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Croft Manor




For the challenge bullseye you have to throw one of the throwable balls witch handle at the four targets.
  • One is attached to the tree next to the picknick blanket. (This one is a little tricky, you have to hit the board, not just the arrows stuck in it.
  • Another is dangling from the branch of the same tree, a little to the right.
  • One is on a stand to the right of the tree
  • One is on the next tree to the left, above the hammock.


  • (Document) Letter to Winston: In the hollow tree. +25 XP
  • (Relic) Family Photo: In the crow's nest; weigh down the basket by throwing two of the balls into it.
  • (Relic) White Queen: At the tree with the hammock.
  • (Document) Letter from Winston: At the foot of the climbing trellis, right next to a small red cart.
  • (Document) Letter to Constructor: Inside the "forbidden tomb", on the (forbidden) mezzanine, after climbing the ladder, find a table to the left.
Other items of interest:
  • Drawing (1): In the first brick tower. +35 XP
  • Drawing (2): In the main brick hideout. +35 XP
  • The lion on the left side of the gate to the front of the house.
  • The "freshly dug graves" near the other gate.
  • All items in the forbidden tomb, especially the baby T-rex skeleton on the mezzanine
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