara has a close encounter with two jaguars and Miguels remains.

Make it Through the Jaguar's Territory

Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (5/4): Just above your head you can see another oropendola nest, which you won't need, if you followed this walkthrough.
Follow the path up and around the bend to the left.
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (6/4): Again there is an additional oropendola nest, above your head.
Challenge "Ruffled Feathers" (7/4): At the top of the slope there is another oropendola nest.
Head down the slope and through an opening between the trees on the left. At the end hop up onto the ledge and slide down into the arena where you have to face the two jaguars.

Defeat the Jaguars

You will now have to face the two jaguars, fortunately they take turns in attacking you. Remember to evade them using the Scramble/Roll Button (PS: Circle, Xbox: B). Actually that is all you have to do, survive for a given time. But it might be good practice trying to aim at their heads and landing hits. At one point the white jaguar will rush you forcing you down. Shake him off as indicated and Lara will kill him with the knife. 😥
The second jaguar decides to leave Lara alone and carries off the other animal.
Your reward is +250 XP.

Find Jonah

After the fight you are instructed to heal yourself. Follow this command and obtain +50 XP. Then search the area for medicine, feathers, hardwood and cloth. Afterwards approach the south-western wall of the cave and perform a double jump to climb out. Follow the path up vaulting up onto the next ledge and perform a double jump to get up the next one as well. You're rewarded with +50 XP. Cross the pond and grab the plant at the foot of the tree for some more medicine. Then perform a double jump up the tree and jump to the ledge. On the right side you can find a crate with cloth.
Document (3/13): In the right corner you can find another document lying on the floor. It is Jack's Journal 3 from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown 2" (1/5). You're rewarded with +25 XP.
Ignore the path between the cliffs for now. We will get to that in a moment. Run over to the left side, where you will be able to reach a ledge of the rock formation. From here perform a double jump to get to the top ledge. Pull up. Then jump up the next wall to reach the top. Grab the feathers. Then walk out over the fallen tree towards the plane. From the end jump towards the branch and swing to the plane. Lara slides down.
Lara is reunited with Jonah.

Find Kuwaq Yaku

Sit down at the Plane Fuselage base camp.
Once again you get the opportunity to grab some collectibles before continuing, or you can choose to skip them .
Resources: Examine the area along the edge to the right of the plane to find some hardwood and a crate with salvage. To the left of the plane you can find a resource container which is worth +15 XP.
Survival Cache (2/9) Then head down the path to the left of the plane (west). Just behind the tree on the left you can dig up the next survival cache and get the additional reward of +25 XP.
Explorer Backpack: Jump down into the water below from either the ledge at the end of the path where the survival cache was, or the tree branch to the left of the plane. For some added enjoyment, press the roll button immediately after pressing jump to perform a swan dive, which might not always work if choosing the branch. Below the rock formation you scaled to jump over to the plane, you can find an opening. Swim over there and pull inside. Besides the remains of an animal that provide you with hide, you will find an Explorer Backpack on the right, which will mark the location of survival caches on the map. Then dive down into the lake to find some focus plants.
Document (4/13): Now swim towards the shore to the right of the waterfall and leave the water there. Grab the focus plants on the right. Take note of the climbable tree on the left, but before we get up there, let's grab two collectibles. Run along the shore to the left. On the left side you can collect some hardwood. Get into the alcove under the rock on the right to find the document Jack's Journal 5 from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown 2" (2/5) sitting on a wooden chest. You will obtain another +25 XP. Also grab the resource container for +15 XP.
Survival Cache (3/9) Continue along the shore to the far left end, passing some ledges at a rock formation on the right. Get behind the tree and into the corner where you can dig up a Survival Cache. You obtain +25 XP. Then return to the other end of the shore, where there is a climbable tree.
Survival Cache (4/9) Double jump up at the tree to reach its branch. From here jump over to the craggy wall and use the axe to hold on to it. Climb around to the left. Here jump up to reach the platform above. On the left wall you will find a vein with Gold Ore you can pry loose using the axe. There are also some feathers on the right. Jump towards the tree branch to swing to the next ledge. Lara starts sliding down the slope. Jump to reach the ledge on the left. Here you can dig up the next Survival Cache for +25 XP. Hop down onto the ledge below.
Crypt (1/2) "Rimak, the Storyteller": You are now on a ledge with a crypt entrance. If you fell down by mistake, use the ledges I pointed out earlier to get onto the platform above the survival cache that lay in the corner. From there jump to the tree branch and continue to the ledge with the pool of water. Approach the pry barrier in the corner and pry through it. Head down the stairs.
Relic (4/9): You come past a small chest holding a relic on the right, by a dead adventurer. It is the Grave Marker from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown" (4/6). You obtain +25 XP. It has hidden information. Zoom in on the front side to read the inscription warning you of traps.
Continue down into the crypt and duck through the narrow passage.
Mural (1/7): On the right wall you will find the mural Rimak, the Storyteller from the artifact collection "Resting Places" (1/8), which rewards you with +35 XP and improves your knowledge of Quechua.
Over on the left you can find a resource container offering +15 XP. Use rope arrows to tear through the next barricade and step through. Turn left and carefully step into the passage. Use the knife and cut the rope which triggers the blade trap. Then follow the passage to the end.
Relic (5/9): At the far wall you will find another box. It contains the relic Elongated Skull from the artifact collection "Myth, Magic & Monsters" (3/8). It will reward Lara with +25 XP and improve her language skills in Quechua. Examine it for hidden information. Zoom in and look at the hole and scars on the skull.
Now slip through the low passage in the right wall (east). In the next chamber, push the lever in front of you to open the exit gate on the right. But we're not done yet, so turn left to approach another closed gate. Collect the endurance plant on the left, then push the lever on the right to open the door. Step through. Here you have a high tower to climb to reach the sarcophagus. Run through to the back and look behind the right wall. Here you can perform a double jump to grab the wooden ledge. Perform another double jump to reach the next upper ledge. From here traverse to the right end and jump over to the central column where Lara grabs the ledge. Jump up to the ledge above this one. From its right end jump further right to the next column's ledge. Here double jump up again and pull up on top of the column. Collect the resource container with +15 XP, then enter the passage to your right. Follow it around until you reach the collapsing floor. Quickly jump to the other side to avoid the spikes underneath. Follow the path further along, grabbing the endurance plant on the way. After passing the statues, beware of the next tripwire rope. Cut it to disarm the spear trap, then crouch through underneath. Follow the passage to a closed gate which can be opened using the lever on the left wall. Before stepping through, grab the hardwood on the right. Step out onto the platform and turn left. Jump towards the craggy wall and use the axe to scale it. Move along to the right end. From there jump over to the right, to the next craggy wall. Climb up and perform a double jump to reach the next wooden ledge. Perform another double jump to reach the top ledge, where you traverse to the left. From the top beam at the left end jump over to the next wooden ledge at the central column and from there continue with a jump to the left column. Here perform a double jump up and pull onto the platform.
Document (5/13): Turn left and approach the pry barrier. Break through to reach the chamber behind. On a ledge on the right side you will find the document A King's Ransom from the artifact collection "Conquerors" (1/8) which rewards you with +25 XP. There is also some gold to pick up from the floor at the back and another endurance plant on the left. Return outside.
Run towards the sarcophagus and open it to obtain +125 XP, +750 gold pieces and the Vestige: Eveningstar's Cape. Now approach the gap in the surrounding railing at the back. Double jump towards the contraption with the wooden boards there to take it down like a lift. Exit the chamber and run straight and through the next gate, we opened with the lever on the left earlier. Follow the tunnel in front all the way up until we emerge outside again.
Resources: Now it's time to return to the Plane Fuselage camp. Swim through the pond and to the left. Exit onto the tree trunk and from there jump towards the branch. Swing to the platform on the other side. If you fall, use the ledges right of the tree to climb up. If you did not collect it yet, you also get another chance to grab the survival cache #2 and document #4. Vault up onto the next level. Head up to come past a perception plant. Past the stone structure you can collect some cloth on the right. Jump towards the branch and swing to the next rock formation. This is the one that brought you to the plane earlier and will again, now. Head up the path and climb onto the next ledge. Jump up the final wall to return to the top. Here walk out onto the tree trunk, jump to the branch and swing back over to the plane wreck.
Now it's time to continue with the story.
Back with Jonah, face the jungle path south, where a line has been tied to the two trees. There is a crate with cloth on the left. Then head down the path. With Jonah's help you can get through underneath the fallen tree blocking the path. Follow the ledge to the left to reach a very narrow ledge curving around the cliff face. Walk along by steering right. At the other end follow the path to the remains of a bridge mechanism.
Mural (2/7): Before reaching the tower you will find a mural on the left wall. It is Kon from the artifact collection "Pantheon of Gods 2" (1/8) which will improve Lara's knowledge of Quechua and reward her with +35 XP.
Monolith (1/1): If you've followed the walkthrough closely, examining the mural will also unlock the Quechua monolith across the path. Collect the focus and perception plants on the way. You are rewarded with +10 XP for discovering the monolith. Then approach the monolith to decipher it. Two serpents guard life and death. I lie trapped within their eternal struggle. You're rewarded with another +25 XP and you obtain the trophy/achievement Treasures from the Past.
Monolith Riches Survival Cache (5/9): Now we need to collect the treasure. Head up the stairs the the right of the monolith. At the end of the path you will find a small depiction of two snakes facing each other in a kind of arena. The monolith riches Survival Cache can be dug up from this arena. You obtain some rarer resources and +50 XP.
Relic (6/9): You might have noticed a small chest we just ran past. Turn back a few steps and open it. It is Bowl of Powder from the artifact collection "Day in the Life of the Inca" (1/6). It improves Lara's proficiency in Quechua and rewards her with +25 XP.
Survival Cache (6/9): Now head down the passage to the left of the monolith to get down to the lower part of the bridge mechanism. You come past an endurance plant. At the very end you can dig up another survival cache for . Now return to the courtyard.
Follow the stairs up to the core of the bridge mechanism.
Relic (7/9): Beyond a wheel mechanism and where Jonah is waiting you will find another chest with a Llama Figurine from the artifact collection "Day in the Life of the Inca" (2/6), rewarding you with +25 XP and improving your Quechua. Further to the left you will find a resource container which gives you +15 XP.
Bridge Puzzle
Now climb up the rope ladder at the tower. Use the turnstile winch by turning it clockwise to activate the water flow. Now get back down and to the handle of the wheel and with Jonah's help push it forward. This next bit is timed, but you will fail it the first time around. Jonah suggests to try it again, and with the knowledge that the bucket is leaking he will hold it in place for as long as he can. So once you have pushed the wheel forward a second time, hurry down to the lower level. Stand in the middle and quickly tether the moving bit to the rope coil on the other side to raise up the bridge. Get back up and cross the bridge to get to the other side of the gorge.

Lara and Jonah go through an opening in the wall, after the vegetation out of the way. Inside the next chamber they discover a stele where Lara learns to use the skill Eye of the Eagle, which allows her to use perception plants to sense animals and natural resources. You are rewarded with +50 XP. Turn around and collect the cloth on the ground behind you. Step through the archway. On the side of the path you can collect two perception plants. Head down into the next part of the jungle on the left and hop down. If you like, you can try out the effect of the Eye of the Eagle skill here. Hold down the button for Herbal Mixtures (PS: L1, Xbox LB) and push the button usually used for Melee (PS: Triangle, Xbox: Y). Collect hide and fat from the animal carcass and a medicine plant.
Mural (3/7): Then run up the stairs to the right. At the top you will find another mural titled Death Lords from the artifact collection "Pantheon of Gods 3" (1/7). You obtain +35 XP and improve your knowledge of Mam. There are also some feathers and a resource container, which is worth +15 XP, up here.
Below you will discover the next base camp Jungle Ruins and obtain +25 XP. Nearby on the left you can find a tree providing you with hardwood and on the right is some cloth.
Relic (8/9): Across the path, near a shovel leaning against the wall is another small box with a relic. It is Pistol Parts from the artifact collection "Expedition Unknown" (5/6) and will reward you with +25 XP. It contains hidden information.
Challenge Tomb (1/2) "Underworld Gate": Now find the overgrown entrance to the south-east. From the base camp this is to the left of the stairs you came down. Enter, leaving Jonah behind by the fire. Approach the low tunnel and Lara will belly-crawl through it. Step outside and follow the jungle path. Step through the ruins, ducking under the spears as you go along. On the left you can loot an animal carcass for some hide and fat. Jump up the tree to reach its branch. Jump towards the next tree branch and swing over to the craggy wall. Climb over to the left and jump to the ledge. Continue towards the left till it's safe to drop down. Again follow the jungle path, but be mindful of the tripwire which will trigger another spear trap. Use the knife to disarm it, then roll through beneath.
Explorer Backpack: Go down the left path to reach the remains of a bridge. On the left you will discover the next explorer backpack adding items (in this case a survival cache) to your map and rewarding you with +25 XP.
Now walk up the ramp on the right and from there jump towards the branch, continue to the next branch Lara which uses to swing to a third one. From here jump towards the craggy wall. Rappel down and swing towards the ledge. There is a resource container rewarding you with +15 XP on the left. Follow the path to a camp long since abandoned.
Document (6/13): Turn left and collect the cloth from a crate there, before finding a document on a table. It is At the Gate from the artifact collection "Search for the Hidden City" (1/8), rewarding you with +25 XP. Further on the right is a crate with salvage.
Continue towards the next collapsed bridge. On the left side is another perception plant. Wall scramble up the right wall and attach the axe to the craggy wall. Climb up to the top and jump over to the ledge left of you. Traverse along and be prepared to perform a safety grab to keep Lara from falling. Someone is apparently putting rocks in our path. Continue to the left end and jump to safety. You will reach the base camp Canyon Ruins. Collect the crate of salvage under the tarp and the perception plant (although my pack was full of them at this point) to the right of the gap in the wall. Squeeze through the gap. Then go up the stairs and into the ruins. Here you will find a resource container for +15 XP and an endurance plant on the right. Now scramble up the wall on the right to get outside. Run over to the left and from the wooden platform jump towards the craggy wall. Rappel down and swing to the platform. The wooden ledge behind you is part of the way out. Although, if you complete the tomb, you will take another route. Enter the small cave, where you will find a vein of gold ore on the left and an endurance plant at the back. Back outside jump up the tree and from its branch jump ahead and use the grapple axe to reach the next ledge. Pull up.
Document (7/13): Turn left. You can find some fat on the left, and black powder on the right. Then there is a resource container with +15 XP on the left again. Just opposite this container is another document Finger Length Away from the artifact collection "Search for the Hidden City" (2/8). You'll get +25 XP.
Survival Cache (7/9): Further at the back, just past a crate with cloth you can dig up another survival cache for its resources and +25 XP. Get back outside.
Balance across the tree trunk. Look up to the left and you can spot a creepy dude lurking on the ledge above. We can not shoot him, so we can't do anything about him. Instead examine the mechanism. On the right end you can grab its handle. Rotate it clockwise. This will allow you to tether the rotating mechanism's rope coil to the one across the bottomless pit to the south-west. Climb over. Up on the higher level you will find a large lever attached to a kind of crane. Pull it once to transport a crate around to the nearby landing platform. If you would pull the lever again, it would swing back to its starting place, but it happens to quickly for Lara to reach the crate, so you need to slow this down. Behind the lever you can collect some salvage and black powder. Hop onto the crate and down towards the landing platform on the other side. Here go to the rotating mechanism with the rope coil again. Grab its handle to turn it anti-clockwise as far as possible to have the coil facing the crate. Now tether it to the crate. Head up the landing platform and jump back to the crate. With a double jump scramble up its side. Then jump on towards the upper landing platform. Pull the large lever to set the crane in motion. The rope holds the crate in place long enough for Lara to reach it before it snaps. Jump onto the crate and let it take you up to the next landing platform. Jump over. Search the area to find black powder, an endurance plant, and a resource container for +15 XP. Run down the stairs.
Mural (4/7): On the left you will discover the mural Underworld Gate from the artifact collection "Trials of the Gods" (1/8). It improves your mam and rewards you with +35 XP.
Then stand at the edge at the bottom of the stairs and jump towards the ledges in the wall. They will break, sending Lara down, grab the lower ledge and perform a safety grab. Traverse to the right and jump to the craggy wall there. Something is throwing spiked balls at you from above, so quickly jump to the craggy wall further right. Climb up to the top.
Resources: Tear away the barricade to the left using a rope arrow. Inside you will find gold. Back outside, up the stairs, behind the sacrificial altar you will find another resource container with +15 XP.
Approach the Tomb Stele and reveal its secret to obtain Eagle's Perch.
Resources: Now use a rope arrow to also tear away the barricade to the right of the stairs to obtain the gold.
Time to exit the tomb. Run up the stairs and jump towards the tree branch. Jump to the next branch to swing over to another branch you can perch on. Again jump to the next branch to swing to the ledge. Follow the path down and out onto the tree stump. Use the grapple axe to get across the gorge to the other side. Slide down the muddy slope. Run along the path to a pole with rope wrapped around. Tether it to the pole across the ravine. Slide down the rope. Follow the path and hop down to get back to where you climbed a tree earlier. Turn back to the left and duck under the spears. Return to the crawlspace and belly-crawl back outside to return to the Jungle Ruins base camp and to Jonah.
Head down the stairs. Here you can loot an animal carcass for hide and fat and pick a perception plant. Enter the next temple ruin. With Jonah's help get through the vegetation at the back. On the other side Lara is attacked by a vicious jaguar.

Defeat the Jaguar

Fire the flare gun Jonah threw over. You will now face another jaguar fight, this is very much like the previous one. Evade the attacks by pressing the roll button and shoot arrows at the animals head. If you need to catch your breath for a second, jump up the tree to reach the branch, but don't get to comfy, because the large cat will pluck you from the branch if you are idle for a while. If need be, collect the arrows, medicine and perception plants, as well as cloth, and hide and fat from the carcass of an animal that has fallen prey to the jaguar. For beating the jaguar, you will obtain the trophy/achievement Survival Instincts. You can not loot the empress jaguar in-game, but Lara will do it in the ensuing cut scene. Return to where you left Jonah and Lara helps him through the rubble.
Jonah attends to the wounds on Lara's back and the two have a deep conversation about loss at the Jaguar Den base camp.
This is the end of the level. Technically there are more things you could have done within this level, if you'd returned to the previous area to explore a crypt and tomb after obtaining the axe, but we will tackle this in a later level.
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