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Note: The region "Mountain Temple" does not have any collectibles or side missions, just the base camps The Mountain Temple (needed for 100%) and Temple Barracks (additional).


Until I have found the time to create a composite map, please refer to these two single maps for all collectible locations.


Base Camps

There are three regular base camps in this location. Further there is one base camp that is part of challenge tomb and one that is only used for fast travel.
  • Collapsed Temple, the camp for the San Cordoba challenge tomb.
  • Cenote Climb


There are two challenges in the Cenote region. The first one is right at the beginning in the Cenote itself. The second one is found in the water passages and caves.

Sunken Treasure [youtubeplay]_X3aea7QlJw[/youtubeplay]

For the challenge "Sunken Treasure" you need to pry open 5 underwater chests.
  1. The first chest is located just to the north of where you landed when jumping into the cenote. Dive down a little to find it sitting on the upper ledge. (On the map this is located in the north.) [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  2. For the second chest turn to face right (south-east) from the previous one and dive down into the trench to find it, just a little bit to the right from a ledge with a relic box and a survival cache. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  3. From the second chest follow the trench south till a rock formation on the right side narrow the trench. Dive past the rock formation and up a little to find the chest sitting on the cenote wall on the left, near the remains of a tree. (This is near where there is a little platform on the surface, in the south.) [Screenshot], [Screenshot](map location)
  4. The fourth chest is located in the shallow water in front of the temple, just to the left of the temple entrance, at a tree trunk at the foot of the stairs. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  5. The fifth and final chest is located in the north-western corner, at the right end of the temple wall, also in the shallower waters. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)


For the challenge "Respected" you need to rope-pull 5 effigies down.
  1. The first effigy is located still outside. It is in the southern corner at the shore. From where the survival cache was, look over and up to the right. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  2. The second effigy is located just at the Cenote Tempel Ruins base camp. Turn to face the arch through which you entered (east) and look up to the left. The effigy is just there in the corner of the arch. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  3. Another one is located after the circular chamber where you have been ambushed, after climbing up and getting past the gassy vases, follow the tunnel up and to a puddle. The next effigy is here up on the left wall. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  4. The fourth effigy is located in the large chamber where you have to open the gate. When tackling the right (first) part of the puzzle, immediately after climbing out of the water in the first chamber where a Yaaxil attacks. It is up on the left wall. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
  5. The final one is located in the large chamber where you have to open the gate. When tackling the left (second) part of the puzzle, after climbing out of the water on the left side it is up the stairs on the left. At the right side of the landing. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)


There are 20 Collectibles to be found in the Cenote region: 1 Tomb Stele, 5 Relics, 6 Document and 8 Survival Caches.


Challenge Tombs

There is one challenge tomb in the region.



Survival Caches

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